Kelly Betting: Kelly’s formula brought down the house on casinos

Kelly betting formula is a formula that can be applied to capital investment and betting, including Roulette. It applies to many uncertain probability betting games, the growth of the highest expected value of capital, and forever does not result in the complete loss of all invested capital. This formula assumes that betting can proceed indefinitely, and there is no limit to the minimum, maximum bet.

Today, we will introduce to you the Kelly betting formula in football betting for you to refer and apply in your betting strategy when betting placing.

Kelly Betting

What is the Kelly Betting Formula?

Kelly betting Formula is a mathematical operation discovered and developed in 1956 by John L. Kelly betting to ensure optimal growth of the bet capital. This formula was originally created to assist AT&T to manage signal interference when using long-distance phones. It was later broadly developed into betting, and the beginning was horse racing.

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Currently, Kelly betting formula in football betting is used not only in football betting, but also used by investors to manage and use the investment capital effectively and best.

This formula requires the player to have a careful calculation, patience to use this formula in the long run before its effectiveness will work. Over many years of development, Kelly’s formula looks like this:

  • Stake = (Decimal Odds x% Chance Win) – 1) / (Decimal Odds – 1) x 100


  • Bet slip = (Odds Decimal Ratio x% winnings) – 1) / (Odds Decimal Ratio – 1) x 100


There are two basic elements to make up the Kelly betting standard: (Here I say follow trading for ease)

  • Win ratio (W): probability of you winning in total trade.
  • Reward: Risk (R) ratio: number of profitable pips / loss pips.
  • We have the following formula:

Kelly% = W – [(1 – W) / R]


A trader with a win rate of 50% and a regular profit / risk of 2: 1 should only disburse 25% of the portfolio. If disbursed below 25% of the portfolio, he will not achieve the maximum rate of return. On the contrary, disbursing more than 25% of the portfolio will reduce the rate of return.

Is Kelly betting the capital management method effective?

The Kelly betting Method is an absolutely effective new method that is commonly used in the world today.

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1 / Advantages:

+ Effectively manage the bet capital

+ Calculate the reasonable bet amount based on the percentage of winning, losing the house odds

+ Limit risks to the lowest

+ Help you have a better overview of the match

+ Easily analyze the data and make a reasonable betting strategy

2 / Disadvantages:

+ Can help players manage bets but not 100% accurate

+ The player needs to determine the% by which they have won the match to bet

What does the Kelly Criteria tell you?

  • After its announcement in 1956, the Kelly betting standard was quickly used by gamblers for horse racing. It was not until after this formula was applied to the investment.
  • The strategy has recently been revived after claiming that legendary investors like Warren Buffet and Bill Gross have used variations of the Kelly betting standard.
  • This formula is used by investors whose goal is capital growth. It assumes that the investor will continue to reinvest profits in subsequent transactions.
  • The purpose of the formula is to determine the optimal volume to be used on each trade.

How to apply Kelly capital management formula in betting

Kelly betting Capital Management Formula can be used in any field, any house, even the CMD368 house. Example: The match between Watford and Man Utd

You bet on Watford winning, now you have the following information:

Total bet capital$100
Watford win rate60%
Odds Decimal1.93

Now your recipe is:

=> Bet = (((1.93 – 60%) – 1) / (1.93 – 1)) * 100 = 16.99%

Note: If the odds are negative, most of the time the odds of winning that match are not high. Such case will have 2 cases:

+ Bet on the opposite team

+ To bet, not bet on that match.

=> The bet amount for a bet ticket = $100 * 16.99% = $1,699

Apply the Kelly betting

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Bottom Line

Above is all information, how to apply Kelly betting Formula capital management formula in football betting.

Using the Kelly betting formula will help reduce your risk compared to other systems described above. The reason for this is that this formula takes into account your odds. While other systems are great, they do not take into account your advantage in making your next bet.

We hope all this information will help you manage your capital most effectively when playing football betting at CMD368. Wish you luck!!!