Play Sicbo at Letou online Casino

At the online Letou betting house, there are many good, attractive betting games. We cannot help but mention Sicbo at Letou Online Casino. One of the most interesting pastimes at the moment.

1. What is Sicbo at Letou Online Casino?

Sicbo, also known as Sic Bo, is one of the games that appear in many online casinos today. This game uses 3 familiar dice pieces. The dealer will start shaking these 3 dice if the result is returned as you bet will win.

Sicbo results are intuitive and easy to understand. Therefore this game quickly became a popular entertainment of many players, especially Asians. Players in this game are also extremely crowded, accounting for the majority in casinos, large and small.

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Sicbo at Letou Online Casino
Sicbo at Letou Online Casino

2. How to play Sicbo at Letou Online Casino

Step 1: Log in to your account

To participate in all the entertainment games of this house. You need to log in your account to the main home page or simply on the Letou app. Just enter your account and password into the required box, then click “Login” button will be taken directly to the betting game of the house.

Step 2: Choose the Sicbo game

Sicbo is located in the Casino area, so you can manipulate “Casino” at the game bar. Then select the Casino lobby that displays the game to enter this game. There are many different play rooms in Sicbo. You need to pay attention to choose crowded tables to bet more effective, safe and interesting offline!

Choose a casino that has Sicbo

Step 3: Observe each bet

Before playing Sicbo at Letou Online Casino. You should take some time to observe the bet. A reputable bookie will have a long betting time, enough for you to think freely and bet.

The less reputable house will give a short bet time, only from 10-15 seconds. The scam dealer will use this method to deceive the player, short bets will make it difficult to analyze the situation and make the bet easier to lose.

Step 4: Join the betting

Before each bet, you will have 30-60 seconds to place a bet. Depending on your preference, the available capital you can choose the door with the appropriate chips. You will then wait for the Dealer to roll the dice, while the Dealer will proceed to press the dice button automatically.

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After a few seconds, all 3 of the dice will stop moving. The dealer will proceed to read the result and add bonus points to the winner. Then if you win the full amount of the bet, you can directly withdraw money into your account.

A Sicbo room at Letou
A Sicbo room at Letou

3. Some common questions when playing Sicbo

When playing Sicbo at the Letou online casino, players have many questions to mention as:

3.1 What is the payout ratio for Sicbo?

The lowest payout ratio for this game is 1: 1.

You bet how much you will eat it. Fall into the gates Tai, Under, Even, Odd. And the high payout winnings fall into 1 to 180.

You will win by placing 3 dice on the same 6 buttons and you have placed that door. However, this hit rate is extremely low, so the profit it brings is also the largest.

3.2 How many doors does Sicbo have?

Sicbo used to have only two gates, Tai and Under. It is based on the total number of buttons for all 3 dice. But then it got more and more interesting, more interesting to increase the prize money for players. Currently, this game can be said to have the most abundant number of bets available today. From fainting, parity, double bets, 3 bets, number bets.

3.3 Want to win in Sicbo?

If you want to win the bet when playing Sicbo at the Letou online casino. Choose easy bets, with a 50% win rate such as Over and Under. But don’t forget the high payout gate. Spend a small amount of money to pray for a big win!

3.4 Is Sicbo easy to make money?

Practically any betting game at Letou can make money. But want to make easy money you should not ignore Sicbo. Because this game has many different bet players. If you want to make money easily, choose a low payout rate. And if you want to make a lot of money, risk try the players with high payout!

3.5 Is it easy to withdraw cash when winning against Sicbo?

You only need a bank account, ATM card to withdraw Sicbo money anywhere. Sicbo at Letou Online Casino is affiliated with most banks, big and small across the country. Guaranteed for you can withdraw money very fast, very convenient there.

In addition, this house also offers a lot of special promotions. Help players have a very good capital when entertainment there. Don’t hesitate to deposit, join the Sicbo bet at Letou. Surely you will be surprised about what this service offers.

They currently support many main forms of payment including:

  • Ultra-fast deposit/withdrawal payment time of only 3-5 minutes. (The first time may take longer because account verification is required.)
  • Bank transfer, internet banking payment is easy and fast with most of the current banks.
  • Phone scratch cards, F-go game cards, convenient easy and fast with low discounts.
  • Payment by electronic wallet and other international payment methods.
  • The allowable amount for each transaction is from $5 to $0500. If having difficulty, the Letou House has a 24/7 support staff ready to answer and guide members on how to deposit and withdraw money easily and quickly.


The reputation of the Letou Betting House in the European market is without much debate. They are the main Sponsor of many famous European Football Clubs which are now Inter Milan and in the past Swansea City.

Letou1 has a clear business license, which partly proves the transparency and reputation of this House.

The license was issued on April 24, 2017 by CURACAO Group of the Philippines government to operate the online betting business.

Despite being a new bookmaker in the betting market, they are highly appreciated by online betting people in many regions thanks to the truly superior quality they bring.

On most of the betting forums, players are encouraged and trusted when participating in betting at the Letou Betting House.

4. The advantages of the Letou House, players can refer to:

  • Quick deposit withdrawal from 3-5 minutes is the money to the account to participate in online betting.
  • Eye-catching interface, easy to see, easy to use. Main colors are blue, white and orange.
  • Support playing on both computers and phones, ipad .. with high processing speed.
  • Diverse bets, many games. Bet on European, Asian football, virtual games, Slot Games, Online Casino.
  • Very attractive promotion, high refund for members at Letou.
  • Special Dealers Letou1 support members recharge by phone scratch cards, very convenient and fast.
  • The online support team works smoothly, caring for members.

In addition, it constantly has other attractive promotions to suit the needs and ranks of players such as:

  • 25% bonus for first-time deposit at Sportsbook up to $500.
  • 200% bonus loaded on Slot Games.
  • 200% bonus for first-time deposit using mobile scratch cards and F-Go game cards.
  • Accumulate points to redeem many attractive gifts like iPhone, Laptop etc.
  • VIP member rewards and extremely high returns when becoming a VIP member Letou again.
Usually updated offers
Usually updated offers


Sicbo (Sic Bo) originates from Eastern countries, namely China. It quickly spread throughout countries all over the world. Accompanying an international name is Sicbo. This game is getting more and more favored by the player’s thanks to its easy to play, easy to hit and quick money withdrawal.

You just need to thoroughly understand how to play Sicbo at the Letou online casino. We firmly believe that making a daily profit from this betting game is not difficult at all.

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