All 138 betting services are licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Commission in accordance with the online gambling regulations of the 2011 Act. The license was issued on February 6, 2012 and renewed on February 20, 2017.


Entrepreneurship’s   bookstore  138BET  are offering products and services, betting, games and entertainment via Internet the best Internet marketing to consumers. Constantly improving to diversify products to satisfy customers and customer interests constantly.

What is the interface and experience of 138BET Bookstore?

138BET Bookstore, in  addition to the two default languages, English and Vietnamese, also supports Chinese, Japanese and Thai.


138BET  bookstore    also a host of easy-to-use design, easy to recognize and easy to use. This facilitates those who are familiar with betting to learn how to play at this bookstore.


Although there are no apps dedicated to mobile devices: mobile, tablets, the web interface for mobile devices is well-designed, easier to use than the browser interface. Website on a regular computer. If you use a mobile device, you can access the dealer directly, the mobile interface will be activated automatically.


The mobile interface of  the 138BET website   is specially designed and easy to use.


What is Boise Blanket Service?

Service  Agent Felix s 138BET  , including casino, online casino slot games electronics. Sports betting; Poker.


Sports betting is not an array of books focused on investing. They focus on the type of games, online entertainment services, casinos, slot games – advise users before visiting home.


In sports betting, in addition to football betting, 138BET is also focused on all popular sports of local and international competitions. In addition, there are betting on Esports (Esports) and Fantasy (virtual sports).

About dealing with 138BET Bookstore

Similar book creator who perform customer service and support from  138BET  bookstore   also create accounts in various banks to support our customers as best as possible to minimize the possible time Go. Process deposit transactions by withdrawing  138BET  account to local bank account.


Promotion, Customer Service of 138BET Bookstore

138BET  bookstore   focus on investment content and images in advertising. Home regularly updates and updates apps to attract new and existing users


You can contact  138BET  through the following links:

– Email:

– Chat online via homepage

– User support phone number: +84 986 966 138

– Zalo / Viber: +639175325634


The quality of customer service of 138BET Bookstore is assessed to a good degree. 138BET pays special attention to new users, guides and introduces new entrants.

Register to create an account at 138BET Bookstore

Step 1: Go to the 138BEt home page.


Step 2: Click the “Register” button to access the registration interface for new users


Step 3: Fill in information such as username, password, date of birth, etc. to complete the registration step


138BET Bookstore does not require you to confirm email and can access and use your betting account immediately after creating your account.

Deposit into 138BET Account

Step 1: After successfully logging in to your 138BET account, click on the Deposit button on the main interface or on the menu bar in the upper left corner of the screen.


Select the form of deposit you want to use. The easiest way is to select “Via local bank” and fill in the required information: How to send (via ATM…) The amount of the bank deposit to be sent and then continue to deposit


Please check the information to ensure the accuracy of the transaction.


Step 2: Once the transfer is successful, go to My Transaction History and Account to check. If there is no problem, you can bet using the services of a bookstore.

Withdraw money with your betting account 138BET

Similar to the deposit step to withdraw cash from the menu on the betting interface. Here enter the account number, account holder name (same as participant name), bank name, city-district-bank branch, and then click the button for the merchant to receive the order sending the money to you.

Customer Service 138BET

138BET Blanket Customer Support is available 24/7 and faster response time from all communication options. There is no live chat service at the moment, but there are many more options to contact 138BET.