Mirandes vs UD Almeria Prediction | Segunda Division | June 28

The match review to the football Mirandes vs UD Almeria in the Segunda Division about the 2 teams’ current performances from 2 competing teams and the most current matches of the teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming match H2H matches, goal stats, table standings ranking, qualities, and match possible match result. The Mirandes vs UD Almeria should all be considered to put down an effective wager on this match.

Mirandes vs UD Almeria


  • Match date: 3:00 pm Sunday 28th June 2020
  • Event: Segunda Division
  • Stage: Matchday 36th
  • Location: Estadio Municipal de Anduva

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Mirandes vs UD Almeria


Mirandes vs UD Almeria

HEAD-to-HEAD (H2H): 

Mirandes vs UD Almeria

Recorded from 2016 to now

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Mirandes vs UD Almeria


  • Despite being in 10th place on the chart, Mirandes is only 2 points behind Elche’s. Meanwhile, with the 3rd position in the rankings, Almerria still has the opportunity to directly upgrade if the 5-point gap with Zaragoza is now. This shows that the current scenario in the Spanish 2nd Division, each match has a great influence on the fate of the teams. The confrontation history between the two teams is somewhat beneficial to Mirandes. Specifically, this team won 2, drew 1 in the last 3 matches to welcome Almeria. One point worth noting when the two teams confront each other is that the home teams often win favorable results. Specifically, in the last 7 matches, Mirandes vs UD Almeria faced each other, 5 matches won the home and 2 match results appeared.
  • At home this season, Mirandes’ performance is also very good when this team won 6, drew 10 and lost only 2 from the beginning of the season. Mirandes’s defense is also one of the most solid at home when receiving just 15 goals lost in 18 matches. Remember the last 5 home games appear equal goal odds, Mirandes won 2 matches and drew 3 matches. This shows that the ability to draw from the landlord is quite high. Therefore, choosing Mirandes in the field of the contract is still a safer option. We consulted international experts and they thought that choosing Mirandes in this match is still safer.

Mirandes vs UD Almeria TIP:


  • Asian Handicap: FT Equal goal (odds 1.05 with Mirandes and 0.87 with Almeria) HT Equal goal (odds 1.00 with Mirandes and 0.88 with Almeria)
  • Mirandes vs UD Almeria are both quite successful compared to the expectations for them from the beginning of the season. Although Mirandes was only 8th in the rankings, with 48 points, they lost only to the 2nd and 6th ranked teams, respectively 2 and 1 point. So, the inherent goals are still waiting for Mirandes to conquer ahead. 
  • Almeria, meanwhile, is firmly building their position in the group that has a place in the play-offs for promotion, even if winning on Mirandes, Almeria will only have a 2-point gap with Zaragora, the team who is ranked in 2nd place and has a straight-up to La Liga. However, the current Mirandes are not easy opponents that Almeria can easily bully. And with the goals, plus the home advantage, Mirandes can make up when their performance is not inferior to that of Almeria.

Our Mirandes vs UD Almeria prediction for this match is:

  • Select: Mirandes 0 HT
  • Select: Mirandes 0 FT


  • O / U: FT 2 (odds 0.85 with Over and 1.05 with Under) HT 0.75 (odds 0.88 with Over and 1.00 with Under)
  • In a game of such an important nature, when both teams do not want to lose points, the coaches will probably actively let their students play passively, creating a tight side at the home ground before thinking of plans to attack and score. Moreover, the defenses of Mirandes vs UD Almeria are both playing at an acceptable level at this time. Therefore, there probably won’t be many goals scored in such a sure game.
  • Select: UNDER 0.75 HT
  • Select: UNDER 2 FT


  • European odds show the similarity of Mirandes with the odds of 2.81 compared to 2.56 on the Almeria side. Obviously, the performance of the two teams before entering this confrontation is quite balanced. A loss probably won’t lose Almeria’s place in the play-off bracket. While Mirandes must win and expect opponents like Elche or Girona to stumble in order to join this group. So, the determination will help Mirandes host get what they need.
  • Select: Mirandes to win FT


  • The head-to-head record is also an indicator of the similarity between the two teams, when Mirandes has 2 wins, and this number is 3 for Almeria in the last 7 confrontations. 
  • It should be remembered that of those 7 encounters, never once did the away team take all 3 points out. And this stat is definitely betraying Almeria, the team that plays guests in this meeting.

Mirandes vs UD Almeria score prediction:

  • HT Mirandes 0-0 Almeria
  • FT Mirandes 1-0 Almeria


  • Mirandes: Raúl Lizoain, Odei Onaindia, Sergio González, Carlos Julio Martínez, Gorka Kijera, Modibo Sagnan, Álvaro Rey, Jon Guridi, Iñigo Vicente, Martín Merquelanz, Marcos André.

UD Almeria: Martínez, Costas, Maras, Balliu, Martos, Villalba, de la Hoz, Vada, Muñoz, Corpas, Núñez.

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