Letou Cheating? Is Letou Good as rumored?

Letou is now regarded as one of the leading prestigious bookmakers operating in Asia. However, this does not help the house avoid rumors that we fraud. So where does the Letou scam really come from? How did this  Letou cheating deal? Is Letou reputable?

Let’s explore with Top10betting in the article below.

Letou Cheating? Is Letou Good as rumored

The story announced Letou scam

There are so many different rumors about Letou cheating. Each person has a separate story, a unique attitude to the house. Therefore, Letou gets entangled in the mess, the influence of prestige is not difficult to understand.

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Originating from the rumors Letou cheating started from online betting forums. Some players have accused this site of not making requests for withdrawals.

When players need to withdraw money, the house requires a lot of information. Such as identity cards, bank statements, photos of themselves, utility bills, because of this, players feel that they are causing difficulties. Feel the dealer intends to appropriate the money without paying the customer.

There are other cases that Letou requires documents from players to use for malicious purposes. Thinking that the house uses personal information to serve personal interests.

Others are indignant, irritable that the house offers promotions but improper implementation. They have done all the requirements without money promotions, 

Just like that, a person accusing hundreds of people to comment, gossip. The number of supporters is not small, try to explain to the player. But there are some individuals and units that take advantage of this to spread rumors that make others think LoLetou fraud.

How did the bookie respond to the alleged Letou scam?

Contrary to what many people think, when being accused of  Letou scam, the bookie will dive away, do not dare to face the media. Letou quickly spoke up, responding to such events. They have explained each case:

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With the player must verify the account

The reason for this is that the dealer has spoken regarding  Letou cheating. For ordinary customers, participating in cash withdrawal does not have to go through such complicated procedures. In the event that the house requires information verification, this account proves to be suspected of abuse of promotions. Or maybe they play fraudulent betting.

Right from the terms of use when registering Letou, customers have agreed to such. That is, the house has the right to check and verify the account if it is found suspicious. This action is only to ensure the interests of the player only. Avoid the situation of crooks taking advantage of, and appropriating, the money of the player as well as the bookie. Because of such an incident, players are inhibited, bitter and spread rumors of Letou cheating even if they do not cooperate to solve the problem.

After many exchanges, this player finally proved himself as an account holder. The dealer will refund the principal and interest in accordance with the regulations.

Regarding the house use of customer information

What happens if a customer suspects that the house is taken for personal purposes by a dealer? This is not true, the Letou dealer is committed to protecting all information that players provide. From the outset, the house has pledged to withdraw paperless money, except for cases of suspicion of fraud.

If you find the dealer is the reason for your information being leaked, the Letou dealer will take full responsibility. Supporting players to troubleshoot to the end.

About not receiving the promotion

Letou has directly stated that all special cases have a cause and are dealt with by the bookie. The player entered the promotion but failed because it did not fulfill all the requirements or the time the Letou promotion expired. Customers do not learn thoroughly, bringing misunderstandings causing such a crisis.

Letou must receive every day many requests from players but the staff still supports you with the most dedicated and thoughtful. Letou works transparently, fairly, in compliance with general regulations, under strict supervision. Therefore, wanting to cheat is probably very difficult.

Letou cheating is a false information

We will assert that once again, Letou scam is false information. These rumors are not true, no authorities have confirmed the fraud of Letou. Therefore, players should feel free to bet at the dealer.

Do not because of some unfounded rumors that affect psychology, as well as misleading is the view of such a prestigious Asian bookmaker. If the house was indeed a scam, would they exist until now, growing so large? Certainly, customers also leave the site and do not participate in.

With long years of experience, Letou put customer interests first. Thanks to that, the site always receives the trust of every country Letou goes through.

The reason that Letou got into rumors of fraud

In addition, there are some other reasons why players misunderstand the site  Letou cheating. All of the reasons below are detrimental and greatly affect the reputation of the site.

Because you are said to be a scam

For fastidious players, even small mistakes are considered frauds, such as:

Slow withdrawal of 30 minutes or more -> fraud

  • Access to the website is slow -> bad quality
  • Unable to enter due to a player losing Internet connection (losing network) -> cheating
  • Playing betting, games, losing cards -> Scams
  • There are many other reasons, Letou could not stop people from saying they cheated, because each person understands fraud in a different sense.

The link to Letou is blocked

Sometimes the link to the Letou is completely blocked. That is the player can not access the link to the site Letou. It is not the fault of the bookie that some network operators have blocked this link due to national laws.

This reason is what makes the bookies extremely worried. They must provide a series of extra links to help players use when the main link is blocked. The player did not know clearly, could not access his account should arouse suspicion.

Unable to withdraw money due to wrong account

The player wins, after winning but cannot withdraw the money. The most basic reason is that they did not provide the correct bank account information. The withdrawal made failed. Next, the player does not cooperate when the dealer suspects that the account is fraudulent and requires verification.

Not familiar with the game rules

In addition, in some cases, when a participant is unable to read the contents of the game, the rules of the game that lead to a win cannot be recognized. Each game has a certain system of rules, forcing players to strictly follow.

This subjectivity makes Letou’s customers doubt and then give judgment in a superficial way. This affects the reputation of the house a lot.

Use the link to the fake bookie

There are many fake links to the Letou site if you use them the possibility of losing money is very high. At this time, the dealer pretends to be in the name of Letou and entices you to deposit money. After that, you assumed that Letou was a fraud rather than a thorough investigation of the reason.

The less healthy competition

A big bookie like Letou will surely have great competitors. It is worth mentioning that some units do not compete healthily but play tricks. They use tricks, smear news, belittle Letou’s reputation. As long as the player is subjective, listening to everything one-on-one will get into this trap.

Is Letou reliable?

Letou Cheating? Is Letou Good as rumored

If you ask the prestigious Letou question, the answer is definitely YES. You can easily see that through some of the following factors:

  1. This is one of the leading big bookmakers, operating in Asia. The dealer operates under a license issued by Curacao Island. They sponsor many teams in Europe like Inter Milan, Swansea CIty.
  1. In 2004 the dealer joined Wilshire Worldwide, further developing online betting games in the Asian market.
  1. The house has a beautiful interface, rich content geared towards user benefits.
  1. Registration is easy, all information is absolutely confidential.
  1. Ability to make deposits and withdrawals quickly. Just a few minutes to the account and withdraw money, it only takes about 30 minutes only.
  1. Friendly and enthusiastic customer service 24/24.
  1. There is the international language support.
  1. Letou has many extremely attractive promotions for first-time participants, for loyal customers.

How to recognize the dealer impersonating Letou

Letou Interface
Letou Interface

With its reputation and long-term operation. Letou has become the target of many bad guys. People take advantage of reputation to trick players to recharge. It is for this reason that many people think that Letou cheating. Therefore, we need to know how to identify the bankers impersonating Letou to avoid the trap.

Fake links have hidden links

Understanding the entertainment needs of customers, the difficulties of the Letou dealer when the network is blocking the link to access. Some individuals and organizations have provided fake links for players to click.

However, players are unable to log in to their accounts, even less involved in breaking. Even, some people think that the new link must use a new account, so you have to register and top up. Naturally that fate a go no return.

The most obvious sign of this activity is that the link cannot be used. Or this link will contain other hidden registration links, putting you in an untrustworthy house.

Website content is sketchy

On the home page of the Letou, we find that the content is extremely rich. From the navigation bar to the game, notifications, news updates every day. But being on the fake websites is different. Their writing is not beautiful, the content is sketchy, the image is poor quality.

Next is the amount of article content is very little, not beneficial to customers. The purpose of these bookies is to attract players to register for an account. They do not care if the player can bet or not, because this is a fraudulent website.


Letou cheating or  Letou cheating is false and inaccurate information so do not panic. Become a member of the site to receive thousands of awesome promotions.

By high-quality service, modern technology platforms, Letou has quickly gained a good position in the hearts of customers. In the future, Letou will be more developed, further perfecting to serve all potential markets.

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