KFC Uerdingen 05 Vs SV Meppen Prediction 6:00 p.m On 06/02

Uerdingen 05 vs SV Meppen is the confrontation that will take place at 6:00 p.m on 06/02. This is a match in round 29 of the German 3rd Division The football expert of us will provide expert insights, analysis of the KFC Uerdingen 05 vs SV Meppen prediction before the game so you can choose the winner. Best for yourself.

KFC Uerdingen 05 Vs SV Meppen Prediction

Uerdingen 05 vs SV Meppen’s recent performance

After 2 defeats in the 25th and 26th rounds, Uerdingen 05 was promptly back with 2 consecutive victories. After 28 matches, the army of coach Stefan Kramer owns 12 wins, 6 draws and 10 defeats with 42 points. Although standing in a safe position, the goal of Uerdingen 05 will still be 1 victory.

SV Meppen again had to defeat the Wurzburger Kickers with a score of 1-3 at home, thereby, the opponent surpassed to occupy the 7th position in the rankings. Recent achievements with 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses have shown the instability of coach and students, Christian Neidhart. Therefore, this trip will make it very difficult for them.

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Despite being 4 places apart in the rankings, the two teams currently have the same score of 42 and the difference is only in the sub-index. The promotion opportunity is still full for them, following the KFC Uerdingen 05 vs SV Meppen prediction, winning is definitely the goal that they set in this match.

Uerdingen 05 vs SV Meppen confrontation history

  • Uerdingen 05 won 2 and lost 1 in 3 matches 2 teams met.
  • Uerdingen 05 wins 1 in 1 time against SV Meppen at home.

Asian Handicap judgment, Uerdingen handicap 05 vs SV Meppen: Choose SV Meppen all match

SV Meppen is having a very good away record, they have been unbeaten in the last 9 matches with 3 wins and 6 draws. That of course will be a great motivation for coach and students, Christian Neidhart, as their opponents in this match are very unstable at home with 3 wins and 3 losses.

KFC Uerdingen 05 Vs SV Meppen Prediction

European judgment of Uerdingen 05 vs SV Meppen: SV Meppen full-time

After only 3 points lower than the position for the promotion round, both teams will definitely set a goal to win in this confrontation. Although away from home, SV Meppen has more stability and more chances to win.

Uudingen 05 vs SV Meppen’s claim of fainting odds: Choose 2.3 / 4 goals

SV Meppen’s attack is highly appreciated for standing in the top 4 teams scoring the most goals of the tournament. Along with that, Uerdingen 05 also scored 6 goals in 43 recent games but conceded 5 goals. Therefore, selecting the referee in this match is very wise.

  • KFC Uerdingen 05 vs SV Meppen prediction ratio: 1-2

The expected line-up

KFC Uerdingen 05 vs SV Meppen prediction :

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Uerdingen 05: Vollath, Kirchoff, Dorda, Lukimya, Matuschyk, Barry, Mbom, Daube, Osawe, Ibrahimaj, Boere.

Meppen SV: Domaschke, Komenda, Amin, Puttkammer, Egerer, Jesgarzewski, Leugers, Kleinsorge, Rama, Evseev, Undav.