MOL Fehervar vs Kisvarda Master Good – Hungary Cup – 06/06

MOL Fehervar vs Kisvarda Master Good prediction: Playing at home, MOL Fehervar is confident in the ability to win convincingly against Kisvarda Master.

Asian odds of MOL Fehervar vs Kisvarda Master Good

Returning to the game after more than 2 months of the break, MOL Fehervar caused great disappointment for the fans. 3 matches at the end of May, MOL Fehervar were both tied and completely lost to the Asian rafters. In contrast, on the opposite side, Kisvarda Master has won all of the last 3 matches, scoring 5 goals without conceding a single time.

MOL Fehervar vs Kisvarda Master Good

However, in the upcoming MOL Fehervar vs Kisvarda Master Good confrontation, MOL Fehervar still receives the great trust of the balanced world. The home team accepted -1 according to the Asian handicap all the time, so the upper eating point also fluctuated in the direction of reduction. In contrast, the Kisvarda Master eating place is adjusted by the house according to the increased direction from 06/05 afternoon.

Kisvarda Master won the last 3 matches but 2 of them are in a friendly format. Away from home, in the Hungarian league, this team always played poorly. In the previous 7 away games, they lost 6 points, including 4 defeats. According to Asian rafters, Kisvarda Master lost 5 of these matches.

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MOL Fehervar has drawn all 3 matches recently, 2 of which are within the framework of the National Cup, they did not launch the strongest squad. The remainder of the Hungarian league game was played on away field. Back at home in the upcoming match, MOL Fehervar promises to strive to protect the 2nd position in the rankings. MOL Fehervar has 51 points after 26 matches, while Kisvarda Master has just won 34 points with the same number of matches.

MOL Fehervar vs Kisvarda Master Good

Over/Under odds

In the previous 5 confrontations of MOL Fehervar vs Kisvarda Master Good, 4 matches ended with a minimum of 3 goals. So should not be surprised when the house to bet Over/Under next match at 2 3/4. However, it is worth noting that the market balance soon tilted toward the Under Door. The evidence shown by the winning out of Over fluctuated from the afternoon of 06/05. In the context of Kisvarda Master promising to play cautiously away, MOL Fehervar is also in need of points to race for the championship, so the game in the next 90 minutes is difficult to promise to take place in an open direction.

MOL Fehervar vs Kisvarda Master Good head-to-head achievements:

– MOL Fehervar won 4, drew 1 of 5 previous confrontations.

– All previous 5 confrontations have scored goals from the first half.

Best choice: MOL Fehervar -1 all match

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Forecast: 2-0