HappyLuke Bookie is a place for professional online casino betting. If you love and are looking for an environment to show your bravery when gambling, don’t miss HappyLuke. Besides the casino, this online casino is also starting to develop sports betting to compete with other bookies!

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1. Evaluate the reputation and benefits that HappyLuke brings

Rating: ⅗

1.1 The main advantages of HappyLuke


  • Happyluke is a reputable online casino specializing in casino games, Jackpots, 

  • Licensed legally by Curacao E-Gaming

  • Can be played on both phones and computers

  • Many great promotions related to casino

  • Additional bonus mode and incentives for VIP

  • 24/7 troubleshooting


1.2 The  online casino is legally licensed from a reputable organization


Although there are quite a few online bookmakers specializing in the casino, HappyLuke is still at the top of Asia. The betting site is owned by Class Innovation B.V, headquartered at Pareraweg 45, Willemstad, Cucacao. This betting site is licensed to operate legally according to Curacao’s online game rules, authorized and regulated by the host country.


The HappyLuke online casino is also a partner with many major game providers in the world such as Evolution Gaming, Plain Gaming, …

1.3 Privacy policy is clear and tight


Providing a safe, fair and professional betting environment is the goal that HappyLuke aims to be. Therefore, the online casino has built a clear security policy system, ensuring the rights of users. All your personal information will be processed in accordance with the laws regarding data protection. The betting site will also continuously check to detect and remove unusual accounts, giving you a healthy gaming environment.


1.4 HappyLuke’s web interface is neat and eye-catching

HappyLuke web interface


Overall, the betting site is a fairly “hard” bookmaker to change the background. With eye-catching blue and purple tones, the betting site also refreshes the interface regularly. This keeps you feeling familiar but not bored at all. The website can be converted into Vietnamese for use by even newbies.


The downside of HappyLuke is that it has not developed the app for phones. However, you can still play on mobile with the web version on your smartphone.


1.5 Playing casino games at HappyLuke with diversity and abundance


Because of being an online bookmaker specializing in gambling and casino, the betting site is particularly interested in the development of this segment. However, the bookmaker still offers sports betting services for players to change and satisfy their passion.


It can be said that this is a rare betting site that develops comprehensively in the gambling field. Besides the online casino section, It also includes many other items such as Jackpots, Slots, card games.


  • Casino: The HappyLuke betting site is modeled after the famous casinos in the world such as Casino Macau, Casino Vegas, Singapore Casino, etc. This helps players just need to go online to be able to experience the feeling of sitting. in real casinos.


  • Jackpots: Speaking of gambling, it is impossible not to mention Jackpots. You will also be served these extreme odds games.


  • Slots: With game slots of more than 1,700 games and more, you will freely change and choose according to your preferences.


  • Card game: In this game section, you can choose classic casino games such as Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack.


  • Some basic sports betting games


To meet the interest of players, HappyLuke is also gradually perfecting and developing sports betting on the web. You can track and choose sports like Football, basketball, baseball, tennis, electronic sports, etc.

HappyLuke is famous for casino casinos


1.6 Extremely high promotions


HappyLuke is the online casino that pays especially for newbies when rewarding 275% for the first deposit up to 450 USD. In addition, when registering for an account at the bookie, you will receive a free $ 5 immediately.


The HappyLuke online casino also organizes other unique promotions for members and VIPs.


  • Super Bonus 275% worth up to $ 450 for new players.


  • Receive 9.9% bonus on your daily deposit, up to $ 50.


  • Receive $ 5 right after confirming account registration


Promotions at HappyLuke



And other daily-released promotions

2. Convenient and safe transfer and withdrawal of money

2.1 Means of transaction


They offer many convenient trading facilities for you, including:


  • Send money fast


  • Instant Banking


  • Online payment


  • Local banks and major banks in countries are supported.


2.2 Deposit/withdrawal time


  • Money transfer: From 5-15 minutes


  • Withdrawal: From 2-3 hours


2.3 Documents to submit

To ensure safety and transparent information, in the first deposit or in some cases, the  online casino may ask you to provide some additional documents such as:


  • Copy of ID card, Passport


  • The invoice shows the current address


  • Front and back credit card images


2.4 Instructions to transfer money on HappyLuke


  1. Sign in> select “my account”> click “send money”


  1. Select “Chat online” and ask for your HappyLuke account number


  1. Provide information on request and recharge.


2.5 How to withdraw money from the game?

Cách rút tiền từ trò chơi




  1. Log into your account> click “my account”


  1. Select “withdrawal”> Highlight “local bank”


  1. Fill in the required amount and information


  1. Select “continue” to complete the procedure

2.6 HappyLuke Ready to consult 24/7


The way they operates always enhances the interaction between the customer and the counselor. Therefore, players can contact customer care through online chat, email, phone, etc. Whether at any time of the day, including holidays, the team keeps an attitude of the best service to assist you in time.


3. Member registration guide at HappyLuke


Want to experience the form of games, betting and receive many promotions and enthusiastic help from the supporting team, you should quickly register an account here.


The steps are very simple and are clearly presented on the website interface.


  1. Step 1: Visit Happyluke’s web address.


  1. Step 2: Click the “Register” button located at the top right corner of the screen.


  1. Step 3: Enter your email address, phone number, and password settings.


  1. Step 4: Enter some personal information such as full name, date of birth, gender, address, zip code, city and country of residence, the currency used.


  1. Step 5: Make a deposit for the first time.


  1. Step 6: Complete the registration and start playing the game.


4. Conclude


Overall, HappyLuke is quite young but has created a certain position in the market. This is thanks to the quality services of the betting site. This is an online betting channel suitable for those who want to have a new experience or love casino.


If you have ever known the world’s famous money-consuming casinos but did not have the conditions to visit, do not miss HappyLuke. Just a few simple steps to register, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the online casino space simulated no less than the entertainment paradise of Las Vegas or Macau.