Neman vs Dinamo Minsk Prediction |2020/08/01| Vysshaya Liga

The reviews to the football Neman vs Dinamo Minsk prediction in Belarus Vysshaya Liga about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form, recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

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Neman vs Dinamo Minsk Prediction


  • Match date: 5:30 pm on Saturday 1st August 2020
  • Event: Vysshaya Liga
  • Stage: Matchday 20th
  • Location: Neman


Neman vs Dinamo Minsk Prediction


Neman vs Dinamo Minsk Prediction recommendation:

The draw against Gorodeja in the last round helped Dinamo Minsk continue to maintain the advantage in the race for the top 3 at this time. And in the next round, just having to march to the pitch of a Neman not too stable will continue to be an opportunity for the visitors to show their strength.

O/U Neman vs Dinamo Minsk Prediction: 

  • FT 2 (odd 1.84 with Over and 1.90 with Under) HT 0.75 (odd 1.77 with Over and 1.94 with Under)
  • 1 point ahead of Belshina helps Neman temporarily get 34 points after 18 rounds, 4 points higher than the 4th ranked team Dinamo Minsk. It is clear that everything is still quite risky if Neman can not be focused in the near future and this is the time when they need to show their position.
  • Meanwhile, with Dinamo Minsk, only 30 points are available after 19 games played, causing them to stay in fourth place in the rankings and will have to make a lot of effort to be able to compete with the top 3 in the season. this prize. Still, marching to Neman in the next round will still be an easy task for Domino Minsk. It will be a match against the game where the home team will completely overwhelm and the ability to have many goals scored.

The best Neman vs Dinamo Minsk Prediction: 

  • OVER 0.75 HT
  • OVER 2 FT

Asian handicap Neman vs Dinamo Minsk Prediction: 

  • Asian Handicap: FT Dinamo Minsk accept 0.25 (odd 1.94 with Dinamo Minsk and 1.84 with Neman) HT equal goals (odd 1.62 with Dinamo Minsk and 2.20 with Neman)
  • With a superior level, Dinamo Minsk is still a team that is evaluated much better than Neman in this match through a handicap of 0.25. Obviously, the game was so flustered that the opportunity for the home team to surprise the guests was relatively impossible. Dinamo Minsk still shows a formidable force this season when a comprehensive defense and a team of overly common personnel always create a great advantage for them in the race to the current throne. in. A task too difficult for Neman especially when there are so many issues that Slutsk will need to improve.
  • In addition, Dinamo Minsk’s ability to play on strange surfaces is also very formidable when they have not yet received any defeat in 8 trips away from their previous home. The achievement is impressive and enough to make Neman be shy especially when the home team has only been able to win 5 of the 12 matches in his home in recent years. Human resources and determination will make Dinamo Minsk overwhelmingly against Neman and will likely continue to get 3 points in the next round.

Best  Neman vs Dinamo Minsk Prediction:

  • Dinamo Minsk 0 HT
  • Dinamo Minsk -0.25 FT

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  • European odds are also overwhelming Dinamo Minsk when their food is at 2.25 while Neman’s figure is 3.05. There are not many chances for Neman to be able to create a surprise against Dinamo Minsk in this match when the visitors are still too outstanding. Dinamo Minsk is expected to continue to win and increase its unbeaten chain.
  • Dinamo Minsk to win  FT

At this point, the visitors are still too superior and have wholeheartedly focused on the high positions this season will make Neman’s chances not too much. Making good use of the advantages and opportunities will help Dinamo Minsk easily find another victory for itself.

Predict the match score

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  • H1 Neman 1-2 Dinamo Minsk
  • Neman 1-3 Dinamo Minsk Full Time

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