Odds Should Be Avoided In Bet On Football

When playing football betting, with the odds you see the probability of winning is not high, you are hard to control it, it’s best to give up and not to bet on it. Here are the types of rafters you should stay away from in bet on football, please refer.

Odds Should Be Avoided In Bet On Football

Form of odd bets

List of odd bets in football matches including the team that delivered the ball first, the scorer who opened the score, the team that took the corner first, … For the whole football season, companies will make a ratio: the team relegates to Spain, England, Italy, the top scorer in Italy, England, Spain …

Depending on the match, the auto-dealers have the flexibility to open more attractive odds. For example, if the English team will inevitably dismiss the head coach, there will be a new deal: who will succeed the coach preparing to dismiss. Or like the Premiership, this season: Arsenal, Chelsea, M.U clearly see these are the 3 strongest teams. Therefore, when the new contract is quite good: the team will reach the top 3. Odds: 1.61 – 1 for Liverpool; 12.00 – 1 for Everton; 5.50 for Tottenham …

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One of the professional topics that have been mentioned a lot before Serie A for a long season of 2007/2008 is that there is a risk of breaking the burden of military leaders.

This is one of the forms of odd bet on football. Expekt makes the first team coach’s rate of dismissal in Serie A.

  • 7.50 – 1 for Lecce coach Angelo Gregucci (place a bet 7.50 if correctly guessed Gregucci is the first coach to be dismissed).
  • 7.50 for Mario Somma, 10.00 for Luigi De Canio …
  • 40,00 for Roberto Mancini
  • 50,00 results in no coach being sacked

Odds in single bets

According to professional bet on football, everything just mentioned is in the group … and should not be bet. Before we want to know and find out why let’s look at some of the results recognized by the people in the profession. The average loss odds for a single person betting (betting on 1 of 3 results will occur: the host wins, draws, away team wins) every round has 3 matches, during the Premiership season is 10 %. With a certain amount of capital and corresponding betting density, if people make odd bets instead of single bets, the average loss rate is up to 60%.

The general rule of the bookmakers in countries with legal betting business is to never participate in predictive play, even as simple as predicting whether England will make it to Northern Ireland or not, how much will win the table. The house should point out the types of football odds with the award so that the capital of the various prediction teams will become balanced, and the next thing is to take the money from the losers divided among the winners ( after deducting all expenses, taxes and interest). In other words, the nature of bet on football is like playing seahorses: the crowd wagers with each other and a portion of the money will slip out.

Odds Should Be Avoided In Bet On Football

Strange odds

With the rafters being balanced (ie the probability of happening the possibilities is equal), for example, the result of the match Charlton – Fulham, the odds when placed on the doors are often very balanced. At that time, the football bookmaker will always be in a safe state (whichever method he wins), so he can only get a few words (3-4%). The odds that the stranger is the less the number of people involved in betting, the balance between the betting sides is reduced and the safety and trust of the house also decrease. At that time, this house will minimize the winning rate (sometimes the house edge is up to 70%) to reduce the risk of bankruptcy when unexpected results occur. To put it easier to understand: the more odd the contract, the higher the odds that fall out of the total amount of money. Do not bet strange contracts – it is recommended by experts.

If you see someone naturally hit the level of the dog yawning to fly. For example, when you correctly guess that the eldest son of Brooklyn will continue the career of David Beckham, wearing the England shirt in 2020, you always understand that there have been thousands, hundreds of others have lost because of those degrees, and bonuses for the one who guessed it should be several dozen times taller. Do not bet strange odds- it is recommended by experts.

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A more general, meaningful and scientific recommendation in these bet on football types is to know how to control and reject types of odds that you cannot control. There is no scientific basis for calculating the best probabilities for the future. Must know how to beat, stop at the right time, even before the rafters delicious. Never bet just because you want to get back to what you previously lost because you will most likely win and lose your career. So you must avoid the odds are not worth the bet on football.

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