Porto vs Famalicao Prediction – C1 Cup – 05/01

Porto vs Famalicao prediction on May 01, 2021. FC Porto still has many opportunities to win the championship this year. Welcoming FC Famalicao at home FC Porto will show confidence in winning the throne. A win for FC Porto is inevitable.

Porto Overview

Porto vs Famalicao Prediction

This season, despite having to balance on many fronts, but the calculations of coach Paulo Sergio Conceicao always help FC Porto to have the stability and certainty needed. At this year’s tournament, despite having to stop in the quarterfinals of the European Cup, FC Porto has always proved quality and brave team, not an umbrella horse.

In the second leg of the quarterfinals of the European Cup as a guest at Chelsea FC, but FC Porto performed a brave style and won with a score of 1-0. In the domestic league, they are ranked second, the ability to win the throne is still open to FC Porto when they are only 6 points from the top team, while in the penultimate round the two teams still meet.

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A line of attack pieces and has a pretty flexible lineup swap. Striker Mehdi Taromi and Sergio Miguel Relvas Oliveira are having a stable scoring index with 25 goals.

Famalicao Overview

Porto vs Famalicao Prediction

FC Famalicao is not in a stable form. They are ranked 12th on the rankings and are only 3 points away from the relegation group. FC Famalicao’s defense is always of high concern for the away team when they are playing in uncertainty.


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Porto vs Famalicao Prediction

Asian Bet – Porto vs Famalicao prediction

FC Porto is still a force of Portuguese football when they are always the representative of this country to participate in the Champion League and not ranked first, also ranked 2. 

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Poro’s performance in recent times is very good, they won 4 consecutive matches and just drew an unfortunate match against Moreirense. In this match, they will definitely blow their full power as the domestic championship is their ultimate goal this season. Meanwhile, the away team Famalicao did not perform very well when they drew 2, lost 1 won 2 matches in the last 5 matches.

Porto vs Famalicao Prediction: Choose FC Porto

European Bet

Porto vs Famalicao Prediction

The odds of this match in Europe are the difference between the odds and the clear. Porto ordered 1 to 1.3 while the away team is placed 1 to 8.75. Meanwhile, the history of confrontation between the two teams, the victory is still more in Porto.

Choose FC Porto (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Porto vs Famalicao prediction

Porto’s strikers are considered to be the most powerful and diverse strikers in the tournament. They are leading Portugal’s scoring record with 58 goals in 29 / match. On average, they will score 2 goals/game. As for the away team, Famalicao, their defense is the biggest problem they need to solve this season and next.

Porto vs Famalicao Prediction: Choose Over


FC Porto: Eulanio Angelo Chipela Gomes, Otavinho, Agustin Federico Marchesin, Wilson Migueis Manafa Janco, Kepler Laveran Lima Ferreira, Pepe, Chancel Mbemba Mangulu, Otavio Edmilson da Silva Monte, Andres Mateus Uribe Villa, Sergio Miguel Relvas Oliveira, Jesus Corona, Mehdi Taromi, Moussa Marega.

FC Famalicao: Riccieli Eduardo da Silva JuniorC, Luiz Lucio Reis Junior, Diogo Jose Rosario Gomes Figueiras, Patrick Patrick Sá De Oliveira, Ruben Vinagre, Gustavo Amaro Assuncao, Gil Dias, Manuel Ugarte, Pedro Filipe Figueiredo Rodrigues Pepe, Ivo Rodrigues, Anderson Silva.

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