Malmo FF vs Djurgardens Prediction On July 1st, 2020

With better form, it is likely that Malmo FF will win the Malmo FF vs Djurgardens match. Specifically, Malmo FF has won the last 5/7 matches at home, won the last 4/7 matches, won the last 6/10 matches at home, won the last 3/6 matches. And Djurgardens has lost the last 3/5 matches, the last 2/8 matches away, have not won the last 4/6 away matches, and have not won the last 7/9 matches.

Malmo FF vs Djurgardens Prediction

Malmo FF’s last matches

Djurgardens’s last matches


Malmo FF vs Djurgardens O/U prediction

The focus of the fifth round of the Swedish league this season is the confrontation between the home team Malmo FF vs Djurgardens the away team. The defending team and the runner-up will definitely create a dramatic match on Malmo Stadion.

The two teams are highly appreciated when the new season starts but at this time, both Malmo FF and Djurgarden have not met the expectations of the home fans. There is also not much basis to hope for an open position in a match that no team wants to become a loser. After the first 4 rounds, the home team’s strikers are playing at a shoulders level with 7 goals. Meanwhile, on the other side of the front line, the defending team of the defending team only had 8 times to fill in the standing. In a tug of war, surely the opportunity for strikers on both sides will not be much.

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The last meeting between the two teams ended with no more than 2 goals scored. Overshoot is set at 2.5. The ratio for fainting is only 0.85 also shows that investors highly appreciate a solid and tight game from the two teams. Given what’s going on recently by both teams, the experts recommend choosing Under.

Malmo FF vs Djurgardens Asian prediction

Malmo FF vs Djurgardens Prediction

Defending champion Djurgarden is having a rough start in the new season with 2 wins and 2 losses after the first 4 rounds. Meanwhile, the situation with the home team Malmo is not much better. Although not yet defeated, but having 3 times split points makes doubts about the ambition of coach Jon Dahl Tomasson’s team is not small. Although there is no clear superiority compared to the opponent in recent meetings, statistics are showing that the home team’s chances of winning are rated better than the opponent in the upcoming Malmo FF vs Djurgardens match.

Specifically, in the last 4 marches to Malmo Stadion, the defending team only had 1 victory and 3 times to dry the shirt before the opponent.

Asian Handicap odds are set at 1/2. The ratio for the Favorite is only 0.82, which also shows that investors are quite confident in the victory of the current runner-up team. Asian handicap chooses Malmo FF -1/2.

Malmo FF vs Djurgardens HT prediction

Malmo FF vs Djurgardens Prediction

The Malmo FF vs Djurgardens half time handicap is 1/4, and the underdog is given by the house at 1. With what the two teams have shown in this season as well as in recent confrontations, it is possible to predict 45 The first minute will take place with a fairly tight posture and the goal does not appear is not too surprising. Half time select Djurgarden +1/4 and Under 1.

Malmo FF vs Djurgardens European prediction

The Malmo FF vs Djurgardens European odds offered by the house is 1.82 * 3.90 * 3.65, which corresponds to the home field win or loss ratio. Victory is absolutely in the ability of coach Jon Dahl Tomasson and his team especially when they have the fulcrum at home field. However, this is considered a rather tough 3 point for the Malmo Stadion team when their opponent is clearly not a newbie.

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Choose Malmo FF to win (Full Time).