Millwall vs Derby County Prediction On June 20th, 2020

Millwall vs Derby County football predictions, squad predictions, odds, and ratios on June 20th, 2020. The most accurate First Class England 2019/2020 round 38 predictions.

Millwall vs Derby County prediction, HT

Millwall vs Derby County Prediction

Millwall has earned 54 points after 37 rounds and is temporarily ranked 8th in the rankings. Having won only 2 victories in the last 6 rounds, Millwall has continuously missed many opportunities to climb to the top 6, they are only 2 points behind the top 6. Even at home, the achievement of coach Gary Rowett’s team is very lackluster when not winning in the last 5 matches, both the attack and defense play unconvincingly and without the highest determination. The next Millwall vs Derby County match is played at home to the opponent Derby standing below them but with poor performance, it is difficult for the home team to win 3 points.

Derby County is ranked 12th on the table, 3 points behind Millwall, and 5 points behind the top 6. They are still fighting hard for a place in the playoffs. In the last 2 rounds, Wayne Rooney and his teammates had 2 impressive victories against Blackburn and Sheff Wed. Derby is having explosive matches, they operate effectively with high intensity. The Millwall vs Derby County match, although they have to play on the opponent’s field, with a good force and high form, the away team is aiming for 3 points to shorten the gap with the top 6.

Over/Under odds in the HT of this match is 0.75 with a winning ratio of 0.79 for Over and 1.09 for Under. The away team are in very good shape with very good spirits when they just won in the previous round so they will actively play attacking, the Millwall vs Derby County match will be fast and the goal will come in this HT. Over is a safe choice.

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Millwall vs Derby County Prediction

The home team’s form is not really good as the last 5 matches they won 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. Theoretically, with the remaining 8 rounds, Millwall is still capable of reaching the top 3 but in fact, the top 3 teams are proved too strong and almost there will be no room for other teams to step in. And with Millwall, their most likely goal now is to reach the top 5 final. They are 6 points from Nottingham Forest’s 5th place and can fully occupy this position if they play well in the upcoming Millwall vs Derby County match. But in the current situation, the home team is not performing well, so the position in the top leader is difficult to reach.

The form of the away team is not really good when the last 5 matches they won 2 wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss. With the current form, Derby still has many opportunities to compete for a place in the promotion play-off round. Despite having just lost to MU in the FA cup, it must be said that Derby had a good match against a more advanced opponent, it will not be surprising if Derby continues to show overwhelming play and control of the ball continuously in the next Millwall vs Derby County match.

Millwall vs Derby County Prediction

Over/Under odds of both teams in the match are 2.25 with the odds of 1.19 for the Over and 0.74 for the Under. Both teams are in high scoring form so the next Millwall vs Derby County match. They will enter the game quickly, the exciting match will be created, the goal will appear a lot, so Over is the preferred choice.

FT score prediction: Millwall 1-2 Derby

FT Asian Handicap: Derby +0.25

FT Over/Under: Over

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