Lillestrom vs Haugesund Prediction | Eliteserien | 06/13

Lillestrom vs Haugesund prediction: After a series of struggling days and could not get out of the bottom group. Lillestrom suddenly got their full joy after winning against Ham-Kam with a score of 5 – 0 in the last match. Whether with the home field advantage and good spirit, Lillestrom can continue to sublimate to win 3 points in this match. Because their opponent is not overestimated.


  • Match date: 04:00 pm on 2021/06/13
  • Event: Eliteserien
  • Stage: Matchday 7th
  • Location: Åråsen




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Lillestrom currently has 3 points and ranks 15th on the table with only 4 rounds, losing 2 matches to other teams. Perhaps things will get better for them and maybe a top 4 spot was within reach in the last game. But the sloppiness and distraction caused them to miss that opportunity. As a team with a defensive style, Lillestrom has only allowed opponents to break through 6 goals this season. A relatively low number compared to the general level of the tournament. This is probably a good premise for them towards a good result for the upcoming match.

In the remaining route, Haugesund currently only has 5 points after 6 rounds. Although they have won in the previous match, it is still not enough for the visitors to have a fairly safe position on the table. The boundary to the relegation group is very fragile if Haugesund does not have a positive direction. Statistically, they conceded 11 goals, the performance of nearly 2 goals per game is a huge number. Facing them is a team with extremely uncomfortable play. Anticipating a game full of difficulties for them.

The away team is playing very poorly with bad form, it is very difficult to score goals at this time. Although Chievo is more appreciated, the superiority is not so obvious. The time is not much better with the attack when the scoring performance is only 1 goal/game in the previous times or teams have met. 

Select: Under 2.5 FT.


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Lillestrom has always been a team that is highly appreciated for their ability to take advantage of the home-field advantage. The victory in the last match is giving them great motivation. Not only that, the confrontation history is leaning in favor of Lillestrom. They had 2 draws 1 in the last 3 matches. At the same time, Haugesund is showing a very bad face this season. Despite winning the recent matches, those are only the bottom teams. Therefore, Haugesund is an opponent that all teams want to meet at this time. When the mentality and gameplay show instability and many big problems occur. 

Select: Lillestrom 0.25 FT.


Haugesund has never been a team that is overrated in terms of marching away from home. They have not won any matches for long trips this season. Being very close to the boundary with the relegation group when Haugesund is only 1 point away. This can see a serious decline as well as a huge crisis in terms of gameplay and players. Even the most optimistic fans cannot believe that Haugesund can win or just 1 point in this match. The home-field advantage will help Lillestrom gain confidence as well as regain their bravery. Believe that they will know how to exploit the opponent’s weaknesses to win.

Select: Lillestrom FT.


The sure game and the lack of defensive play on both sides were probably the main developments of the match. But a victory will still be for the home team with a safe score when Lillestrom has all the advantages in the hand predicted by experts. And the reason for the defeat of the away team is probably because of psychology and poor performance this season.

Lillestrom vs Haugesund prediction: Lillestrom 2 – 0 Haugesund FT (0-0 H1).


Lillestrom: Maric, M. Haakenstad, T. Sahlquist, D. Gustavsson, F. Kippe, S. Rafn, F. Krogstad, A. Melgalvis, K. Odemarksbakken, D. Pedersen, T. Olsen.

Haugesund:  Gostomski, Ringstad, Desler, Grindheim, Stolaas, Bergqvist, Sandberg, Nilsen, Wadji, Tronstad, Samuelsen.

The above is information about the prediction in the 7th match between Lillestrom vs Haugesund of Eliteserien on 2021/06/13 of CMD368 bookie.