Northern Ireland vs Slovakia Prediction | European QF | 11/12

Northern Ireland vs Slovakia prediction – Both Northern Ireland and Slovakia have shown an impressive streak and both have to resort to a series of lucky penalties in the Group B Play-Off semi-final to be able to determine their fate. Therefore, both will be forced to play harder and more concentrated in the upcoming final to be able to find a ticket to the Euro finals next year. It will be an extremely challenging and engaging display.

Northern Ireland vs Slovakia Prediction


  • Match date: 7:45 pm on Thursday 12th November 2020
  • Event: European Ch.ship QF
  • Stage: Final





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  • Playing at home helps Northern Ireland not suffer from a lot of passivity against Slovakia in this match through the handicap of the ball. Obviously, both teams will need to take measures to fix their problems if they want to reach the final ticket. 
  • Slovakia has played relatively stalemate in the past when the laxity of defense while the attackers played together, making the team from Eastern Europe become quite confused. Meanwhile, Northern Ireland’s problem is probably its pillars suffering from an overwhelming amount of competition as the core of the UK team is fighting in the EPL. This, despite being an advantage, is also an advantage of the home team when the layout is deep will help Northern Ireland easier with their calculations. 
  • Statistics show that Northern Ireland’s ability to take advantage of home turf is not too impressed with only 5 wins in 12 previous matches on their home. However, they can be completely confident when Slovakia is not too good a name on a strange field with only 3 wins and 12 trips as visitors. Overall advantages are still in Northern Ireland’s hands and they will need to concretize this. The possibility that the home team will be the name to win in the next match is not too difficult to happen.

Northern Ireland vs Slovakia prediction: Northern Ireland -0 FT


  • 3 defeats in the last 4 matches in Nation League B, it must be extremely hard to overcome the underrated opponent Ireland to be able to participate in this qualifying final. It is clear that Slovakia will have to really try a lot more to be able to participate in the continent’s most prestigious playground at the team level in the middle of next year. The chance to correct the mistake is still there and for sure, coach Pavel Hapal’s students will need to prepare carefully.
  • Meanwhile, with Northern Ireland, the UK team has had a similar situation as they have not performed very well in recent matches. Continuously have to suffer defeat in Nation League B and also have to be very lucky to be able to eliminate Bosnia in the semi-final to be able to participate in the upcoming final match. Obviously, this is a match where both are suffering in the past and will aim to win on 11/13 to be able to create a message point for their decline. It will be a battle against the extremely tense game, but the ability to explode is not too feasible.
  • Select: Under 2 FT

Northern Ireland vs Slovakia prediction: Northern Ireland 1 – 0 Slovakia (H1: 0 – 0)

Northern Ireland vs Slovakia Prediction


  • The European Handicap is also a certain balance when the win rates are quite similar with 2.52 and 2.66 respectively. It will be a match with a relative tug of war when both teams will be willing to play fair against each other in search of favorable results. And with certain advantages, it is likely that Northern Ireland will be the name that creates history in this match.
  • Northern Ireland vs Slovakia prediction: Northern Ireland FT


  • Ireland: Randolph, Egan, Duffy, Doherty, Stevens, Browne, Hourihane, Whelan, McClean, Hendrick, McGoldrick.
  • Slovakia: Dubravka, Skriniar, Gyomber, Hancko, Pekarik, Lobotka, Kucka, Hamsik, Bozenik, Haraslin, Bero.

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