Ostersunds FK vs IFK Goteborg Prediction – Allsvenskan – 07/11

Ostersunds FK vs IFK Goteborg prediction on July 11, 2021. Last season Ostersunds and Goteborg were the two teams ranked right above the relegation group. Therefore, the fact that the two teams do not have a good record this season is quite understandable. Although ranked in 12th place, but currently Goteborg is the winning team with at least 1 victory.

Ostersunds FK Overview

Ostersunds FK vs IFK Goteborg Prediction

Ostersunds is playing unsuccessfully in the first rounds of this season. They are just standing in the group holding the red light in 14th place with 8 points after 9 rounds. The distance of Östersunds with the bottom team Hacken is currently only 2 points. Recently, the home team has not shown any progress for themselves, causing them to face many difficulties. In the next match here, despite having home advantage, it is difficult for the host to get a good result.

IFK Goteborg Overview

Goteborg capital is not overestimated before the new season starts, because the strength of the host players is quite modest compared to the common ground. What Goteborg did from the beginning speaks for itself. After 9 matches, they only got 1 win, 6 draws, and 2 losses. With only 9 points, the visitors have a lot of difficulties at the moment, they are only 1 point more than the dangerous position. The next match has to march away from home but the opponent is weaker, so this is an opportunity for the away team to win for themselves.

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Ostersunds FK vs IFK Goteborg Prediction

Asian Bet – Ostersunds FK vs IFK Goteborg prediction

In the opposite direction, Ostersunds is just above the relegation position in terms of sub-index and is the 2nd most losing team in the tournament. Having lost to the last 5/6 rounds in the domestic tournament, the Jamtkraft Arena home team is becoming a new point store for other clubs. 

In attack, they are too dependent on Blair Turgott, who has not been able to score in the last 4 matches. Meanwhile, the defense often conceded goals from counter-attacks. One point is probably also a positive point for the home team at a time of declining performance like this.

Ostersunds FK vs IFK Goteborg Prediction

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  • Choose Ostersunds FK + 0.25 (HT)
  • Choose Ostersunds FK + 0.5 (FT)

European Bet

Ostersunds FK vs IFK Goteborg Prediction

The head-to-head record between the two clubs is very balanced when each team has 3 wins and 4 draws in the last 10 encounters. It should be remembered that Goteborg has drawn 2/3 of their matches since the beginning of the tournament, and the Ostersunds are still playing very poorly. It is likely that the two teams will split the points and continue to hold each other in the bottom group of the table.

Choose Draw (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Ostersunds FK vs IFK Goteborg prediction

History has proven that the confrontations between Ostersunds and Goteborg have never been short of goals. Specifically, in the last 5/6 encounters between the two teams, the number of goals scored has never been less than 3. There are also matches with very strong scores like 4-0 or 7-1. In the last 3 times, these two teams met, there were 16 goals scored, which means more than 5 goals/match.

FK vs IFK Goteborg Prediction:

  • Choose Over 1.0 (HT)
  • Choose Over 2.5 (FT)


Ostersunds: Aly Keita, Ronald Mukiibi, Hosam Aiesh, Rewan Amin, Charlie Colkett, Eirik Haugan, Jamie Hopcutt, Dino Islamovic, Nebiyou Perry, Tom Pettersson, Noah Sonko Sundberg.

IFK Goteborg: Tobias Sana, Hosam Aiesh, Giannis Anestis, Mattias Bjärsmyr, Victor Wernersson, August Erlingmark, Alexander Jallow, Patrik Karlsson Lagemyr, Giorgi Kharaishvili, Alhassan Yusuf, Sargon Abraham.