Korea U23 vs Honduras U23 Prediction – Olympic 2020 – 07/28

Korea U23 vs Honduras U23 prediction on July 28, 2021. Korea U23 will face U23 Honduras in the last match of the group stage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic men’s football, the goal that Korea U23 is aiming for will be to win to be sure win tickets to go on, while this is also the case. Honduras U23 needs to be able to qualify for the group stage.

Korea U23 Overview

Korea U23 has always set high goals in men’s football at the summer Olympics as they have always achieved high results at previous times. So the fact that they were defeated 0-1 by U23 New Zealand in the first match was like a bucket of cold water pouring down on the ambition of the representative of the country of kimchi. However, with proven bravery and class, Korea U23 excellently defeated Romania U23 4-0 in the second round, thereby reopening the door to continue which was already quite narrow after an unexpected stumble.

Honduras U23 Overview

Honduras U23 also brought the situation back to an extremely balanced position when defeating New Zealand U23 recently with a score of 3-2 after losing 0-1 to U23 Romania in the opening match. Even it was a victory that showed the unyielding will of Honduras U23 in the context that they had continuously let the opponent take the lead, but in the end, could still successfully come back.

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Asian Bet – Korea U23 vs Honduras U23 prediction

The performance of Korea deserves to be trusted, especially after beating Romania 4-0. On the other side, Honduras in the last 4 outings has only 1 win against New Zealand. Losing 0-1 to Romania and 7 consecutive matches without keeping a clean sheet made the experts not put their faith in Honduras. The difference is not small, it is difficult for North American representatives to avoid disobedience.

Korea U23 vs Honduras U23 Prediction: Choose Korea U23 -0.5

European Bet

The European odds show that the Korean dealer has won. The class and quality of the squad are much better, it is difficult for the Korean to happen. Especially when looking at the achievements and rather erratic performance of Honduras.

Choose Korea U23 (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Korea U23 vs Honduras U23 prediction

The speed is pushed high after the opening whistle is predictable because Honduras has no choice. The last 5/6 matches of Honduras have all witnessed goals in the first half, 3 of which have 2 or more goals. This match is no exception because 3 points is a goal that does not need to be hidden.

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Both are aiming for victory and possessing quality attacks, the double attack is predictable. In fact, in the last match, the matches all contributed 4 goals or more.

Korea U23 vs Honduras U23 Prediction: Choose Over 2.25


Korea U23: Song Keun, Won Jae, Kim Hyun, Kang Sung, Lee Min, Jeong Wood, Lee Hyeon, W.Um, Kwon Hoon, Lee Kang In, Hwang U.

Honduras U23: Guity, Alvarez, Decas, Garcia, Maldonado, Oliva, Rivas, Pineda, Rodriguez, Martinez, Benguche.