NK Varazdin vs Dinamo Zagreb Prediction On June 07th, 2020

The football match NK Varazdin vs Dinamo Zagreb prediction in the 1. HNL of Croatia compares both teams and includes today’s matches of the groups, the match information, head to head (h2h), purpose statistics.

Dinamo Zagreb is still somewhat showing strength that is somewhat superior to the rest of this season. And to return to the next round after a long vacation, just marching to the field of a troubled Varazdin will continue to be the opportunity for the defending champion to show their strength.

NK Varazdin latest matches

03/07/20NK Osijek2-0NK VarazdinLose
04/03/20NK Varazdin2-2NK GoricaDraw
02/28/20Slaven Koprivnica0-0NK VarazdinDraw
02/21/20NK Varazdin0-2Nk LokomotivaLose
02/15/20Inter Zapresic1-2NK VarazdinWin
02/07/20NKIstra 19611-0NK VarazdinLose

Dinamo Zagreb latest matches

03/08/20Dinamo Zagreb2-0NK Istra 1961Win
03/04/20Hajduk Split0-2Dinamo ZagrebWin
02/29/20Dinamo Zagreb4-0HNK RijekaWin
02/23/20Dinamo Zagreb3-0Inter-ZapresicWin
02/16/20Osijek1-0Dinamo ZagrebLose
02/09/20Dinamo Zagreb2-0HNK GoricaWin

H2H of NK Varazdin vs Dinamo Zagreb prediction

12/06/19Dinamo Zagreb1-0NK Varazdin
09/21/19NK Varazdin1-0Dinamo Zagreb
03/24/12NK Varazdin0-4Dinamo Zagreb
03/10/12NK Varazdin2-3Dinamo Zagreb
09/17/11Dinamo Zagreb7-0NK Varazdin

NK Varazdin vs Dinamo Zagreb prediction, O/U bet

O/U: FT 2.75 (odd 0.89 with Over and 0.97 with Under) HT 1.25 (odd 0.76 with Over and 1.12 with Under)

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6 wins in the last 7 rounds, Dinamo Zagreb is still showing an absolute dominance in the Croatian league at this time when with 65 points after 26 rounds, they are still on the throne and create a distance of 18 points from the pursuing group.

Obviously the championship is almost in the hands of Dinamo Zagreb and this is the time when they need to maintain their stability for the rest of the season. Meanwhile, with Varazdin, the home team is showing a completely different face when only 17 points are available after 26 games played with only 3 wins from the beginning of the season making them look must remain in the last place in the table at this time.

Having to receive a Dinamo Zagreb that is beyond the guilt in the next round will still be an extremely difficult challenge for Varazdin. NK Varazdin vs Dinamo Zagreb prediction will be a match where the away team will be somewhat overwhelming in the field and the ability to have quite a few goals scored.

Choose Over 1.25 HT

Choose Over 2.75 FT

NK Varazdin vs Dinamo Zagreb prediction, Asian bet

NK Varazdin vs Dinamo Zagreb Prediction

Asian Handicap: FT Dinamo Zagreb accept 1.75 (Odd 0.83 with Dinamo Zagreb and 1.05 with NK Varteks Varazdin) HT Dinamo Zagreb accept 0.5 (Odd 0.72 with Dinamo Zagreb and 1.19 with NK Varteks Varazdin)

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With their level, Dinamo Zagreb is still a team that is much better than Varazdin in this match. Clearly, with what the home team has shown in the past, the opportunity for them to be able to surprise the guests is relatively impossible.

Dinamo Zagreb still showed its effectiveness in the style of the game when attacking aggressively, defending certainly with very uniform players, bringing too many advantages for them. A very difficult task for Varazdin, especially when the home team is playing too weak.

In addition, the ability to play on the strange field of Dinamo Zagreb is also very stable with only 4 defeats to be received in the march away from the start of the season. The number is enough to make Varazdin really nervous, especially when the home team can only win 2 of the 10 matches played at his previous home. Due to the NK Varazdin vs Dinamo Zagreb prediction, the advantages of personnel and the stable mentality will help Dinamo Zagreb to have a great initiative before Varazdin and will likely leave with 3 points completely.

Choose Dinamo Zagreb -0.5 HT

Choose Dinamo Zagreb -1.75 FT

NK Varazdin vs Dinamo Zagreb prediction, European bet

European bets are also the overwhelming Dinamo Zagreb before Varazdin in the coming confrontation. There are not many opportunities for Varazdin to be able to create a surprise against Dinamo Zagreb in this match when the defending champion is still too superior. Dinamo Zagreb is expected to continue winning and consolidating its top spot as the NK Varazdin vs Dinamo Zagreb prediction.

Choose Dinamo Zagreb HT

Choose Dinamo Zagreb FT

NK Varazdin vs Dinamo Zagreb prediction, score bet

NK Varazdin vs Dinamo Zagreb Prediction

Dinamo Zagreb won 5 of the previous 6 encounters with Varazdin. So the away team has absolutely enough room to be confident in this rematch as the advantage is still in their hands. The NK Varazdin vs Dinamo Zagreb shows that disparities in class and style will help Dinamo Zagreb easily outweigh Varazdin and get a beneficial result for themselves.

Predict the match score

HT NK Varteks Varazdin 0-2 Dinamo Zagreb

FT NK Varteks Varazdin 0-4 Dinamo Zagreb