Martinique vs USA Prediction – Gold Cup 2021 – 07/16

Martinique vs USA prediction on July 16, 2021. Martinique will face the US in the second round of the Gold Cup 2021 group stage, the goal of this team is probably just to lose as gently as possible. Because their strength compared to the American host is still a huge difference at this time.

Martinique Overview

Martinique vs USA Prediction

Martinique created a bit of a surprise when they took the lead over Canada on the opening day of Group B of the Gold Cup 2021. However, that was all they did that day because right after the opening goal was the time when Martinique really broke down under too much pressure when Canada rose up to turn the situation around. Then, whatever happens, it must come when Martinique accepts to lose 1-4 to a Canada that is too superior in all aspects.

USA Overview

The US has won the Gold Cup 6 times, with Mexico taking turns to dominate the Concacaf area. Berhalter’s teachers and students also showed their superiority with the Nations League championship 1 month ago, after beating Mexico 3-2 in the final. 

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The attack power is undisputed, winning the last 9/10 matches with a performance of more than 3.5 goals per game. Among them are the 6-0 destructive wins against El Salvador or 7-0 against Trinidad Tobago. With only a minimal victory over Haiti in the first match, the US needs to find a special rhythm in attack. The fact that they poured a rain of goals against Martinique was expected.


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Martinique vs USA Prediction

Asian Bet – Martinique vs USA prediction

The difference in class and tradition between the two teams is relatively clear. While the US has won the Gold Cup 6 times and is the defending Nations League champion, Martinique’s best achievement is only going to the quarterfinals. Non-competitive guests could make it difficult for Berhalter’s army. In fact, at the meeting, also within the framework of the Gold Cup, the US was also the one with a winning smile.

Martinique’s development is commendable, but the 1-4 loss to Canada shows that the gap in qualifications is still too large. In the opposite direction, the victory over Haiti was the 9th victory in the last 10 matches of the US. The strength of the attack is also reflected in the statistics of scoring more than 3.5 goals per game. Another bold victory of the US team is a reliable choice.

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Martinique vs USA Prediction: Choose USA -2.75

European Bet

Martinique vs USA Prediction

The European odds assess the American’s chance of winning completely superior. Holding too many American advantages, it is difficult to lose the opportunity to rise to the top of the table. Martinique’s ability to surprise is almost zero when the class difference is too big.

Choose USA (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Martinique vs USA prediction

America’s attack power is too superior while Martinique’s defense is still inexperienced, it will be very adventurous for the Under option. In fact, the only confrontation in the past between the two teams had up to 5 goals scored.

Martinique vs USA Prediction: Choose Over 3.25


Martinique: Gilles; Herelle, Abaul, Vitulin; Barthelery, Babin, Cretinoir, Burner; Thimon, Riviere, Fortune

USA: Turner; Acosta, Yueill, Lletget; Moore, Zimmerman, Robinson, Vines; Arriola, Zardes, Lewis