Manchester City Vs Liverpool Prediction On July 3rd, 2020

Manchester City vs Liverpool prediction on July 3rd, 2020. The next round 32 will witness an exciting match. Former King Man City will play at home Etihad to host defending champion, Liverpool. No longer playing in terms of results, the two teams will be determined to win to confirm their strength. An extremely honorable match.

Manchester City Vs Liverpool Prediction

Manchester City’s last matches

Liverpool’s last matches


Manchester City vs Liverpool Asian prediction

With the advantage of playing at the home field, Man City is the favorite team as determined by the prestigious football betting site. However, Liverpool is certainly not an easy opponent to play at the moment.

In the last round 31, Man City marched to Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge. Despite playing very determined, Pep Guardiola’s team still lost 1-2. This defeat also turned Man City into a former king. In addition, the player who bets on Man City loses money (Man City accepts 0.75 goals).

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Receiving Crystal Palace at Anfield at home field in round 31, it is not too difficult for coach Jurgen Klopp’s team and students to have 3 points. They easily defeated the opponent 4-0 in the end. With a 1.5 goal handicap, Liverpool won the match. In addition, they also cut off the circuit for 8 consecutive games without winning.

Odds are set by the Asian bookmaker for the upcoming Manchester City vs Liverpool match at 0: 1/4. The favorite team is Man City, accepting an opponent 0.25 goals. If Man City wins, the player who bets on the home team will win money. The odds of Man City and Liverpool are 1.88 – 1.99 respectively.

Asian handicap ratio: 0: 1/4

Manchester City vs Liverpool European prediction

Manchester City Vs Liverpool Prediction

The two teams have faced each other many times in history. There have been a total of 52 matches taking place since 1993. In which Man City is inferior to the opponent when it has just won 11 times. In contrast, the Red Brigade gave itself 26 victories. Remarkably, there were 15 games inconclusive.

If the last 5 matches count, the two teams are in balance. Each side has 2 victories and a draw. With the first leg of this season, Liverpool beat rivals 3-1 at Anfield.

The odds that the European bookie has set for this Manchester City vs Liverpool confrontation are 2.1, 3.75, and 3.1. These three odds correspond to the results Man City win, draw, and lose.

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European odds: 2.1 * 3.75 * 3.1

Manchester City vs Liverpool O/U prediction

Manchester City Vs Liverpool Prediction

Man City and Liverpool currently own the most powerful attack in the English Premier League. If Man City had 77 goals then Liverpool would have scored 70 goals. Thus, an average of 1 match of 2 players can score at least 2 goals.

Liverpool has an advantage when owning the most secure defense this season. The number of goals conceded by The Kop is only 21. On average, 1 game they conceded 0.67 goals. This figure of Man City is 1.06.

On the attack line, each team has impressive strikers. For Man City, Aguero has owned 16 goals. In the opposite direction, Liverpool’s Salah scored more than 1 goal.

The odds of this Manchester City vs Liverpool match is 3 set by the house. When the game has 4 or more goals, the player who bets on the Over will win. The payroll ratio of Over and Under is 1.87 – 1.95.

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