Pengenalan CMD368

Pada masa ini, pembuat buku Asia dalam talian boleh dibahagikan kepada 2 kumpulan utama. Kumpulan pertama adalah rumah yang telah mengesahkan jenama dan reputasi. Kumpulan yang lain beroperasi di luar kawalan. Pemain tidak boleh mendaftar untuk bertaruh pada pembuat taruhan ini. Namun, masih ada sekumpulan pembuat buku yang baru muncul, yang pasti tidak pasti, seperti CMD368 .


Top10bettinglist mempunyai pemahaman mendalam mengenai CMD368 . Dilaporkan, syarikat itu mempunyai catatan undang-undang, beroperasi secara sah dan relatif profesional. Tetapi di suatu tempat masih terdapat beberapa aduan dari pemain. Walau bagaimanapun, ia tidak dapat menafikan nama laman pertaruhan , yang telah lama disahkan.


Sejak tahun-tahun pertama penubuhannya, rumah ini telah sangat teratur, metodis, diuji secara profesional dan disokong oleh organisasi perjudian ternama di dunia.


Dalam artikel ini, kita akan membahas CMD368 – kekuatan dan batasan rumah.

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1. Siapa CMD368?


CMD368 adalah laman pertaruhan dalam talian yang telah beroperasi sejak 2013, dilesenkan oleh First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation, Filipina. Pembuat buku ini berkembang dengan baik di pasaran China, diikuti oleh negara-negara Asia. Pembuat buku itu. Mereka kini melayani pemain terbanyak di China, Filipina, Kemboja, Thailand, Vietnam Malaysia, Indonesia, dll.


CMD368 is known as an international bookmaker company, focusing on booking as well as online live betting for various sports and games of any events, including special world events. They have obtained a full sports betting license, taking pride in being a legal venture, while providing you with a quality degree of entertainment.


Currently, the company has a large staff size of up to 200 people, present in many different countries. During the operation period from its inception to the present, CMD368 has attracted a large number of players.


The reputation of this betting house has spread beyond the continent and spread around the world. As one of the veteran houses, it has made a good reputation during the years of operation. The following information about the CMD368 betting site bookmaker reviews will certainly not disappoint you, even help you feel confident to find yourself the best choice.


2. Review of House CMD368


Display-it-all Interface



2.1 Interface


CMD368 website interface creates a simple but professional-feeling, designed simply with the dominant color of dark blue and white. Reasonable layout, not many graphic details or distracting images. This helps players easily manipulate, not be distracted.



  • With sports betting interface, you will have many more leagues and matches with various odds.


  • With the casino interface, players have the opportunity to experience professional betting space from online casinos with beautiful, sexy dealer models.


In addition, the website interface is compatible with a variety of browsers (Chrome, Google, Firefox, Chrome +) and various devices, as well as international languages support, which is convenient for betting at CMD368

2.2 Various games and Diversity of betting types: 


  1. Great Bet types


From the most common, to the most popular, we have them all here for your selection. Our best bet types and most popular types include Asian Handicaps, Over & Under, Odd & Even, 1×2 Fixed Odds, Correct Score, Total Goal, Mix Parlay, and Special Outright Betting.


  1. Sports Selection


Aside from Soccer, we also offer you a wide selection of sports and games: basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Tennis, Motorsports, Snooker, Olympic Games and many more.


  • Use the technology platform of the world’s No. 1 software vendors


  • Compatible with mobile applications and many types of browsers: Prioritize users’ visual experience 


  1. Online casinos:


In addition to traditional Baccarat products, CMD368 also offers other Baccarat like 7up Baccarat, Super 98 Baccarat, Super Color Sicbo. Moreover the dealer also offers 5 Casino Casinos with different bet levels: AB Casino, GD Casino, HG Casino, PT Casino and GP Casino.


Major Casino Providers


  1. Games:


The dealer offers hundreds of different games. Including 4 main Game groups are Diamond Club, Platinum Club, Gold Club and Silver Club.


With tons of games


  1. Lottery (Keno):



There are many types of bets such as Big / Small, Odd / Even, etc, Results based on results of lottery winning places in many countries different price.


2.3 Odds, Ratio CMD368 Provided


CMD368 offers the best odds for all customers, not only in big matches but also in many other attractive tournaments around the world.


For the best quality entertainment, they only offer you the most competitive odds, especially for major leagues and matches. They guarantee the best value in whatever game you bet.


In order to serve the increasing demand for betting, they have launched many products with new features, creating a diversified playing field with many different odds, offering a variety of choices. with many customers.


Football Odds


When betting on CMD368, you can choose different types of odds such as: Malay odds; Indonesian rate; Hong Kong rate; European rate 


2.4 Fast deposit/withdrawal time: 


Log into your CMD368 account, then fill in the form with the amount of money (within the amount allowed) you want to withdraw and submit. we will transfer the amount of money to your account in 5 to 15 minutes according to the bank information you filled in when you registered. to avoid any unnecessary trouble please make sure the accuracy of the information you provide.


  • Recharge time (money into account CMD368): 3 – 7 minutes


  • Withdrawal time (you receive money): 10 minutes


  • Minimum deposit/withdrawal amount each time: vary as country


We have recorded no problem during withdrawal/deposit, quick transaction time. However, in the process of finding information from players, we still received some negative feedback on the payment. They can not carry out withdrawal requests and deposits. However; it is completely players’ minimal mistake in the information completion process.


2.5 24/7 quick support: 


With more than 200 staff and qualified experts, CMD368 is more than ready to be at your service. Available 24/7, we can be contacted via phone, Skype or Live chat to attend to your comments and queries. Ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction is the top priority.


‘Your Pleasure, Our Commitment’ is the motto of their services. CMD368 always strives to provide you, our premium customer the ultimate leisure in sports betting.


2.6 Supports a variety of languages


CMD368 is one of the little quality betting sites in the market supporting a variety of languages, eliminates language barriers.


What is more convenient is that with its playground development on all platforms from Windows iOS and Android operating systems combined with an extremely modern and intuitive interface, no matter where a fastidious person goes, surely That you will not hesitate to vote for CMD368 1 worthy choice.


2.7 Many attractive promotions: 


Various promotions apply to different types of markets. Usually, a football betting site has a promotion Welcome, Reload, Refund. But it only applies generally to sports betting. Regardless of whether they play Asian or Asian Handicap, members still receive the same amount of welcome bonuses ( ranging from 10% up to special 100%).


All kinds of promotions are offered since your first registration


Apply direct bonuses for each type of ratio. Playing Asian betting with matches in the Premier League on weekends is more likely to receive than matches in the Spanish league, horse racing, volleyball or tennis.




CMD368 seems to attach great importance to attracting new customers by launching many promotions. By opening the “Deals” category on the website, we can find a variety of promotions for different types of betting.


However, players need to bear in mind that each promotion has its own expire time, therefore, catching up and following are necessary. All these events are held regularly throughout the year so that players can take the initiative to find out the advantages to take all their experiences to a new level.


  • Worldcup Season Awards

  • Welcome Bonus 50 – 120%

  • Recharge Promotion

  • Return

  • Unlimited 1.3% refund for Keno.

  • Unlimited 0.8% refund.

  • Unlimited 1.3% refund for all games.

  • Welcome bonus slot game 120%

  • 50% sports welcome bonus


Besides that:


  • Seasonal promotions: birthday, Xmas, New Year, International Holidays, etc

  • Thursday Casino return promotion

  • Unlimited sports returns 0.25% weekly

  • Unlimited free online casino 0.8% weekly

  • Unlimited 1% weekly game rebates

  • Keno reimburses 0.8% weekly

  • Poker pays 0.3% weekly

  • 20% online casino reload bonus


Some seasonal promotions

2.8 Information security


CMD368 is committed to make players’ experience as fun and easy as possible. Customer Service Team is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the most professional manner regarding any concerns or queries that you may have.


All personal information and details are protected with strict confidentiality. We have taken serious measures n securing our online system and transactions, providing you with the safest online betting environment where you can take your leisure in peace and be at ease.


2.9 Responsible Gambling


CMD368 is committed to responsible gambling. Before registration, they require all our customers to declare that they are of legal age in their respective jurisdiction and at are least 18 years old. Against compulsive gambling, they have been equipped with a mechanism designed to track players’ behavior and gambling patterns, limiting behavior and patterns that are out of control in our effort to detect and reduce compulsive gambling.


By setting a customer-oriented bet limit and match-oriented policy, we aim to control your maximum betting amount with us for a specific timeframe. We maintain the highest level of operational integrity to your assurance of satisfaction and confidence while using our service.

3. Defects:


  • Confusion: To new players who are looking for a game to entertain, it may cause some confusion and distractions due to the fact that CMD368 offers a wide range of betting types, casino games, mobile games and hundreds of other sources of entertainment. To experienced players, it has become a habit, so it doesn’t cause any confusion.


  • Limited free spins: CMD368 only allows new players to experience the free trial several times, which may not seen in other sites. Prior to playing the games for real money and gain real finance, compulsorily players take deposit steps first.


  • All registration promotions are always on display; however, there are many promotions that are released by season and with expire time. Therefore, players need to catch up with the site as much as possible to get massive promotions from that betting house.


4. Is CMD368 a scam?


Whether CMD368 scam customers or not is also a problem that new players care about. In this regard, you are completely assured because the house never cheats and has never been suspected of fraud. The betting site is under the close supervision of business organizations regarding gambling and betting. Moreover, it is associated with big names in the industry and banks so there is no cheating for players.


 5. Conclude


Secara keseluruhan, CMD368 mempunyai banyak poin positif seperti antara muka laman web profesional, pertaruhan sukan dalam talian, yang sentiasa dikemas kini, masa deposit / pengeluaran yang cepat (kurang dari 20 minit). Namun, rumah ini mempunyai potongan 3 mata yang menawarkan pelbagai permainan dan pertaruhan, kewangan yang ketat menghadkan banyak promosi musiman.


Dengan rangkaian kelebihan yang dinyatakan di atas, CMD368 layak mendapat laman pertaruhan untuk anda layani dalam waktu yang paling tertekan dan melelahkan. CMD368 masih merupakan laman web yang bermanfaat yang boleh anda cuba selagi berada di bawah kawalan kewangan dan santai anda. Selamat mencuba di CMD368 .