LASK Linz vs Rapid Wien – Football Odds Today – June 10

LASK Linz vs Rapid Wien – 16h30 on 06/10/2020 – Hold on to hope

Two teams’ current performance

LASK Linz showed a solid performance during the first phase of the season, finishing it by number 1 on the chart. However, after deducting up to 27 points for violating the quarantine law, they fell to the second position and affected quite a lot of psychologically. The corollary is the defeat against the unappreciated team TSV Hartberg 1-2 at home in the last round.

LASK Linz vs Rapid Wien

Rapid Wien also suffered the same fate as the opponent in the last round when it failed to march to RB Salzburg’s home ground with a score of 0-2. Coach Dietmar Kuhbauer and his teachers were very unlucky to face another candidate for the championship in the next round, which made them not appreciated.

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LASK Linz is quite overwhelming in the last 6 confrontations between the two teams, they get 3 victories with only 1 time of Rapid Wien, the remaining match ends with a draw. With both teams not performing well, thanks to the stability and home advantage, LASK Linz is still ranked in the upper door, 3 points are what the Linzer Stadion team will look forward to in this match.

Asian Handicap od LASK Linz vs Rapid Wien: Choose LASK Linz -1/2

The last 3 matches at LASK Linz have not been able to win, but before that, they have won 4 matches in a row and are the 2nd best home team of the tournament. Meanwhile, Rapid Wien only earned 1 draw and received 2 defeats in the last 3 trips. This shows that the new home team is the right choice.

Over/Under odds of LASK Linz vs Rapid Wien: Choose 2.3 / 4 goals

In the last 3 matches, LASK Linz scored only 1 goal and conceded 7 goals, Rapid Wien was no better than 4 goals and 6 goals in 3 matches. The determination will be shown by both teams in this match and the weak defense of both sides will create a great opportunity for the strikers to show. Therefore, the possibility of this match is very high.

  • Score odds LASK Linz vs Rapid Wien R1: 1-0
  • Score odds LASK Linz vs Rapid Wien R2: 2-1
LASK Linz vs Rapid Wien

European odds

The mere reception of an opponent is not too strong will help LASK Linz find a victory to hold hope in the race to the championship. The Linzer Stadion team needs to quickly revive the spirit and regain the performance shown in phase 1 of the season. The home advantage will also greatly help the reigning champion. So, you should choose the home team if you want to be able to win higher rafters.


LASK Linz vs Rapid Wien prediction:

LASK Linz: Schlager, Wiesinger, Ramsebner, Wostry, Holland, Renner, Ranftl, Michorl, Frieser, Balic, Klauss.

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Rapid Wien: Strebinger, Hofmann, Dibon, Stojkovic, Ljubicic, Ullmann, Arase, Petrovic, Knasmullner, Schwab, Fountas.