Premier League betting tips – Predict Premier League odds

Prediction of the Premier League odds based on the Premier League betting tips difficult or not?? If you have read this article, the answer is no. Football betting is really very simple, just take a little time to be able to hit, win within reach. Let’s find out about the odds of the Premier League football match with us in this article: Premier League betting tips!

Premier League betting tips - Predict Premier League odds

Overview of the English Premier League – Premier League

Making accurate predictions for English football betting has never been an easy task and certainly, it is not for those who do not invest time to learn. Let’s find out what a football expert does with  Premier League betting tips before every English Premier League game takes place to make the most accurate prediction for the odds of his football.

English Premier League Full English name is the English Premier League (EPL) is a football tournament with most viewers in the world. Current viewership is estimated to be over 5 billion people all over the Earth.

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The tournament gathered 20 top English clubs participating in the competition, with the format of the first and second leg. A Premier League season will have 38 rounds with 10 matches each, a total of 380 matches. Premier League convergence of world-famous ages such as Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal … the big teams have a history of hundreds of years with a splendid record stretching in the history of football.

Premier League betting tips - Predict Premier League odds

Steps to predict Premier League football odds today

Premier League betting tips - Predict Premier League odds

1 – Make sure the information source is the latest and most accurate.

Updating the information before each match is one of the most important  Premier League betting tips before watching his football match.

You can update the football information through the domestic football pages but should be world-class international football sites like The Sun, the UK’s largest newspaper, always updated with the latest relevant news to football, especially English football. Can use the available translation tools on google, coke to process information quickly, avoiding waiting for the Vietnamese newspapers to cover it is quite inaccurate.

Focus on the main information about the starting line-up, the traumatic situation of the players, stars as well as the pillar players of each team, changing the squad, the previous battle tactics … the basic information of a game to help us figure out how much the two teams will play against, the key that will work well or be in trouble and not be able to play as hard as they can. gives a general assessment of the strength of the two teams before entering the match.

Since the information is sure to be a lot, we will focus only on the 3 to 4 teams we will bet on during the season. You can refer to the achievements of the teams’ years, choose the ones you like to focus on getting the most in-depth information. There should be separate data files to process information and notes for each team. 

Premier League betting tips - Predict Premier League odds

Passing the ball is a delicate job that requires a lot of investment, if you do it quickly, you will fail in the tough bets that the house gives.

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Besides the information about the teams, you need to check the Premier League odds today because this rate may change and fluctuate, if there is a change there will be a reason for saying and right. Extreme caution. Information about English soccer betting odds and should check whether there is a change in the next day or not.

2 – Evaluating the team in the most comprehensive way

After about the first 10 matches, the rankings of the teams will gradually stabilize and reveal the weaknesses after each match. More about the later matches, the performance of the teams as well as the strong and weak differences are more and more clear.

Naturally, the higher-ranked teams will have the most wins, will also have a higher win rate and bets will be safer than the bottom teams. But also observe other information to assess a team.

The house will also offer the ratio of English football contracts that vary according to the situation of each team, will not be the same at each stage and will certainly be a headache when watching the English football contract.

Eg :

  • Number of Goals: Evaluate the effectiveness or not of the attack, closely related to the handicap, Odds odds – Under.
  • Goals conceded: Will determine the ability of the defensive game before different teams, also directly affect the betting market.
  • Number of Draws: An overview of a team’s playing style will be given. If the draw is too much, there will definitely be many tactical elements in the tournament. When encountering a ball with a team with many draws, the chances are very difficult to predict the match, so changing to O/U will be easier.

The position of the team in the rankings: the top and the bottom of the psychology will be quite similar, both need to win to climb higher in the tournament or overcome the group’s rankings. But the top mid teams will have a lot of hard surprises there.

 When a team is very safe to relegate, but the distance to the top is extremely remote, surely their coach will want to hold the results and protect the feet of the players, serving for the tournament. matches always take place in parallel with the English Premier League. For some clubs, maintaining a position in the English Premier League is more important than winning the top 1 because their players are inferior to their opponents, it is difficult to compete in the top.

Home team advantage. This is one of the  Premier League betting tips, also has quite a lot of sides, so it has a small effect on the outcome of the match. Playing at home with a lot of spectators cheering on each pitch certainly makes the player more excited in most cases. But there are also many times when it’s the invisible pressure when the games that your team must win or it will be difficult, or the opponent is rated weaker to score first. The home factor should be considered when the performance of a team is unclear or is poor.

The history of the two teams meeting, the last 10 matches of the two teams. This is also a pretty positive reference if the two teams are equally powerful.

3 – Tournaments in parallel with the English Premier League

This is definitely a very difficult problem to control. It is common for a team to play multiple leagues at the same time. For example, Liverpool at the moment has the densest queue schedule in the world. Liverpool is participating in the English Premier League 2019 – 2020, the FA Cup 2020, the European Club Championship, the English League Cup … It is difficult to imagine how Liverpool can attend so many leagues and still maintain the style. Extreme at this time. This is a typical example of the unexpected side but does not affect the performance of the main prizes. And extra elements like this sometimes make watching English football a lot more difficult.

But the majority of cases when teams play with too much pressure, the number of consecutive matches, the pressure from different tournaments and opponents are varied, the injury will be unavoidable and That is the main reason contributing to the increase of each Premier League game.

Premier League betting tips:

Football odds on bookmaker odds

  • The nature of the match is always fascinating so it is necessary to capture the latest and most accurate information the first  Premier League betting tips.
  • Information on the official squad. The injury situation of the players. Information about previous matches. The second  Premier League betting tips.
  • Gather information methodically. Doing through speakers will be very easy to fail in football contracts.
  • Premier League football odds will always change because the nature of each match is equal to each other. It is not easy to give an accurate and attractive rate to both players and bookmakers.

Comments and scribbles football Premier League

The dealer always has the best experts to give the house the most favorable rate. Sometimes the house creates attractive traps.

Be knowledgeable before placing any bets. Look at many angles of the match. Invest in knowledge and intelligence to decide the odds and handicaps.

  • Each house has a lot of different types of football handicaps and odds. Find out the betting types that I know best to follow. This is also  Premier League betting tips.
  • The odds of each house are also different, look for a safe and reputable house.
  • The Premier League is the most balanced tournament in the world. Should be more knowledgeable to bet.
  • For example Round 28 Premier League 2019-20
  • Liverpool ranked first (18 consecutive victories) but lost to Watford 19th with 0 – 3.

Premier League Trends Tips

Over 2.5 Goals54%51%54%53%48%
Total Goals1072101810641026975

The average number of goals scored per EPL match over the past five seasons is 2.71

Breaking the goals down before and after half time we have 44% of goals scored in the 1st half and 56% scored in the second half, here’s the breakdown:

Season1st Half Goals2nd Half GoalsTotal Goals

Past premier league winners

2010–11Manchester United80
2011–12Manchester City89
2012–13Manchester United89
2013–14Manchester City86
2015–16Leicester City81
2017–18Manchester City100
2018-19Manchester City98

Top All-Time EPL Appearances

1. Gareth Barry 653

2. Ryan Giggs 632

3. Frank Lampard 609

4. David James 572

5. Gary Speed ​​535

Top All-Time EPL Goalscorers

1 Alan Shearer 260

2. Wayne Rooney 208

3. Andrew Cole 187

4. Frank Lampard 177

5. Thierry Henry 175

Premier League Stats

  • Most goals scored in an EPL season: 2017/18 Manchester City (106)
  • Most points in an EPL season: 2017/18 Manchester City (100)
  • Fewest points in an EPL season: 2007/08 Derby County (11)
  • Biggest win in an EPL season: 2009/10 Tottenham Hotspur 9 v Wigan Athletic 1
  • The highest attendance for a single EPL game: 2017/18 Season: Wembley 83,222, Tottenham Hotspur 1–0 Arsenal.

Premier League odds

See the house odds table:

Find out information between teams that correlate force and current performance as one of the  Premier League betting tips. If the two teams are relatively equal, you should consider the odds. It can be based on the historical information of some matches of the two teams and the current rankings to make judgments.

CMD368 Leagues
CMD368 Leagues

Choose the following fluctuations:

If the match is ongoing, the house will also change small fluctuations. Assuming that starting from 1/4 and the odds change to 0, the ration will be increased with the rear odds being 1/4. The player bets on the underdog; In other words, the handicap is won.

See the Odds before the house raises:

Before about 2 hours of the ball rolling, it is advisable to proceed to see the odds of the house. During this time the house will change the odds of the match. If the odds fall, then the player needs to reconsider, the possibility of winning will change the odds. The house adjusts to balance the odds. When the two teams are especially different in level, most players always bet on the door with a strong team. 

Therefore, the house takes advantage of its tricks to lure the player to place the other door. Take those  Premier League betting tips to avoid. 

Football Odds
Football Odds

Need to choose a time to see the odds match odds

According to the rafter experts, the best time to look at the Premier League football is when the dealer has just come out. However, do not depend entirely on this tip. Before placing a bet, players also need to refer to the above tips that CMD368 has offered.

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Above are some  Premier League betting tips that the CMD368 raised. Hopefully, this article will help the players who can learn and know more about the experience to bring CMD368 customers the victory.

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