Las Palmas Vs CD Lugo Prediction On June 21st, 2020

Las Palmas vs  CD Lugo prediction on June 21, 2020. Odds squad predictions, odds, and ratios prediction.

Las Palmas vs  CD Lugo prediction, HT

Las Palmas Vs  CD Lugo Prediction

Talking about the team that performed the most unstable in this season, certainly can not ignore the name Las Palmas. The 15th position on the table that Pepe Mel’s team currently holds is the answer, but not all. One of the next reasons to discuss is the unstable performance of Las Palmas.

Currently, with 39 points, they are only 3 points higher than the red light holding group, so the risk of relegation still exists. They need to quickly recover their peak performance if they do not want to continue to sink deep in the table in the upcoming Las Palmas vs  CD Lugo match.

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The battle for relegation that is clinging to Lugo is really persistent. Already many rounds have passed, Mr. Curro Torres’s team can only know to be friends with the position in the last group in the Spanish Rankings 2. In recent times, things have been going more smoothly for Lugo.

Las Palmas Vs  CD Lugo Prediction

They have 4 consecutive unbeaten matches (2 wins and 2 draw results). Currently, Lugo has escaped from the dangerous group, but the distance is only 1 point so they need to try harder in the upcoming Las Palmas vs  CD Lugo match. The next match must march to the field of the opponent who is ranked above them, so a difficult match is foretold.

Over/Under odds in the HT of this match is 0.75 with odds of 0.85 for Over and 1.03 for Under, respectively. With the defensive playing style of the two teams, the next Las Palmas vs  CD Lugo match will both enter the game slowly, the game will take place closely this round will be difficult to score, so Under is a safe choice.

HT score prediction: Las Palmas 0-0 Lugo

HT Asian Handicap: Lugo +0

HT Over/Under: Under

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Las Palmas vs  CD Lugo prediction, FT

The performance of the home team in recent rounds is also very bad when the last 12 consecutive matches they only know how to draw and lose, including 11 rounds in this arena, the rest of the national cup. This is said to be a serious decline of coach Jose Pepe Mel’s team when the end of 2019, they have gone through 5 consecutive matches to win, including 4 rounds from the 17th to the 20th round. The coming Las Palmas vs  CD Lugo match here to receive a much weaker opponent, Lugo, is a good opportunity for the home team to find his own image.

The form of the away team is quite good when the last 5 matches they won 2 wins and 3 losses. CD Lugo is struggling in the relegation battle when only ranked 17th on the table. However, they have shown improvement in recent times when unbeaten in the last 6 rounds.

Las Palmas Vs  CD Lugo Prediction

Do not have a team with high professional quality, so they are often inferior to rivals. However, recently, the players have shown a very high fighting spirit and discipline. Just out of the red light group, they must confront Las Palmas immediately on the opponent’s field. The opponent is very thirsty for point, so the chance of winning the away team’s score is not much in Las Palmas vs  CD Lugo match.

The FT Over/Under odds in this match is 2.25 with the odds of 1.17 for the Over and 0.75 for Under, the two teams are strong on defense, while the offensive front they are quite weak so the match hard to have many goals appear in this Las Palmas vs  CD Lugo match.

FT score prediction: Las Palmas 2-0 Lugo

FT Asian Handicap: Las Palmas -0.5

FT Over/Under: Under

Expected Line-up

Las Palmas: Valles, Artiles, Curbelo, Lemos, Castellano, González, Pedri, Ramírez, Cabrera, Castro, Narváez.

CD Lugo: Cantero, Campabadal, Djaló, Kravets, Peybernes, Valentín, Grau, Hacen, Seoane, Carrillo, Rahmani.