Parlay Betting – How to Win Parlay betting

Parlay betting is a bet with two or more teams that has a much higher payout than the straight bet. All teams must win or include spread points to win your parlay. Parlay wagers can include different sports, spreads, money lines and totals. Parlay betting payment depends on the number of teams in the bet. Our sportsbook offers the largest parlay payments in the sports betting industry.

Parlay Betting

Parlay bet 

Parlay betting (or parlay bet) is a combination of multiple selections into a single bet. You only win the bet when all guesses are correct. On European betting sites, parlay bets are called Accumulator, Multiple Bet, Mix Parlay, etc

  • Pros: bet is low but can win big, many times.
  • Disadvantages: high risk, losing a betting type losing the skewers.

Thus, a parlay bet is a type of bet that involves a high risk of trading large profits if you win.

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Summary of the most popular parlay types

The general statistics show that the current betting market includes popular parlays such as:

✓ Parlays betting with Combo Parlay;

✓ Betting Mix Parlay parlay;

✓ System Parlay parlay bet;

Depending on your personal preference, choose a suitable bet that will easily win and bring a huge profit.

How to calculate the parlay bet

The simplest process to calculate parlay odds is that a Decimal odds need to be calculated for calculation. Then the parlay will be calculated according to the following formula:

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  • Parlay odds (Odds) = Odds 1 * Odds ratio 2 *… .. * Odds ratio (Decimail)

In the case of single bets in a skewer Only lose/win, no tie will lose ½ of the bet.

At the same time, the skewers will then have the corresponding result of winning/losing.

*If you win, you will get the amount of the bet

*Losing means you will lose all the money.

Draws will return the stake in the parlay and the odds will be = 1.

Therefore, in the corresponding oblique calculation formula, replace the odds with 1.– If Leg 1 tie:

  • Odds = 1 * Odds 2 * … .. * Odds (Decimal). Odds ½ bet amount, in parlay will replace the odds with ½.
  • When Leg 1 loses tiền amount: Odds odds = s * Odds ratio 2 *… .. * Odds ratio n ( Decimal). In case of a bet winning ½ money, in a parlay the odds of 1 become ((1 + (Odds 1 – 1) /2).
  • Where Leg 1 wins ½ amount of money: Odds odds (Odds) = ([1 + {Odds 1} – 1)] / 2) * Odds ratio 2 * …… * Odds ratio (Decimal)

Accordingly, the formula for calculating the most general parlay bet is determined by the dealer’s credits are given as follows: Parlays odds = (1 + (Coefficient of odds 1/2 – 1) / 2) x 1/2 (If rake 1/2) x 1 (If tie rake)…. x Odds coefficient n.

General Ratio = Odds win ratio x (1 + (Half odds to win -1) / 2) x 1/2 (if loses half) x 1 (if the tie) …

Parlay Bet Payout

Number of Teamsin ParlayParlay Bet Payout
2 Teams2.6/1
3 Teams6/1
*4 Teams12/1
5 Teams24/1
6 Teams47/1
*7 Teams91/1
*8 Teams175/1
*9 Teams335/1
*10 Teams642/1
*This is regarded as the Best parlay payouts in the industry.

Parlay Bet Tie

In the case of a tie, the number of teams in the parlay and its spending rate will be lower. If a team is linked in a four-team parlay, it will be reduced to a three-team parlay. If a team is affiliated in a two-team parlay, it will return straight bets. Delayed or canceled games are considered a tie for all betting purposes.

Example Of A 3 Team Parlay

3 Team Parlay for $100
WinBaltimore Ravens+9 ½-110  
WinMilwaukee Bucks-4 ½-110  

In the example above, your bet on Patriot / Falcons leads to a push. In parlay betting, one push means that your parlay bet returns to the lower parlay bet. In this case, you now have a two team parlay. Both times your bet on the Baltimore Ravens and the Milwaukee Bucks bring victory. You have earned $ 260 instead of $ 600 that you could potentially win.

* Our maximum combined parlay payment per day is $ 100,000.

Betting now does not allow Parlays in any of the following cases:

· Soccer Favorite goal line and total OVER of the same game

· Soccer Underdog goal line and total UNDER of the same game

· Soccer Draw line and total OVER or UNDER of the same game

· Hockey Favorite goal line and total OVER of the same game

· Hockey Underdog goal line and total UNDER of the same game

· Baseball Favorite Run Line and total OVER of the same game

· Baseball Underdog Run Line and total UNDER of the same game

· Football Favorite side and total OVER of the same game when ratio between the side and total is less than 3/1

· Basketball Favorite side and total OVER of the same game (managers discretion)


7 team parlay 7/1

8 team parlay 8/1

9 team parlay 9/1

10 team parlay 10/1


  • Only point spreads and totals. NO MONEYLINE
  • ALL picks in the parlay must be losers
  • Only applies for 7-10 team parlays
  • All lines must have a -110 juice
  • Buying points is not allowed for this option
  • All other general parlay rules apply


If you play a 7,8,9 or 10 team parlay and pick one loser ONLY, you will get your money back.


The bet will be considered a push. The risked amount will go back to the account.


  • Only point spreads and totals. NO MONEYLINES
  • The parlay must have one loser ONLY
  • Only applies for 7-10 team parlays
  • All lines must have a -110 juice
  • Buying points is not allowed for this option
  • If any of the picks results in a push, the Second Chance Parlay feature no longer applies
  • All other general parlay rules apply

Tips for winning a Sports Betting Parlay 

  • Parlay betting is the most well-known kind of sports wagering since it gives the most cash. Be that as it may, it isn’t anything but difficult to win a parlay since the chances rely upon your choices. There are numerous methodologies you can apply to expand your odds of making a correct determination of picks. 
  • Locate a solid online sportsbook: Many online sportsbooks offer alluring chances on bunch wagers, however, they are not all acceptable. Pick a sportsbook that gives a guarantee, has great chances, and pays on schedule. 
  • Cutoff the number of groups in your parlay. More groups mean more cash, yet it additionally implies less likelihood of dominating the match. 
  • Get acquainted with the specific group and occasion before including them to your Mix Parlay. Research your groups to discover which ones have the most noteworthy winning chances for a specific game. 
  • Ensure you have an appropriate method to deal with your wagering cash. Try not to wager the cash that you can’t bear to pay. It is anything but difficult to forget about your cash while wagering on sports.
Various League offered by the prestigious bookmaker CMD368
Various League offered by the prestigious bookmaker CMD368

Some basic notes when betting on parlay betting

Before betting parlay each player has to pay attention to some basic issues as follows:

– Players can participate in a combination of multiple betting contracts for the set. different sports on the skewers include football, tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc.

– Parlay bets on the same match, will not be able to be matched on the same parlay.

– Major tournaments will have promotions and corresponding winnings, so players should update the information to take advantage. Most reputable bookmakers often apply for this program, because this parlay is “Very hard to win.” 

– In case of multiple selections on one parlay bet (approximately 3 or more), then the dealer Prestige will automatically recommend corresponding bets, because there is only 1 main parlay. If it is convenient for you, please choose the combination bet. 

– Do not take the bet too long skewers, should only place Parlay Betting from 2 to 4  Parlay Betting is much, this is one of the experiences many long-time players apply.

– Corresponding to the bet ticket will have 3 or more options, besides the main parlay, a number of other bookmakers will let you bet on all the possible parlays made from the rafter that you choose.

Login CMD368, Deposit and Start to Bet Parlay Betting
Login CMD368, Deposit and Start to Bet Parlay Betting


The above is information on how to bet on a Parlay Betting in the form of System Parlay in the betting that the article wants to send to you.

Hopefully, this will help you to better understand this type and can apply and in betting at the top bookmaker as CMD368, a bookmaker specializing in providing online betting services in Asian markets, especially China and Southeast Asian countries. Currently, this house is quite popular and trusted by many enthusiasts playing online betting, especially with the Parlay Betting type. become a member of CMD368 and gain huge gains. Good luck.