NFL Playoff Power Rankings 2020: Every Team’s Real Chances To Win

The 2019 NFL season has currently become the 2020 NFL playoffs. Only 12 teams are left standing within the quest to achieve and win Super Bowl 54. In this article, we will show you the list of NFL playoff power rankings.

The past tells us once a team is within the AFC or NFC tournament, what took place inside the ordinary season is meaningless. Now it’s about getting warm and navigating matchups with a higher degree of difficulty to win the 3 or 4 games important to win it all.

It’s time to throw out the records, keep away from being married to the seeds, recall the having a bet odds after which rank the dozen most recent playoff entrants based on their possibilities to stroll off the sphere winners in Miami on Feb 2.

Baltimore Ravens – NFL Playoff Power Rankings

(AFC No. 1)

The Ravens have won 12 consecutive games to finish a franchise-quality 14-2, additionally a game higher than the pinnacle 3 NFC teams. They have strong +210 odds to win Super Bowl 54.

That’s justified. When Lamar Jackson plays, their offense has been invincible. The protection has been rolling, mainly on the returned end, given that the change for Marcus Peters. It’s hard to discover any weakness in this effective team. These playoffs are the Ravens vs The field. Here is the first place team of the NFL playoff power rankings list.

San Francisco 49ers

(NFC No. 1)

The 49ers have been battle-examined each at home and on the road going into the NFL playoff power rankings. They barely misplaced to the Ravens and edged the Saints. Their offense is difficult to guard with Jimmy Garoppolo having his full supplement of weapons, and a sturdy defense at each level ought to be more healthy starting within the divisional round.

It would be no marvel if there’s a Week 13 and Super Bowl forty-seven rematches between the Ravens and 49ers as the seeds efficaciously suggest.

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Kansas City Chiefs – NFL Playoff Power Rankings

(AFC No. 2)

Patrick Mahomes’ offense is getting revved up at the right time, with more large plays downfield and a bigger enhance from the backfield. The defense has gotten situationally more difficult in opposition to jogging backs to construct on its dominance towards quarterbacks and extensive receivers.

This is a higher model of the remaining year’s 12-4 Kansas City team due to that protection and more enjoyable for Mahomes.

New Orleans Saints

NFL Playoff Power Rankings

(NFC No. 3)

The Saints won’t have the home-field advantage all the manner within the Superdome to atone for the bad call that went against them in the remaining year’s NFC championship game. But they have got proved to be more complete this season with enhanced defense and special groups and more potential to win outdoors on the road to NFL playoff power rankings due to that and their strolling game.

Drew Brees and Sean Payton can push their teams to triumph over the heartbreaking ends to the past two playoffs, turning that disappointment into more targeted motivation.

Green Bay Packers – NFL Playoff Power Rankings

(NFC No. 2)

The Packers are a hard 13-three crew to parent out. They win every now and then within the general offense, sometimes with primary defense. Sometimes it’s approximately Aaron Rodgers’ passing; maximum of the times it’s about Aaron Jones’ running.

Although some of their players have strong playoff experience, led with the aid of Rodgers, that is a different fashion of group below Matt LaFleur which can have a wide array out of results from game to sport. The Packers have the texture of both an early exit or an enlarge run via Miami, with nothing in between.

Seattle Seahawks

NFL Playoff Power Rankings

(NFC No. 5)

The Seahawks have lost a few lusters with two straight tough defeats and a few key accidents mounting. But like Brees and Payton or Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll shape a QB-coach aggregate that has gained it all collectively before, giving the Seahawks an excessive ground as a risky playoff team.

There are a few real questions about their offensive line, depleted going for walks recreation, and a defense that also has numerous holes that can derail any actual possibility in a hurry. But where there’s a Wilson, there’s constantly away. And there is the sixth team of the NFL playoff power rankings.

New England Patriots

NFL Playoff Power Rankings

(AFC No. 3)

The Patriots seemingly had been written off for the NFL playoff power rankings, and once again, everyone is prepared to go together with the lazy narrative that is the give up of their dynasty. But the one’s rumblings existed in ultimate year’s playoffs, too, all the way through their dispatching of the high-scoring Rams in Super Bowl 53.

Until the clock runs out and they’re eliminated, you can’t count them out. With that said, their offensive boundaries and shielding struggles against higher groups aren’t an appealing combination in survive-and-boost mode. One shouldn’t be surprised, however, if they all of sudden make the right changes again to outwit tougher competition.

Buffalo Bills – NFL Playoff Power Rankings

(AFC No. 5)

The Bills have a fearless younger quarterback in Josh Allen who choices true spots to run. They have a satisfactory offensive line, a skilled rookie lower back, and savvy pinnacle wide receivers. They have a very good pass-speeding defense and can cover nicely, too, led by shutdown nook Tre’Davious White. They can also toggle nicely between physical and finesse football.

The Bills could be doomed in opposition to a strong jogging team, but they’ve got the makeup to conquer anyone. Inexperience is their biggest concern. And there is the last team of the NFL playoff power rankings.