Ponferradina vs Fuenlabrada Prediction | Segunda Division | 07/01

The match review to the football Ponferradina vs Fuenlabrada prediction in Segunda Division about the 2 teams’ current performances from 2 competing teams and the current matches of the two teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming match H2H matches, table standings ranking, goal stats, qualities, and possible match results. The Ponferradina vs Fuenlabrada prediction should all be considered to put down an effective wager on this match.

Ponferradina vs Fuenlabrada Prediction


  • Match date: 7:45 pm on Wednesday 1st July 2020
  • Event: Segunda Division
  • Stage: Matchday 37th
  • Location: Estadio El Toralin




HEAD-to-HEAD (H2H): 

Recorded from 2017 to now
Recorded from 2017 to now


Ponferradina vs Fuenlabrada Prediction



  • Ponferradina is currently playing very well at home with an unbeaten record in the last 8 matches they have played at their home.
  • In the last 8 home matches of Ponferradina, only 2 matches ended with more than 2 goals.


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  • Fuenlabrada did not show any improvement when 9 consecutive matches did not enjoy the joy of winning when away from home. With that correlation, the fact that Ponferradina retains 3 points at home is entirely reasonable.
  • For Fuenlabrada, only 1 of their last 16 matches took place with the scenario above, the remaining 15 matches have 2 goals or less.

Ponferradina vs Fuenlabrada prediction TIP:


  • Ponferradina and Fuenlabrada are ranked 12th and 13th on the chart, respectively. With this ranking, the season seems to have gradually returned to both teams when there are too many names that can squeeze into the top 6 before their turn, while the distance with the group holding the red light is also quite safe with 7 points difference. 
  • Obviously Ponferradina and Fuenlabrada only need to play well the rest to repay the expectations of the fans.

Ponferradina vs Fuenlabrada prediction:

  • Select: Ponferradina 0 HT
  • Select: Ponferradina -0.25 FT


  • O/U: FT 2 (odds 1.11 with Over and 0.80 with Under) HT 0.75 (odds 0.99 with Over and 0.89 with Under)
  • The parameters of the attacking front do not show that these are two teams with excellent strikers, while the number of goals they have to receive is not too much compared to the following teams. With this situation, a poor goal result is also understandable.

Ponferradina vs Fuenlabrada prediction:

  • Select: OVER HT
  • Select: UNDER 2 FT
Ponferradina vs Fuenlabrada Prediction


  • European odds show the superiority of Ponferradina with a 2.28 winning rate compared to 3.40 on the Fuenlabrada side. Although the two have not had much determination, Ponferradina is playing very stable at home while Fuenlabrada has long not had the full joy when being a guest. Therefore, 3 points will be retained by Ponferradina to give to their fans.
  • Select: Ponferradina to win FT


  • Ponferradina: Alex Aizpuru, Pablo Larrea, Julian Suarez, Nacho Gil, Rene Roman Hinojo, Franco Russo, Sielva, Pablo Trigueros Estrada, Ivan Pozo, Luis Valcarce Vidal, Yuri De Souza Fonseca.
  • Fuenlabrada: Garcia, Martin, Viejo, Ciss, Cissokho, Aliende, Nketa, Juanma, Edu, Martinez, Sotillos.

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