Nations League: England vs Belgium 0 – 2: No hope for semi-finals

England vs Belgium 0-2 Highlights in the UEFA Nations League: With a 0-2 defeat in Belgium, the English team dropped to third in Group 2 League A and had no chance to reach the semi-finals. Meanwhile, Italy has risen to the top of Group 1 League A thanks to a similar victory over Poland. 

England vs Belgium

Football results UEFA Nations League

  • England vs Belgium 0-2
  • Italy 2-0 Poland
  • Netherlands 3-1 Bosnia 
  • Denmark 2-1 Iceland 
  • Wales 1-0 Ireland
  • Czech 1-0 check 
  • Austria 2-1 Northern Ireland
  • Hungary 1-1 Serbia
  • Moldova 0-2 Greece
  • Slovenia 2-1 Kosovo
  • Albania 3-1 Kazakhstan
  • Bulgaria 1-2 Finland 
  • Turkey 3-2 Russia
  • Belarus 2-0 Lithuania
  • Georgia 1-2 Armenia
  • North Macedonia 2-1 Estonia
  • Slovakia 1-0 Scotland

The guest failed – England vs Belgium

Being a guest on the Belgian team field has never been an easy challenge because the team nicknamed the Red Devils has won 10 consecutive home matches at official tournaments. And after 90 minutes last night, Gareth Southgate’s teachers and students felt this more and more clearly.

There is no Eden Hazard, but with countless stars remaining, the Belgian team still shows their terrifying strength. After 10 minutes, after winning the ball in the Three Lions’ field, Lukaku released the ball for Tieleman to shoot away, causing the ball to touch Declan Rice’s foot and changing direction, causing Jordan Pickford to give up. And only two minutes later, Lukaku himself played the role of the hero with a … rush to save on the line after Harry Kane’s shot. 

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Dries Mertes’s free-kick set a 2-0 victory England vs Belgium 0 -2 

In the 23rd minute, the score was raised 2-0 with a superb free kick from Dries Mertens. Leading to 2 goals made it easier for the home team to kick while England were impatient and deadlocked. Southgate threw in both cards like Jadon Sancho and Calvert-Lewin but failed to score a single goal. And if Lukaku finishes more sharply at the end and Pickford is not great, they may lose even more. 

With this defeat, England fell to third in Group 2 League 1 with only 7 points, 5 points behind the top team of Belgium, while the group stage had only 1 more match, so they officially ran out of chances to enter the semi-finals. . Meanwhile, with a 2-1 victory over Iceland, Denmark still hopes to continue. However, they will be forced to beat Belgium next Wednesday night’s game. 

Italy won Poland at home

In another remarkable match, Italy won Poland at home to take the first place with an advantage in the race to the semi-finals. And the turning point of the match came in the 27th minute when Krychowiak fouled Bellotti in the penalty area, and Jorginho successfully executed the penalty. 

Italian 2-0 Polish

Meanwhile, the home defense had a successful match when they locked the dangerous spearhead Lewandowski on the Polish side. They also had the advantage when Goralski received a red card in the 77th minute and raised the score to 2-0 thanks to Berradi’s strike in the 83rd minute. This victory helped Italy to top Group 1 in League A, with 9 points, more than the Netherlands – the team beat Bosnia 3-1 – exactly 1 point. In the last turn, Italy only has to meet Bosnia, which has been eliminated, and the Netherlands will have to fight with Poland.

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Before that, France was the first team to reach the semi-finals of the UEFA Nations League, after a 1-0 victory at Portugal in Group 3 League A. In Group 4, Germany temporarily took advantage of Spain. Nha thanks to a 3-1 win over Ukraine, while their competitor was held 1-1 by Switzerland.

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