Madrid vs Barcelona Prediction – La Liga – 04/11

Madrid vs Barcelona prediction on April 11, 2021. The El Clasico match this weekend will not only be important because of the rivalry between the two clubs but also will be of great significance for the race to the championship.

Madrid Overview

Madrid vs Barcelona Prediction

On the Real Madrid side, it is undeniable that their morale is on the rise after a 3-1 win in the UEFA Champions League quarter-final first leg against Liverpool.

However, it should be remembered that their home performance is not appreciated by experts with four times to lose points at the Bernabeu in La Liga this season. More notably, three of them came from confrontations with the much-underrated teams Alaves, Levante, and Cadiz.

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Not only that, but it must also be noted that the White Vulture’s home field in the past few seasons is also a favorite destination for Barcelona. The proof is that Lionel Messi and his teammates have won 3 out of the last 4 times playing here.

Barcelona Overview

Madrid vs Barcelona Prediction

Barcelona has an extremely impressive performance in La Liga with a series of 6 consecutive victories. Highlights include the 6-1 victory on the field of Real Sociedad – the club is highly appreciated this season and even recently ascended to the throne in the King’s Cup not long ago.

This series of matches has helped them to successfully close the top position of Atletico Madrid when the gap is only 1 point, in addition, the away record of the Catalan giants is also relatively good. Specifically, they have won 31 out of 42 maximum points after 14 trips away from home in the number one football tournament in the country since the beginning of the season.


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Madrid vs Barcelona Prediction

Asian Bet – Madrid vs Barcelona prediction

Contrary to the home team Real Madrid, Barca players have been eliminated from the C1 arena and the La Liga arena is considered the last rescue for this season. The recent performance of Messi and his teammates is quite impressive, but coach R. Koeman’s team is still heavily dependent on superman Messi. If that problem still has no solution, it will be very difficult for Barca in the next match when Zidane and his team know Messi for sure and know how to make this player silent when he plays.

In addition, Messi is not as young and stable as before to be able to carry his teammates on his back. With rising excitement after an important victory, the Real players are very eager to defeat Barca to have a chance to win the La Liga championship.

Madrid vs Barcelona prediction:

  • Choose Real Madrid +0.25 (HT)
  • Choose Real Madrid +0.25 (FT)

European Bet

Madrid vs Barcelona Prediction

In the first leg of the season, despite having to play away from home, the Real players won 3-1. The return leg with home advantage and home-minded advantage is excited after a comprehensive victory over Liverpool. There is no reason that Real Madrid does not win to surpass their opponent in the battle in La Liga.

Choose Real Madrid (FT)

Over/Unde Bet – Madrid vs Barcelona prediction

After a jubilant victory over the defending champions of the Premier League in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the C1 Cup. Professionals and fans have to look at Coach Zidane with a different look.

The fans of the royal team are delighted when the beloved team has played very impressively recently and has a chance to win La Liga and the C1 Cup. Alt. Madrid’s recent slowdown is an opportunity for Real Madrid and Barcelona to win the throne in La Liga and the Super Classic match at Real Stadium in the next round will greatly determine the final result of the two teams at La Liga this year.

Given the nature of a match that determines the success or failure of the season, it is not surprising that the two teams come out with a cautious mentality, not wanting to create an opening for the opponent to overcome.

Madrid vs Barcelona prediction:

  • Choose Under 1.25 (HT)
  • Choose Under 3.25 (FT)


Real Madrid: Modric, Casemiro, Marcelo, Courtois, Mendy, Nacho, Militao, Lucas, Isco, Asensio, Benzema.

Barcelona: Busquets, Pedri, ter Stegen, Lenglet, de Jong, Mingueza, Dest, Alba, Griezmann, Messi, Dembele.

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