Oita Trinita vs Urawa Prediction – J1 League – 07/10

Oita Trinita vs Urawa prediction on July 10, 2021. The correlation of forces predicts a lot of calculations coming from both sides. The home ground fulcrum can completely bring Tomohiro Katanosaka’s team a sure game and the next 90 minutes are predicted to be less likely to appear with more than 2 goals.

Oita Trinita Overview

Oita Trinita vs Urawa Prediction

Welcoming the predestined opponent Urawa at the Showa Denko Dome home field in the match of the 22nd round of the J-League this season with the luggage of a series of 4 consecutive matches without winning in the national championship, the opportunity to retain the score of Oita Trinita is considered quite fragile. Especially on the other side of the front line, the team led by coach Ricardo Suarez is in stable form with 2 wins and 1 draw in the last 3 rounds.

Urawa Overview

The defense is a disaster for the Showa Denko Dome home team. After half of the way through in the J-League this season, Oita Trinita had to receive 30 goals. Meanwhile, on the offensive front, the situation did not improve with coach Tomohiro Katanosaka’s team when they had only 12 times to hit the opponent’s net. Not surprising with a day of stalemate and continued to be unable to keep the home team’s clean sheet. The most feasible goal for Oita Trinita in the next 90 minutes is just to limit the number of goals conceded.

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Oita Trinita vs Urawa Prediction

Asian Bet – Oita Trinita vs Urawa prediction

In the last 10 meetings between the two teams, Oita Trinita is not inferior to colleagues from Saitama with 3 wins, 3 draws, and 4 defeats. However, in this rematch, experts believe that the opportunity for the Showa Denko Dome home team is not much. The baggage with only 3 wins, 4 draws and 13 losses after half of the way in the J-League does not bring much hope about the ability to retain the scores of the team of coach Tomohiro Katanosaka.

Outstanding in all aspects, this is a better opportunity for Urawa. 3 points for teachers and students Ricardo Suarez is what Oita Trinita cannot prevent.

Oita Trinita vs Urawa Prediction: Choose Urawa -1/4

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European Bet

Oita Trinita vs Urawa Prediction

The European odds show that the bookie appreciates the possibility of Urawa winning all 3 points. This choice is undisputed when Urawa’s form is completely superior at the moment. Chances of Oita Trinita’s score through the numbers are very slim.

Choose Urawa (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Oita Trinita vs Urawa prediction

The match was completely controlled by Urawa but with the current situation, the faint option is the safe choice. In fact, the last 3 matches of coach Ricardo Suarez’s men ended with no more than 2 times the net vibrated.

Oita Trinita vs Urawa Prediction: Choose Under 2.25


Oita Trinita: Hokuto Shimoda, Masaki Yumiba, William Popp, Hayato Kurosaki, Ryosuke Tone, Yuki Kagawa, Rei Matsumoto, Kenta Fukumori, Yusei Yashiki, Kazuki Fujimoto, Shun Nagasawa.

Urawa:  Ewerton, Kazuki Nagasawa, Shusaku Nishikawa, Daiki Hashioka, Tomoaki Makino, Takuya Iwanami, Tomoya Ugajin, Quenten Martinus, Koya Yuruki, Yuki Muto, Shinzo Koroki.