Moldova vs Russia Prediction | 2020/11/12 | Int. Friendly Games

Moldova and Russia will have a confrontation in the framework of an international friendly tournament in the middle of this week. Let’s refer to our Moldova vs Russia Prediction in Int. Friendly Games on Thursday 12th November 2020.

This is an opportunity for both teams to rub, learn from each other’s experience, thereby promoting their strengths as well as overcoming shortcomings in their gameplay. Whether with home advantage, Moldova can get a victory over the Russian players or will have a breakthrough to the visitors.

Moldova vs Russia Prediction


  • Match date: 5:00 pm on Thursday 12th November 2020
  • Event: Int. Friendly Games
  • Stage: Matchday 1st


Match Facts:  Moldova vs Russia 

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Last Matches

Moldova is in a bad shape lately. In the recent friendly matches, Moldova showed a lackluster game, the lack of concentration, and the cohesion between the lines of the squad is not really guaranteed. Losses with a known score against opponents suggest that Moldova hasn’t found any tactical and playful changes to its current form. Whether in the upcoming friendly match, Moldova will show how to have a victory at their home field.

On the other hand, Russia has a fairly high and stable performance. Statistics show that Russia has quite a lot of victories against opponents that are rated on par and better than them, this shows that Russia is having a pretty effective game, ball control as well as a breakthrough. Turning the attackers on the field helps them to have crisp wins. In the coming match, can Russia show off the performance they are doing well and bring a victory over a weaker home team?

Moldova vs Russia Prediction recommendation:

Asian handicap Prediction | Moldova vs Russia Prediction:

Asian Handicap Odds: 1.5

 The poor performance of the home team along with having to welcome the Russian players makes them really stuck. Must show a play as well as tactics to prevent Russia is very strong and has continuously played effectively in recent times. Russia will play overwhelmingly and win a crisp win on the away field is predicted by experts before the match.

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Over/ Under Prediction

Odds of O/U: 2.75

With a game quite different in strategy and force it is not too difficult to predict that there will be many goals scored for the away team. Russia knows what they have to do in front of a weaker opponent to maintain the extremely high form they currently have, master the match, and create a rain of away goals is what Russia is aiming for.

Therefore, the TOP10BETTINGLIST expert believes that OVER will be the optimal choice for investors in the next 90 minutes.

Wise choice Moldova vs Russia Prediction: OVER 2.25 FT

Moldova vs Russia Prediction

The home team in such a bad form makes it difficult to receive a team with a high performance like Russia. Hopefully, the home team will have the right strategies to show in this match and even if they don’t get a win, they can still have a good match with Russia at home. As for Russia, the disadvantage of away field believes that it will not too affect their play style and performance, winning on another field is what Russia is aiming for and that will happen when just need to Russia focused on competition.

TOP10BETTINGLIST Predicts the match score:

  • HT Moldova 0 – 2 Russia
  • FT Moldova 1 – 4 Russia

1×2 Odds Betting: 

  • Odds: 13.5*1.25*5.0
  • Ideal Choice: Moldova vs Russia Prediction: Pick Russia  to win (Full Time)

The sublimation of Russia recently when they continuously won separate victories with teams like Scotland, San Marino … are giving Russia extremely high confidence. With such a high form, it is inevitable that Russia will show an overwhelming game, dominate the match and force the home team to play according to its tactics and a victory for Russia is inevitable.

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