The newly launched bookmaker Letou is one of the leading online bookmakers that is attracting a lot of players to join. Currently, in our country, This betting site is promoting betting with the name Letou casino. Join with Top10bettinglist to evaluate this land-based casino.

An overview of the house Letou


In 2004, the Letou betting site was established and operates strongly in the European sky. Even the representative of this company settled in a city in England. In 2008, the dealer had its first base in Asia, specifically the Philippines, and was granted an online gaming business license in the country. From here, the Letou dealer starts spreading to the whole Asian market.


It is also the first service in Asia to offer online betting games using cash, not necessarily through scratch cards or other redemption. This house has a working time with no breaks, no holidays.


The playing interface at Letou casino is very eye-catching but completely gentle and simple with three main colors: white, blue and orange, both modern and simple.


Letou casino has a presence in the global market and is expanding its activities.


This is the time when the Letou bookie offers a lot of promotions to entice players in a new market.

1. Website interface and home application for Letou


The betting interface of the house with blue and white colors makes the player feel cool, gentle and pleasant. The interface is visible on all mobile devices as well as computers.


Up to the present time, the betting site Letou offers all players betting over 500 different games with all the most popular genres today such as sports betting, casino online with popular games like Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack. In addition, the house Letou also offers lottery games such as lotto, keno, SSC, PK10 and K3.

2. Number of games at Letou casino


In addition to Letou casino, you can choose from a total of over 500 categories with the events taking place in this extremely exciting. Including many sports for betting such as football, volleyball, tennis, golf, horse riding, athletics, boxing, swimming. There are even winter sports typical of the Northern countries. However, football betting is still a point to be noticed.


In addition, our main focus is on Letou casino with professional online casino games. If you like casino games and their variations, you must experience through the casino system of this betting site dealer, typically you can see games such as Dragon Tiger, Poker, Baccarat, etc.


Letou betting site provides a website 24/7 and all year round so that you can bet easily and conveniently. With various markets, Letou payment players are very flexible. You can use transfers and withdraw money via bank accounts, use your phone to scratch or pay with Bpay application, ATM cards of local banks are also a good choice for users.


The amount of each transaction varies from at least $5.



3. Prestige from customer care at the Letou site


Customer care of this house is what many players are most interested in. Customer care and support staff are always on hand throughout the day, during the week and without days off. Whenever you need something, you can ask and ask questions and seek help from the house clerk. The form of customer support here is a hotline, email, and online contact. The staff at the Letou betting site in every quarter are well-trained, so you are not afraid of not communicating with the staff.


Even on the official website of the betting site Letou also has an FAQ section that answers questions frequently asked by players here. Therefore, you will not need to contact support directly to still be able to find your answer. Remember that you can still contact employees anywhere, anytime and will definitely receive great support from them.


Letou Transparency

The support team of the house Letou


This is one of the very important criteria to evaluate whether a bookmaker is really professional and well served. The Letou dealer provides customers with 24/7 support services, whenever you encounter unfortunate problems related to deposits and withdrawals to your account, betting rules, problems account, you can contact customer support immediately. The counselors will be available 24/24 and answer all your questions in the fastest, most accurate way without wasting your time.


4. Special offers for new members and other promotions at Letou


It has been in the online casino business market for a long time.  Because of this, the betting site bookie is very focused on the application of extremely hot promotions for betting players at their house.




We can mention some extremely attractive promotions at this house such as: 100% welcome bonus for new players who first deposit, receive $4 when confirming account information, get up to 1% weekly unlimited payback at Keno games, enjoy 0.38% unlimited payback at sports betting area, that’s not to mention the money-giving policy on the second charge. Too cool, isn’t it?


5. The affordability of Letou casino


In this regard, players do not need to be a bit worried at all. Because of being a big, longtime bookie, even sponsoring costumes for English clubs and sponsor Tsukasa Aoi in the field of advertising, Letou is definitely financially able to pay for people. play a big hit.


Thus, not only with the long-term operation, not only with its massive premises, Letou also needs the prestige built over the past decade to make you trust.


With the Letou betting site, you can deposit the smallest amount and do not lose any transaction costs when depositing money into the Letou account.


The Letou bookie supports many different forms of payment including Payment methods via bank Pay by phone scratch card, Pay by domestic ATM card Bpay.


Time to deposit into the site Letou relatively quickly, as soon as you deposit and confirm success, your deposit will almost immediately be displayed on the account. However, withdrawals can take longer from 24-72 hours after you make a withdrawal.



General assessment

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Although it has not been long in the online casino market, this Letou betting site has won the trust of players for a long time. Initial reviews at Letou casino show that players here have great sympathy for this house. Although it just started not long ago and will continue to improve much in the future, it is definitely one of the online casinos that is worth the long-term investment.