Necessary Information about the New Betting Site; JBO Vietnam

The world of online betting is always open to people who love betting. Currently, the JBO Vietnam bookmaker has officially become the first legal betting site. Experience making money betting, betting online, gambling online with the website: JBOVN. This website will support you to get the latest links, update the promotion list, guide how to play with JBO, how to get free bets, how to deposit, withdraw money quickly.

JBOVN is a lawful betting site
JBOVN is a lawful betting site

1. 3 things to know about the house JBO Vietnam

1 – JBO Vietnam Dealer is an independent online betting site with an official office in Makati, Philippines.

JBO Vietnam is their official betting site, in addition to a number of affiliated websites. You can play on any website, just different from the domain but in the same game. When playing on a phone with Android / IOS JBO betting Apps, you won’t have to remember any of their domain names.

JBO Vietnam has an international Gaming license licensed by Pagcoor and many other organizations. JBO provides betting services to markets in China, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

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Sports betting at JBO Vietnam
Sports betting at JBO Vietnam

2  A developing Sports and Sports betting site

In the beginning, JBO Vietnam provided esports betting with the core of the games: Dota Online, Fifa, League of Legend (LoL), CSGO. JBO then acquired sports betting, soccer, and casino betting services from leading vendors. In 2020, Vietnamese players can experience Slot bets.

3 – JBOVN is an international brand.

This website sponsors many teams, players and sporting events. Typically, it is the strategic partner of Clb Olympique Marseille, the Chinese national championship football tournament, Malaysia women’s football tournament, V-League tournament.

JBOVN is the only legal online betting website in Vietnam.

JBO Sponsors for big clubs
JBO Sponsors for big clubs

2. Beware of sports betting at JBOVN?

This question is from a member of the betting forums. This member posed this question and was responded by more than 50 brothers betting on football more than 100 times. You may be wondering that JBO is a new dealer, do they meet the requirements of sports betting?

The answer: JBO Vietnam betting site has all the best elements to meet the tastes + requirements of the Vietnamese market. That is, they acquired the contract of the leading rate provider (please remain anonymous). A lot of bookmakers are renting back that vendor’s rate table.

50% bonus for casino registration
50% bonus for casino registration

In addition, JBO Vietnam has an experienced management team. In 2016 – 2017, JBO recruited a lot of experienced employees and organized them to train.

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Finally, JBO Vietnam is a very strong financial house. The bosses are all golfer players, they are money tycoons, willing to play, willing to develop the company’s name rather than grab a few pennies. Playing sports betting in JBOVN, you just choose to bet on football. A lot of odds come out early with an attractive rate, you can compare the deal here with other bookmakers (if you want).

3. JBO Vietnam Dealer officially sponsors Clb Marseille

No one is no wonder the port city of Marseille in France. There were many very many African football players who grew up from Marseille. Typically, the famous player Zidane, Kante. In the 2019-2020 season, JBO Vietnam is the betting partner with this club.

JBO’s activities with the French team include: Financial sponsorship, photos for the team, sponsoring related sports events, sponsoring charitable activities of the team. Please pay attention to the schedule of Marseille to know more about JBOVN.

4. Hunting bonuses with JBOVN is extremely difficult!

The JBOVN Banker is the only legal soccer betting site. Up to now, only JBO has been recognized by the authorities in Vietnam. JBO images appear at every sporting event in the country. Therefore, the house has a lot of attractive promotions. New members who play for the first time at will receive $5 free bet immediately.

A lot of new members register and wait in line for a free bet. The housekeeper reviews the cases very fairly, transparently and pays fair prices. However, they did not accept the members hunting for bounty by setting up flashy accounts. If you want to hunt with this house, play professionally and seriously. Hope you win the bet to get the biggest bonus!

5. JBOVN registration must know this!

Don’t become a rocky young horse, the house has just entered the market but has experienced staff. At least they have been training the staff for a long time. Registering a betting account with JBOVN is too simple. But you must pay attention to the IP code and name are not mistaken characters.

Especially have a contact phone number. As soon as the account has been verified by email, the dealer may call you to guide you to play, or instructions on how to get free bets. Be careful to confirm your identity. Do not hastily miss any information lest the house owner be listed as an unwarranted “bonus hunt”! There are many things JBO Vietnam is going to bring to you.

6. The link to JBOVN today may change!

Finally, links to JBOVN may be changed at some point. Because of the only legal bookmaker, many competitors. Hacker teams also set the JBOVN website as an attack target. The dealer provides a link to their official betting site at this website. Please go here often to get links rather than remember links, save links in browsers.

If there is a time when the website cannot log in, please contact us. The JBO Vietnam forgot password function works very quickly, if you forget your password, you can call support, chat with a care staff to get it back after only 3 minutes.


With a fairly reputable betting site in sports betting and esports like JBO, this will definitely be an ideal choice for you. Not to mention the series of super attractive promotions happening every week. Therefore, it is no surprise why the number of members participating in betting at JBO Vietnam has increased so fast in a short time. Don’t miss your chance to become a new member at this reputable young betting site bookmaker.

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