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With no victory in the 26th round, surely both Mladá Boleslav and Fastav Zlín are looking forward to the match this week and aim to win all 3 points to improve the rankings before it is too late. Following Mlada Boleslav vs FC Fastav Zlin prediction, Fastav Zlín got at least 1 point ahead of Banik Ostrava. Although still in the bottom half of the table, with 5 points more than the last 2 teams, the club can still temporarily stay in a safe area and need to try to add more points to the advantage of the next round to avoid relegation.

Mlada Boleslav vs FC Fastav Zlin Prediction

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Mlada Boleslav needs to forget their heaviest defeat at this year’s tournament when in the first round they were destroyed by the second-ranked team FC Viktoria Plzen with a score of 1-7 on the trip on this opponent’s pitch. Previously, although only empty-handed, the only defeat to the leading team was Slavia Praha with the score 0-1. The statistics of the Mlada Boleslav vs FC Fastav Zlin prediction form show that this team is facing many problems when the last 10 matches won only 1, drew 4 and lost 5.

In the last two rounds after the tournament returned, although there was no victory with a draw and a loss, it is fair to say that this is not a bad result of Fastav Zlin players. The proof is that they lost close to the 0-1 button on the trip to the field of Baumit Jablonec, the team currently ranked 3rd now, then just drew Banik Ostrava, the team is ranked 5th with not bad performance. In addition, before the tournament returned, they were well prepared with 3 victories in 3 friendly matches.

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Mlada Boleslav vs FC Fastav Zlin Prediction

Asian handicap Mlada Boleslav vs Fastav Zlin -3/4

Psychology is not good after a heavy defeat 1-7 in the previous round is a weakness of the home team at this time so it is understandable that they will not be in good shape. However, with a force that is being appreciated more, regaining form is only a matter of time with Mlada Boleslav and this is still a favorite opponent with the last 3 clashes they all won. Therefore, the favorite will be the smart choice for the moment.

Talent tip Mlada Boleslav vs Fastav Zlin: Tai 2.1 / 2 goals

These are the two teams that are not appreciated in the defense front when after only 26 rounds, Mlada Boleslav has received 45 goals and the visitors are 43, moreover the home team has just received 7 goals in the round. played in front but the attack was also effective with 45 goals. The confrontation history of the two teams creates more bases to be able to predict that this match will be over fast when 8/10 of their encounters have 3 or more goals.

Mlada Boleslav vs FC Fastav Zlin prediction:

  • Tip ratio H1 Mlada Boleslav vs Fastav Zlin: 1 – 0
  • Tip ratio H2 Mlada Boleslav vs Fastav Zlin: 2 – 1

Europe: Boleslav vs Fastav Zlin: Mlada Boleslav Full-time

Confrontation history is supporting Mlada Boleslav players when all the last 3 encounters against this opponent they won, even those 3 victories are very convincing with a gap of 2 or more goals. The closest is a 3-1 win at home. Moreover, with the fulcrum of the home field and the determination to regain the appearance after a heavy battle in the previous round, they made more efforts so following the Mlada Boleslav vs FC Fastav Zlin prediction, the ability to take 3 points is very feasible.

Lineup expected

Mlada Boleslav vs FC Fastav Zlin prediction:

Mlada Boleslav: Jan Seda, Doudera, Budinsky, Hubinek, Klima, Janosek, Krapka, Tataev, Ladra, Pudil, Zeleny.

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Fastav Zlin: Rakovan, Kolar, Baco, Buchta, Hlinka, Cedicla, Necas, Conde, Hellebrand, Gimbi, Siska.