Numancia Vs Extremadura UD Prediction On July 4th, 2020

Numancia vs Extremadura UD prediction on July 4th, 2020. When the Spanish second division entered the decisive stage, the race for relegation was still extremely intense and fierce. In the 38th round which will take place a few days later, attention will be focused on the game compared to a reverse final between Numancia and Extremadura UD. After a period of extremely low competition, Numancia has officially dropped to the group holding the red light and is under tremendous pressure.

Numancia vs Extremadura UD prediction

Numancia’s last matches

Extremadura’s last matches

Numancia vs Extremadura UD prediction


Numancia vs Extremadura UD prediction


Numancia seemed to have found the light at the end of the tunnel when they interrupted a series of 11 consecutive games without winning when they defeated Real Oviedo in the 36th round. 1 match 6 points on the field of CD Lugo in the previous round.

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With the strong resurgence of their opponents, Numancia now has 2 points less than the safe position in the context that the tournament is only 5 rounds away. The pressure the Numancia players are receiving is so great that they can quell the will to fight of this team.

Anyway, according to Numancia vs Extremadura UD prediction, they still have the advantage at the home field to put their faith in the upcoming confrontation even when there is no audience to cheer. Remember, consecutive unsuccessful matches like Numancia are still in the top 6 teams with the best performance at the home field this season.

Extremadura UD:

In the last round, Extremadura took advantage of the opportunity to beat the bottom team Racing Santander at home to first find victory after 7 consecutive rounds. So far, Extremadura has won 37 points through 8 wins, 13 draws and 16 losses, still accepting the penultimate position in the rankings.

However, hope has rekindled the team back even though the 6-point gap is still very difficult to level. Victory against Numancia, if won, will help the away team put strong pressure on the upper teams and create momentum for the remaining matches.

In fact, their strength is still inferior to their opponents. The last victory also did not say much because Racing soon surrendered in the battle for relegation.

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Numancia vs Extremadura UD prediction, Asian bet

Numancia vs Extremadura UD prediction

After a series of consecutive losses, Numancia recently won at home field against a direct competitor for relegation battle Real Oviedo. This victory was of paramount importance to Numancia, which helped them to create a gap of 3 points with Real Oviedo himself.

But most importantly, that victory created a psychological buffer for Numancia to enter the next finally with Extremadura. Where if they win another victory, they’ll take a long step on the relegation path. On the other side of the battle line, Extremadura is showing a bit of a paradox, specifically, they have lost three-quarters of the last home game, but they have never lost points 6 times away from home.

Recently, if calculated further, only 1 in 9 away games Extremadura must taste defeat. As the Numancia vs Extremadura UD prediction, this achievement is clearly a solid belief for Extremadura to win points on the field of the unstable team, Numancia.

Asian Handicap: FT Numancia 0.25 (1.02 with Numancia and 0.88 with Extremadura) HT equal (0.67 with Numancia and 1.26 with Extremadura).

Choose Extremadura 0 HT

Choose Extremadura +0.25 FT

Numancia vs Extremadura UD prediction, O/U bet

Numancia’s last 3 matches have not had more than 2 goals scored, obviously with the danger that the team is playing very carefully while the attack is not showing any improvement. On the other side of the battle line, 4 of Extremadura’s last 5 matches also recorded this result. According to the Numancia vs Extremadura UD prediction, the fact that both teams are playing very carefully can make this match not have too many goals scored.

O/U: FT 2 (0.84 with Over and 1.06 with Under) HT 0.75 (0.84 with Over and 1.04 with Under)

Choose Under 0.75 HT

Choose Under 2 FT

Numancia vs Extremadura UD prediction, European bet

Numancia vs Extremadura UD prediction

Odds of European bet show the dominance of Numancia with 2.27 to 3.30 from Extremadura. It is clear that this advantage of Numancia only comes from being played at home field, but only 1 match after losing 9/10 matches has not confirmed that Numancia has returned. Therefore, Extremadura also had a strong determination that it would not be easy for Numancia to defeat. Therefore, the Numancia vs Extremadura UD prediction experts believes a draw result is not impossible.

Choose Draw FT

Expected line-up

Numancia: Osede, Escassi, Ledes, Barrio, Calero, Cruz, Hernández, Mateu, Sánchez, Marín, Sanhaji.

Extremadura: Granero, Gil, Olabe, Casto, Bastos, Cruz, Díez, Zarfino, Alegría, Pastrana, Pinchi.