Odds Of Prediction Football Today And Betting Experiences

In addition to traditional betting, the house also allows players to change during the game. This helps players avoid excessive losses. To be able to play this new style, we need to pay attention to the odds of prediction football today. So what are the odds?

Odds Of Prediction Football Today And Betting Experiences

The concept of odds

Odds are an indispensable concept in online football betting. This is the name of the exchange rate paid by the bookie for the player who wins the bet. Prediction football today odds are often ranked next to the bookie edge odds ratio for various formats. This allows players to freely choose the desired currency for the bookie to pay.

The most prestigious houses are currently applying 5 types of odds: Europe, Hong Kong, Malay, Indo and the USA.

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European Odds (Decimal Odds)

Odds Europe always shows your stake and winnings. You should not misunderstand between the European Odds and how to read the European Odds because it is completely different. If you notice, European odds always have a value format greater than 1.00. When converting money into European odds, the formula for calculating the winnings is:

Earnings = Bet amount x European Odds

And of course, when you lose, the original bet will certainly lose.

Hong Kong Odds (HK Odds)

In the Odds Hong Kong style of reading, there is a different display than the European Odds. Players looking at Odds Hong Kong will see no bet but only winnings. The formatted value is also greater than 0.0. If you use Hong Kong Odds, the winning formula will be a bit different:

Earnings = Bet amount + (Bet amount x Odds Hong Kong)

If you lose the bet, make sure you lose the full stake.

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For example: Along with the amount of $ 100, you convert to HK Odds and odds of 1.5. The amount you win when you win is 100 $ + (100 $ x 1.5) = 250 $.

Odds Of Prediction Football Today And Betting Experiences

Malay Odds (MY Odds)

Malay Odds have the same format as European Odds, which includes both stake and winnings. However, the other way to look at Malay odds is one that can show in negative or positive numbers. So we have two cases to calculate with this kind of odds.

If the odds are positive, the winnings are calculated as: Bet amount + (bet amount x Malay Odds).

When losing the bet, the amount you bet will be deducted.

Example: Placing $ 100 with odds of 1.5, the player’s earnings are $ 100 x 1.5 = $ 150

If the odds are negative, the stake will be calculated as follows: (Stake x x Odds Malay) + (Stake x x 1.00)

When you lose the rake, the amount received is: Bet amount + (Bet amount x Odds Malay)

Example: Placing $ 100 with odds of -0.7, when winning the bet we get: (100 $ x 0.7) + (100 $ x 1.00) = 170 $

When you lose, the return will be: $ 100 + ($ 100 x (-0.7)) = $ 30.

Indo Odds

Indo odds are also displayed in positive and negative numbers like Malay odds. However, odds Indo only shows from 1.00 and up. The calculation formula of Inds odds is similar to the calculation of the proceeds of Malay odds.

US Odds

American odds are based on the odds of Hong Kong odds. We will have two cases as follows:

Hong Kong odds ratio <1.00

American odds will be calculated using the formula: -1 / Hong Kong odds.

For example: Hong Kong odds ratio is 0.7 => American odds ratio is -1 / 0.7 = -1.42

Players bet $ 100, if winning the bet will eat $ 100 x 0.7 = $ 70. With the result of losing the bet, the amount lost is 100 $ x 1.42 = 142 $

Hong Kong odds ratio> 1.00

The player who wins the bet will collect the amount as the usual formula. Specifically bet 100 $, odds of 1.3, get 100 $ x 1.3 = 130 $. If a player loses a bet, they lose all their original bets.

How to look at prediction football today odds running

Prediction football today odds experts shared an interesting odds experience, which is running truss. This is a new type of rafters, known as the name of vibration rafter. Running is a market that allows players to place bets directly during a match. This helps players minimize losses, avoid the disadvantages when placing bets. Therefore, vibrating rafters have a different way of reading than watching Asian, European, and so on.

Running race contains many elements of surprise
Running race contains many elements of surprise

Depending on the bookie will allow players to play odds for how long. How to look for odds running in 10, 15, 20 minutes will be a little different from each other. The longer the time, the more influence on the bet result of the player. There are a number of people who choose to play risky bets by placing right before the game to play on the Underdog with no small amount. It is risky in that if the match has a goal early, the player loses.

Some bookmakers offer a bargain to trap players. Methods of prediction football today odds comparison, including:

  • Choose matches that are determined by the bookie to accept handicap from 1 or more (1, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, …). If not, you should give up.
  • You should choose Over rafter in the 1st half, 1, 1.25 and 1.5. However, make reservations with meals less than 100.
  • When betting on vibrate, you need a stable Internet connection, high-speed computer. That way you can run throughout the game easily.
  • The vibrating odd is a new type of rafter and you can play when you have a disadvantage. Wish you success with your choices.

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