MU News: 4 times Bruno Fernandes showed the quality of a leader

MU News: Bruno Fernandes increasingly shows his leadership qualities at MU. The Portuguese midfielder is ready to go mad with his teammates when they play poorly and have a superficial attitude.

Fernandes is a very interesting player. The Portuguese midfielder has exploded since moving to MU in January this year. Bruno Fernandes has made a great contribution to helping the Old Trafford team finish third in the Premier League last season. He even won the MU Player of the Year award in 2019-20.

By this season, Bruno’s influence on MU’s play has decreased. However, the Portuguese midfielder is still an important factor for MU both on the field and in the dressing room.

Don’t be afraid to criticize your teammates

[MU News] In the past, many times Bruno Fernandes showed his leadership qualities. The Mirror (England) reported that when he was playing football at Sporting Lisbon, he showed himself as a player full of desire and very strict with his teammates.

After a poor performance by Sporting Lisbon, he sent his teammates a recording on WhatsApp.

Bruno Fernandes is increasingly showing his personality

“Brothers, I didn’t say anything. Honestly, if you want me to say something to you, I’d rather say nothing. I feel very bad about the attitudes of some of the players. Such attitudes should not exist. There are players who don’t want to be here, they don’t want to play. They don’t want to be here, they don’t want to play football. Let them say they don’t want to play. They spent a year here just to get money and play badly. The attitude is miserable, just for his own sake only ”, the Portuguese player said harshly.

In addition, Fernandes also bluntly attacked the media when they said the fans were opposing the club in 2018. “They (the media) are just focusing on defaming the players and giving up misleading and bullshit news. Just yesterday they talked about the ‘rebellion’ of the fans. What rebellion? The fans come to complain, it is their right. We lost to Famalicao at home, and want to receive applause? ”, Frustrated Fernandes.

Ask Pep Guardiola to shut up | MU News 

[MU News] Bruno Fernandes has signaled to ask coach Pep Guardiola to shut up during the Manchester derby in March this year.

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The situation occurs after the ball goes out of bounds. Coach Pep Guardiola threw the ball over his’s head. This action by Pep Guardiola left him unhappy. In addition, Pep Guardiola also had an argument with Bruno Fernandes near the border.

The Portuguese responded with his finger to his mouth, signaling Pep Guardiola to close his mouth.

Bruno Fernandes has signaled to ask coach Pep Guardiola to shut up

“People comment a lot about my actions. Someone said: “Who is Bruno who asks Pep Guardiola to be quiet? Has he won any titles in his career yet? ”, Said Bruno.

“But it is impossible to determine, judge a person by what he has in hand or achieved. Even so, I criticized myself for acting with coach Pep Guardiola. I should have acted smarter. My best answer should be to shut up and let Pep Guardiola speak to himself. However, my temperament has made me unable to be silent with the actions of coach Pep Guardiola, ”shared the Portuguese midfielder.

Bruno Fernandes is angry in MU’s dressing room

After MU lost 1-6 to Tottenham this season, the press of the Mist said that Bruno Fernandes was angry with his teammates in the dressing room.

During the break, when MU led 1-4 and only 10 people on the field, Bruno loudly was in the dressing room of the team. A source from Mirror (UK) said: “ He has exploded with rage and his face looks extremely angry. He said that his teammates did not play because of the MU shirt color. Bruno Fernandes kept shouting: “We are MU and we cannot let this happen”.

Bruno Fernandes was mad at his teammates in the defeat to Tottenham

Bruno Fernandes got angry at Greenwood

Newspaper The Times revealed on MU News today Bruno Fernandes was angry with Mason Greenwood during training before the match against Everton. This is due to the superficial training, lack of effort of a player born in 2001, refusing to run to receive the ball from a pass. Before the day MU left for Merseyside, Greenwood also took the initiative to take leave because of “bad health”.

The incident questioned Greenwood’s professionalism. According to The Times MU News, recently, Greenwood is often in a state of lack of sleep, not concentrating on training and competition. It seems that it is the result of unprofessional living habits. Since being famous, Greenwood has fallen into play. In October, the 19-year-old star was removed from the team because of late training. When recruiting with England, Greenwood invited a stranger to a hotel room and was disciplined.

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