Most effective football betting tips: Ensure High Win Rate!

Playing football betting, the player needs to know the right football betting tactics. Although these are useful experiences and bring a lot of good knowledge for betting players. But not everyone discloses this information to the general public. Today, 8Top10bettinglist will introduce to you the football betting tips that are used by online high-profile players. With the accumulation of these experiences, it is sure to bring many benefits to players.

There are many betting tips of football effectively to bring profits. But digging into some of the most effective betting tips. Will help you find a method for yourself.

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1. Football betting only at prestigious houses

To bet online football, you have to choose a reputable dealer to join. Often the bookmakers will always have the exact odds, especially each house will have different types of bets and the odds are also very high.

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The number of players participating in football betting at the prestigious house is often very large. So, when we participate in football betting at the prestigious house, it will feel much more secure. On the other hand, reputable bookmakers often have lots of attractive promotions for new and old members. Particularly, the betting field of football always has special offers which take place every week.

Currently, there are many reputable bookmakers worth your participation, such as CMD368, Loto188, etc.

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Currently, the company has a large staff size of up to 200 people, present in many different countries.

2. Betting football at major tournaments

Instead of participating in football betting in some small tournaments, few people care. Then you should choose big tournaments with a lot of followers. For example, the English Premier League or the national championships of Italy, Spain, France, Germany, etc. Even some of the continental caliber such as the C1 Cup, C2 Cup, World Cup, Euro finals, etc.

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At major tournaments teams often have better technical expertise. This will make it easier for us to identify which bets are playable The bigger the tournament, the more people will join and the better the odds.

 betting tips
Esport Odds

This tip would not be considered as a secondary importance among the the betting tips.

3. Should know the odds of football betting

The first important thing is that you need a betting account. But note that you must register at the top of the prestigious house in Vietnam to ensure the most prestigious.

Playing at these bookmakers will help you choose a winning rate of 1 to 1 (odds of 2.0) or more; You get a win rate of 51-49 and you will get a profit. And the ratio you lower than 51-49, 50-50, 48-52 should know more private betting knowledge.

Odds, betting types and Handicaps
Odds, betting types and Handicaps

4. Bet on the weaker team

A good rule of thumb for effective betting is not to rely too much on placing your favorite team. Because the banker will bet on his favorite psychology to bet on them. We have also mentioned this concept in many articles about football betting tips.

You should find more value in weak teams to bet. Many people will play in the form of entertainment and bet on their favorite team. Therefore, betting on weak teams is also a very attractive way to bet.

5. Bet on other markets

You should remember this concept is quite simple to implement. At current betting sites, sometimes they offer odds that are different from other markets. When looking at different market odds, you need to compare the odds at different bookmakers. Remember to look for something different in other betting markets.

6. Should bet on an average level

The medium form of betting is always a football betting tactic that is quite profitable. This is a form of high profits, but also a lot of risks. You can take advantage of effective betting methods to increase your chances of betting on two teams. These opportunities do not always occur, but they do occur sometimes.

If you are a psychological player and often pay attention to the information. Players will rely on the rafters they choose and updated information to analyze. When these adjustments are big enough, it is a good thing to bet on the two teams in the match.

7. Do not run after the crowd

You need to have your own opinion and don’t be unlucky in the opinion of the crowd. We can take note of those opinions and conduct a thorough review, analysis to see if it makes sense, and then make a final decision. But don’t just listen to other people say and run after the bet right away, so there are days of losing money.

For example, you guess this match will be fainting 1 goal, but in the end you are agitated at the words of others, and then you bet on winning. When the result is about 1 table, you are unjustly staked the bet amount, now it is too late to regret.

If they were a professional football gambler, they would never make mistakes like this.

8. Football betting tips according to the Martingale folding system

Martingale folding system is an effective betting method in football betting. To play this format, you need to have capital to participate. Besides, you need to have a cool and brave head too!

A simple understanding of the Martingale fold is that every time you lose a bet, make a double bet in the next game. By the time you win the bet you will be back to your original starting bet.

For example:

  • Initially you hit the starting price of $ 5. If you win you will play $ 5 in the next game.
  • If you lose in the first game, then you bet $ 10 in the next game. If you win, then return to $ 5 again.
  • If you lose in this game, you will bet on 20 $. If you win then return to the original $ 5 mark.
  • If you lose, then hit up $ 40. Just like that hit.

The probability of you losing 5 times in a row is extremely low. Therefore, you need a large amount of capital to play when the capital for every 5 times is 31 units. If it is very unlucky and you lose 5 times in a row, it is because you have not reached a high level. Apply these betting tips wisely and reap desired betting.

The next thing to notice is the odds. When the ratio of 1 to 1 or 1 to 1 is less than 0.97 (this is the most common ratio).


These are the most effective, sustainable football betting tips that we share for readers. The application of these methods and methods of betting online betting balls. Will bring more football betting experience for players.

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