Play football betting on your phone at 12bet mobile betting site

As technology becomes more and more firmly established, many players football betting at 12Bet do not need to sit and cuddle with a computer to look for bets, bet, but can sit anywhere just need to have the phone is crowded Smartphone with 3G connection is too easy to access, search, and play entertainment games of the 12Bet bookie.

Currently, the links to the home page of the 12Bet house all support direct links to mobile phones. So you can easily access 12Bet with the interface that best suits your phone.

Play football betting on your phone at 12bet mobile betting site

1. How to play football betting on your phone at 12bet

12Bet Mobile is a free application that you can use to play football betting on your mobile phone. With 12Bet mobile you can log in to play betting anywhere, anytime with your very familiar phone.

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1.1 At 12Bet

 The special 12Bet mobile always ensures maximum security for players and you can also log in your own current account without necessarily creating a new account. Just follow these steps:

  • Login: As long as you choose your language form, fill in the details in the login box and you will be able to start betting.
  • Deposit or withdraw money: You can use your phone to place a Deposit or Withdraw order. Be assured of this form, always safe and secure for you.
  • How to place a bet: Just click on the Menu bar to see today’s bet types, early bets and live betting. We regularly offer many sports events that you are very fond of.
  • Statement: You can always directly manage your account on the phone. View the history of betting, funds available etc to control the transactions made.

1.2 Instructions to download the app and install the 12bet mobile version in detail

Currently, the house 12BETviet offers 3 mobile applications including:

  1. – App 12bet App (Android and iOS)
  1. – Playtech Android application
  1. – eBet application (Android and iOS)

Previously, there was only a 12Bet version for Android because this operating system uses open source so it is easier to design. After this 12BET has an iOS version that is also as smooth as the Android version.

1.3 How to download and install the 12bet mobile app for Android phones

To download and install the 12bet app for phones running Android OS, follow the instructions below:

1. Go to SETTINGS> Security & turn on “Unknown”

2. Download 12BET Mobile App APK

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3. Go to FILE MANAGER> Download & run the apk file to start the installation.

4. Open the newly installed application, log in to your 12BET account.

1.4 How to download and install the 12bet mobile app for iOS phones

How to install Mobile App 12bet for iOS phones is done through a number of specific actions as follows:

  1. Click the “Download Now” button to start the installation.
  1. Go to SETTINGS> General Settings> Configuration & Device Management
  1. Click Enterprise App> SHANGHAI EWEI SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. and click Trust
  1. Open the newly installed application, log in to your 12BET account.

2. Common questions about 12Bet Mobile

1. Which phones are compatible with the 12Bet app on mobile

As the mobile applications of the prestigious football betting bookmakers today, 12Bet Mobile is also very compatible with most phones today. 

Currently, 12Bet is still trying to perfect this application to be able to support more phones. You can contact 12Bet Customer Care for further advice when using this application.

Play football betting on your phone at 12bet mobile betting site

2. Is there a 12Bet mobile usage fee?

12Bet mobile is provided free of charge to members with a 12Bet betting account. Players only cost to use the Internet service for the phone network. For this, please contact the mobile network provider is using for more information on Internet access charges.

3. What happens when my phone is disconnected during the betting?

Rest assured, you can continue using 12Bet mobile after the connection is restored. Bets placed will be void if the bet code is not displayed. Players can also go to the statement to be able to review the bets that have been placed.

4. Can players login to 12Bet mobile with their current account?

Yes, absolutely. Your account data will be synchronized, so the login on your phone and computer will be nothing else. However, you will not be able to log in at the same time on 2 different devices such as computers and phones, this is to ensure safety, make sure that only 1 person is using the account and the same device.

5. Can you use 12Bet when abroad?

Of course, you can access the mobile version of 12Bet anytime, anywhere in the world.

3. Advantages of the 12Bet mobile application

App 12Bet helps you play football betting easily, quickly, conveniently right on your own phone and bring compelling experiences not inferior to the version for your computer. If you are wondering whether the 12Bet mobile app is attractive and has any reason for you to download the app to your phone and enjoy football betting, remember a few strengths of the mobile version:

  • The wallpaper interface is extremely friendly to anyone who uses 12bet mobile.
  • Deposit and Bet, Withdraw money also very quickly right on your own mobile device.
  • Online odds and live scores are also frequently updated as early as the mobile version.
  • Access is easy and also updates your betting list immediately.
  • The full range of 3D Games with Jackpot is also extremely attractive.
  • There are full functions to manage Accounts flexibly.
  • 24/7 Online Support.

4. Conclude

The time to play 12Bet mobile on 12Bet is very fast as you prepare in advance, all your questions will be answered in a few seconds when you come to the customer service staff. line. The 12bet bookmaker guarantees all the optimal benefits for customers when playing football betting on the phone at 12bet. Wish you betting happily and luck.

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