Oita Trinita vs Avispa Fukuoka Prediction – J1 League – 05/30

Oita Trinita vs Avispa Fukuoka prediction on May 30, 2021. If it continues to maintain this form, the day Oita Trinita returns to J-League 2 is probably not far away. This match will continue to be a big challenge for them when Avispa is flying high with 5th place in the rankings.

Oita Trinita Overview

The home team did not bring any wins in the last 5 matches, the scoring efficiency of the players was only 0.6 goals/match. Pretty bad performance with the team’s strikers, not only that, but the defense constantly made mistakes and had to pay the price with painful defeats. 

Oita Trinita cannot get out of the top relegation with only 9 points after 18 matches, if the team continues to play like this, the team’s possibility of relegation this season is extremely high. A predicted match is too difficult when the opponent is extremely strong.

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Avispa Fukuoka Overview

Avispa Fukuoka suddenly accelerated and got unexpected results, statistics in the last 7 appearances the away team brought 6 wins and 1 draw without losing any matches. Thereby helping Avispa Fukuoka climb to the 5th position of the table with 29 points, having played less than 1 match. 

If they win 3 points in this match along with the occurrence of Sagan Tosu, the chance to get to the top is very high when the gap is only 2 points. The determination to return to the prestigious tournament is making the players’ aspirations higher than ever, believing that Avispa Fukuoka will do well for this trip.


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Asian Bet – Oita Trinita vs Avispa Fukuoka prediction

Oita Trinita is in decline compared to last season. From a mid-range team, the home team is diving at the bottom of the standings. In the last 14 matches, coach Tomohiro Katanosaka’s men only had 1 win and 9 losses. 

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In the J-League arena alone, the home team of Ōita Bank Dome only got exactly 2 times to enjoy the joy of winning and losing 10 times. Such a poor record makes very few people believe in Trinita getting at least 1 point in this difficult confrontation.

Oita Trinita vs Avispa Fukuoka Prediction:

  • Choose Avispa Fukuoka (HT)
  • Choose Avispa Fukuoka (FT) 

European Bet

The last time the two clubs faced each other, Fukuoka also got a gentle victory with a score of 1-0. The performance of the two teams is too contrasting at the moment, so the away team is naturally appreciated much more than Oita.

Choose Avispa Fukuoka (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Oita Trinita vs Avispa Fukuoka prediction

Conceding 23 goals after only 15 rounds, Oita Trinita is one of the worst defenses in the tournament. In the J-League this season, in only 2 matches the home team kept a clean sheet. With such a bad performance, it is very easy for them to lose big in the following matches.

Oita Trinita vs Avispa Fukuoka Prediction:

  • Choose Over 0.75 (HT)
  • Choose Over 1.75 (FT)


Oita Trinita: Yuki Kobayashi, Rei Matsumoto, William Popp, Misao Yuto, Keisuke Saka, Yuta Koide, Yuki Kagawa, Hokuto Shimoda, Seigo Kobayashi, Yamato Machida, Shun Nagasawa.

Avispa Fukuoka: Kanamori, Hiroyuki, Tanabe, Murakami, Salomonsson, Tatsuki, Grolli, Shichi, Sugimoto, John Mary, Mendes.