Numancia Vs Real Oviedo Prediction On June 29th, 2020

Numancia vs Real Oviedo prediction on June 29th, 2020. Numancia with 38 points is now ranked 19th/22 in Spain’s second division. Without improving his performance, Numancia is one of four teams to be relegated. Currently, the distance from the safety group is only 2 points. A complete victory could help Numancia open the door to relegation. Meanwhile, with Real Oviedo, this team is only 3 points better than Numancia.

Numancia vs Real Oviedo

Numancia’s last matches

Numancia vs Real Oviedo

Real Oviedo’s last matches

Numancia vs Real Oviedo

Head-to-head of Numancia vs Real Oviedo

Numancia vs Real Oviedo

Segunda Division Table:

7RAYO VALLECANO351019645:37849
10AD ALCORCON351115943:41248
12SPORTING GIJON3512101335:32346
14LAS PALMAS3511131136:39-346
22RACING SANTANDER354181334:45-1130

Numancia vs Real Oviedo prediction

Numancia vs Real Oviedo

Considering the recent form after football returned, Numancia is a team that makes fans feel more worried. Specifically, this team has lost the last 4 matches. Meanwhile, with Real Oviedo, the last 4 matches, this team is unbeaten with 1 victory and 3 draws. However, there are many reasons to believe that Numancia will win, especially when they are ranked in the match.

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Numancia vs Real Oviedo – Asian handicap

Asian Handicap: FT Numancia 0.25 (1.03 with Numancia and 0.89 with Real Oviedo) HT equal (0.66 with Numancia and 1.28 with Real Oviedo)

If there’s one thing to define the word “bad” for the moment, we’ll call it Numancia’s performance. Specifically, after the last 11 games, this team has the best result of only 2 draws, the rest are 9 defeats, winning only 2 points from January 26 to the present. That poor performance pushed Numancia into the red light group with 38 points after 35 rounds.

With a performance like this, Numancia will soon continue to fall to the position 20, then 21 in the rankings. Real Oviedo, meanwhile, has only 3 points more than Numancia, but the way they play does not make people so frustrated and inhibited. Of the 12 matches played, Real Oviedo received only 2 losses, winning 4 victories while the number of draws was 6.

The problem of Real Oviedo is that they do not know how to win, but this team obviously doesn’t lose too much. However, with only having to meet “bad” Numancia at the moment, the opportunity for Real Oviedo to enjoy the atmosphere of victory in the next Numancia vs Real Oviedo is clearer than ever.

Choose Real Oviedo 0 HT

Choose Real Oviedo +0.25 FT

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Numancia vs Real Oviedo – O/U handicap

Of the last 6 matches, Numancia has only scored 3 goals, on average, about 1 goal is scored every 2 matches, or if it’s funny, each Numancia match has “half a time”, puncturing the opponent’s net. Obviously, with such numbers, it is difficult to trust the strikers on the home side. Meanwhile, Real Oviedo’s attacking goods only played at the shoulders but never showed themselves as excellent strikers. The result of the Real Oviedo draws that, that their players never know how to score decisive goals at crucial moments. So, this Numancia vs Real Oviedo match will not have many goals scored.

Choose Over 0.75 HT

Choose Under 2 FT

Expected line-up

Numancia: Sánchez, Marín, Sanhaji, Barrio, Calero, Cruz, Hernández, Osede, Escassi, Ledes, Mateu.

Real Oviedo: Alarcon, Luismi, Jimenez, Mossa, Lunin, Ahijado, Garrido, Barcenas, Ortuno, Gil, Borja, Fuentes, Rodriguez.

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