Panama vs Mexico Prediction | World Cup Qual. CONCACAF | 09/09

Panama vs Mexico prediction: Panama vs Mexico will have a meeting within the framework of the 6th round, the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in North Central America and the Caribbean. In a fairly light group, the away team is still considered the No. 1 candidate for the next ticket. Having not missed any World Cup in the past 15 years, Mexico is showing stability as well as constant progress in the game. And perhaps the trip here will not be too difficult for the visitors to get all 3 points.

Panama vs Mexico Prediction


  • Match date: 00:05 a.m – 2021/09/09
  • Event: World Cup Qual. CONCACAF
  • Stage: Matchday 6th
  • Location: Estadio Rommel Fernandez



Although not overestimated, Panama has had relatively successful momentum. They spent 1 win and 1 draw in the first days of the game, thereby helping the team rise to 2nd place with 4 points obtained after 2 rounds. This is a relatively positive improvement of the team, it is clear that the things they have done in the past time are quite commendable. However, having never participated in major arenas, making their experience was too flawed. This is considered a major weakness affecting the morale of the players for this reception.

Panama vs Mexico Prediction

In the remaining route, Mexico has always shown their dominance at CONCACAF. They are a team that is highly appreciated both in terms of qualifications and experience. The proof is that the last 2 appearances for the away team are not too difficult to bring back 6 points and have not conceded any goals. Obviously, with a long history of football, Mexico always knows how to exploit and make good use of the potential of young players. They are constantly upgrading and also the birthplace of many famous players in the top clubs in the world. For example,  J. dos Santos or J. Sanchez. This is a solid premise for the team to continue to maintain their top position.

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Statistics in the previous 3 meetings since 2019 until now, the two teams have brought themselves up to 10 goals, the performance of more than 3 goals per game shows a certain bloodiness in the encounters. Not only that, both attacks are maintaining a fairly stable scoring performance, and this is a battle that promises to explode the score. 

Select: Over 2.25 FT.


Mexico is the CONCACAF champion this past summer when excellently defeating the US team with a score of 1-0 in the final. Obviously, they are the leading name of North and Central America, it is important that they always maintain their stability throughout history. The outstanding strength helps the team stand firmly at the top with an unbeaten record, showing extremely good performance for this decisive battle. On the other side, Panama, which is not highly appreciated in the region, has quite good performance in recent times that they have mainly against weak teams. Therefore, it is difficult for them to do anything unexpected in the next match.

Select: Mexico FT.


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As a team with a good record in recent years in the group stage, Mexico is holding a 12-match winning streak last season. And stability still exists in the past when they only lost 1 in 10 outings. Not only that, Mexico is also having a good record away from home with 4 consecutive wins. With quite superior strength, it will not be difficult for Mexico to create an overwhelming match against Panama in the next 90 minutes. In the last 2 encounters Mexico to get a 3-0 victory over the opponent, so the possibility that the next match will continue to end with many goals is completely believable.

Panama vs Mexico Prediction

Select: Mexico FT.

Panama vs Mexico Prediction: Panama 1 – 4 Mexico FT (0-2 H1).


Panama: J. Calderon, F. Escobar, C. Blackman, A. Carrasquilla, A. Machado, F. Palacios, A. Quintero, E. Barcenas, G. Torres, J. Rodriguez, J. Fajardo.

Mexico: G. Ochoa, E. Aguirre, R. Alcarado, F. Cordova, C. Calderon, J. Sanchez, C. Antuna, J. Macias, J. dos Santos, R. Pizarro, E. Gutierrez.

The above is information about the prediction in the 6th match of World Cup Qual. CONCACAF between Panama vs Mexico on 2021/09/09 of the CMD368 bookie.