Lask Linz vs Alashkert Prediction – Europa Conference League – 11/04

Lask Linz vs Alashkert prediction on November 04, 2021. Currently, Lask Linz is second in Group A – Europa Conference League with 7 points after 3 matches, while Alashkert is at the bottom of the table when there are no points after 3 matches. Therefore, it is not too surprising that the bookie chooses a 2nd bet for the whole match in this category.

Lask Linz Overview

Lask Linz vs Alashkert Prediction

Lask Linz is a strong team in the Austrian league, with many years of experience in the European arena. They are considered a bright candidate for a ticket to the next round in Group A Europa Conference League. The fact has also proven this when over 3 matches they got 2 wins and 1 draw. 

Get themselves 7 points and be in 2nd place on the leaderboard. In the next match, the host has the home-field advantage, then Lask Linz will surely aim for 3 points to be able to win the leading position in this group.

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Alashkert Overview

Alashkert is just a football team that is not as strong as Armenia, so it is not surprising that they have achieved in this group. After the first 3 matches, this team did not get any points, they had to receive 3 defeats. Making the away team stand last in the standings in Group A and close but no longer have the opportunity to continue. The opportunity to take the next step is not much, the next round must march away from home, the away team will not exert their strength in this arena. Another defeat awaits the away team.


Past Encounters

Latest Matches

Lask Linz vs Alashkert Prediction

Asian Bet – Lask Linz vs Alashkert Prediction

Lask Linz has repeatedly failed players in recent appearances. The proof is that their last 4 consecutive matches have brought profits to the house. The attack of this team really exploded when it brought 16 goals in the last 10 appearances.

The recent matches did not bring much joy to Alashkert. Specifically, they have not won in the recent 8/10, including 5 defeats. Moreover, they also lost to Asia in the last 6/8 outings. From the above data, it would be extremely risky to choose Alashkert in this matchup.

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Lask Linz vs Alashkert prediction: 

  • Choose Lask Linz -0.75 (HT)
  • Choose Lask Linz -2 (FT)

European Bet

Lask Linz vs Alashkert Prediction

In the last clash of the two teams, Lask Linz won with a bold score of 3-0 right away. Therefore, when returning to the home field with high performance, surely the home team Lask Linz will continue to aim for a victory over the guests Alashkert. 

In addition, the home team also had the perfect momentum for the upcoming encounter after having a gentle 2-1 victory over Wattens. In the face of a disappointing Alashkert recently, coach Dominik Thalhammer’s men can fully aim for a victory.

Choose Lask Linz (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Lask Linz vs Alashkert Prediction

Back in time, the last 3/5 home matches of Lask Linz all ended with at least 3 times the net vibrated. The same scenario also appeared in 4/5 recent appearances on the side of Alashkert. In addition, the last clash between the two teams also ended with 3 goals scored. Therefore, players should place Over in this category to make a profit.

Lask Linz vs Alashkert prediction: 

  • Choose Over 1.25 (HT)
  • Choose Over 3.25 (FT)

Line up

Lask Linz: Schlager, Potzmann, Letard, Maresic, Filipović, Renner, Michorl, Holland, Horvath, Schmi.

Alashkert: Yurchenko, Khurtsidze, Glišić, Cametá, Kadio, Voskanyan, Boljević, Neves, Mihajlović, Gome, Embaló.