Numancia vs Ponferradina prediction on July 12th, 2020

Numancia vs Ponferradina prediction on July 12th, 2020. The high odds page, guide for betting, and analysis of football judgment exactly match Numancia vs Ponferradina.

Numancia vs Ponferradina prediction

Numancia’s last matches

Ponferradina ‘s last matches


Numancia vs Ponferradina prediction, Asian bet

Although Numancia has made remarkable efforts in recent years, with a limited level, this team has only won 2 wins in the last 4 matches, moreover, stability is also what this team can not, after losing 1 match, they lose and cannot maintain their form.

With that situation, Numancia has not made any significant progress in the relegation battle while still having to rank 20th on the chart and has a 2-point gap with the safety group. Meanwhile, almost certainly the previous relegation has made Ponferradina play extremely superficially during the past time.

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Achievements that have lost all 4 matches have said that. Moreover, with a distance of only 3 points for the relegation group, if playing like this, Ponferradina will probably soon join the relegation race. With just having to face an indecisive Ponferradina right now at home field, this will be a golden opportunity for Numancia to win 3 points completely and make progress on the standing.

  • Choose Numancia 0 HT
  • Choose Numancia -0.25 FT

Numancia vs Ponferradina prediction, O/U bet

Numancia vs Ponferradina prediction

Although not too high on the standings, compared to the lower half, Numancia still shows the ability to score quite impressive. The weakness of this team is that the defense is so weak that it rarely protects the results. Meanwhile, the loose up playing made Ponferradina’s recent matches also often record results with many goals. As the Numancia vs Ponferradina prediction, with that correlation, it is likely that this clash will result in jubilant goals scored.

  • Choose Over 0.75 HT
  • Choose Over 2 FT

Numancia vs Ponferradina prediction, European bet

European odds show the dominance of Numancia with a feeding rate of 2.34 compared to 3.10 on the Ponferradina side. Numancia may be inferior to Ponferradina in the first half of the season or even before the tournament has to be postponed due to translation.

However, Ponferradina now was extremely down and superficial in the matches. Because of that, Numancia is more appreciated for having home advantage and a little better performance. According to the Numancia vs Ponferradina prediction, combined with greater determination than the opponent, Numancia promises to win all 3 points in this match.

  • Choose Numancia FT

Score prediction

Numancia vs Ponferradina prediction

In the last 7 encounters in La Liga 2, Numancia also gained the advantage of having 4 victories while Ponferradina only had 2 times to do this. It can be seen that Numancia has always been uncomfortable for Ponferradina at any time, in any circumstance. Therefore, it is not easy for Ponferradina to improve into a goal against Numancia in the context of the home team is very thirsty.

Numancia vs Ponferradina prediction:

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  • HT Numancia 1-0 Ponferradina
  • FT Numancia 2-1 Ponferradina

Expected line-up

  • Numancia: Osede, Escassi, Ledes, Mateu, Barrio, Calero, Cruz, Hernández, Sánchez, Marín, Sanhaji.
  • Ponferradina: Crespo, Manzanara, René, Russo, Ríos, Son, Trigueros, Sielva, Kaxe, Gil, Ramos.

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