KuPS vs AC Oulu Prediction | Veikkausliiga | 06/30

KuPS vs AC Oulu Prediction: The turn of the match is said to be an opportunity for KuPS to find the necessary scores. Thereby, it will be possible to raise the current position on the chart. Will home advantage help them get a good match and win all 3 points? When the opponent was only AC Oulu, the team was rated much lower than KuPS recently. Let’s wait for the performance of KuPS in this confrontation.

KuPS vs AC Oulu Prediction


  • Match date: 03:30 pm on 2021/06/30
  • Event: Veikkausliiga
  • Stage: Matchday 11th
  • Location: Savon Sanomat Areena




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KuPS currently has 19 points and ranks 3rd on the rankings, a very good achievement for the home team. In the last 5 matches, KuPS has had a sublime and stable performance with 4 wins and only 1 defeat. This helps them gain considerable confidence in the upcoming welcome match.

KuPS vs AC Oulu Prediction

AC Oulu currently has 3 points and is ranked 12th on the table, the last position of the tournament. Statistics show that AC Oulu has received 4 consecutive defeats after getting 1 win in the previous 5 matches. Having a patchwork squad along with a series of mistakes is putting AC Oulu in a very difficult situation in this away match.

With only having to host the team in the bottom area of ​​the table. Along with that is the fact that AC Oulu does not have too much support. Therefore, there is no reason why KuPS should not choose overwhelming and high-paced gameplay. Creating an overwhelming game as well as mastering the apocalypse will help KuPS easily score goals. Thereby they will soon take the lead and attack the opponent’s goal. This promises to be an interesting match with many goals to be scored.

Select: Over 2.75 FT (Over 1.25 H1).


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A round in which KuPS had most of the advantage and they knew this was a great opportunity for them to grab the important points. Thereby creating better breakthroughs in the near future. Entered the game with confidence and put a lot of pressure on the away team. Along with that, KuPS will deploy diverse gameplay but without lacking the necessary efficiency. They will score important goals through good conversion of clear dangerous opportunities. This makes it easy for KuPS to win this match.

Select: KuPS -1.75 FT (KuPS -0.75 H1).


The gap in the score that KuPS was raised by the teams above is quite far. So, 3 points in this match will help them close that gap. Then rose to have the same score with the team ranked 2nd in the table at this time. At the same time, it will further enhance the sublimation performance in recent times. This helps the players gain considerable confidence and perform better in the upcoming matches. A match at home and certainly KuPS will not miss this rare opportunity.

Select: KuPS FT.


The head-to-head record is also the superiority of  KuPS when they have won most of the matches where the 2 teams face each other. This shows that the home team possesses a squad with depth. Along with that is a much more effective way of playing than the AC Oulu players. Taking advantage of this along with the opponent’s bad mentality, playing hard and scoring many goals to preserve the lead. Believe that the final joy will still stay in the holy land of KuPS players in this confrontation.

KuPS vs AC Oulu Prediction: KuPS 5 – 0 AC Oulu FT (2-0 H1).

KuPS vs AC Oulu Prediction


KuPS: Virtanen, Pikk, Nuno Tomás, Pennanen, Pirttijoki, Saxman, Savolainen, Rangel, Boateng, Nissilä , Sale.

AC Oulu: Pennanen, Nurmos, Nurmela, Rafinha, Olander, Malolo, Jokelainen, Heikkila, Larsson, Bonet, Alanko.

The above is information about the prediction in the 11th match between KuPS vs AC Oulu of Veikkausliiga on 2021/06/30 of the CMD368 bookie.