Premier League: Is replacing 5 people per game possible?

Controversy about continuing to keep three substitution rights as the tradition or to raise five people after the injury in the Premier League increased. Will the tournament benefit or only belong to the big guys?

Premier League

There is no denying the fact that injuries are knocking on the doors of many teams with a dense frequency. In the eighth round alone, Liverpool and MU have suffered personnel losses. MU’s Everton victory last Saturday was significantly less happy when Luke Shaw left the field at the end of the game due to injury, while the same scenario also knocked on the door of another defender, Trent Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool in the great battle. Etihad pitch a day later.

A justified need when injuries soar

Arnold’s case is a clear testament to the brutality of this season. He has played a total of 1,137 minutes since the start of the season, not to mention a substitution in England against Iceland in the UEFA Nations League. In terms of number of matches, this 22-year-old defender has played more than 12 matches in just two months. A number is clearly too terrible, even when he has been used sparingly by coach Gareth Southgate in England and coach Klopp started early in two of the above matches. Arnold is only one of 26 players in the Premier League so far having to be friends with the hospital bed not because of serious injuries, but injuries related to overload of the body.

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Statistics from The Athletic page show that muscle injuries in the Premier League in the first five weeks of the season surpassed the same period last season by 42 percent. The current schedule of overload and stress will continue to last until … next summer, resulting from the fact that last season had to last until August this year because of the Covid-19 pandemic. So it is not too difficult to understand when the coach of the Big Six teams such as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Jurgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola all have the same point of view: It is time to return to increasing the number of players coming in from the bench. from 3 to 5, which was all seen during the last one-and-a-half months at the end of last season, when the Premier League returned from the pandemic to complete the remaining rounds.

Photo captionTrent Alexander-Arnold’s injury prompted the return of the 5-player substitution rule, but it will not be easy to pass in the Premier League

Too many obstacles to change – Premier League

Up to now, only the Premier League, the only major tournament in Europe’s top five leagues, still returns with the same rule of three people as before the pandemic. All remaining leagues, including the Champions League and the Europa League, continue to extend the replacement of 5 players until this season, in the clear awareness of the player still having to constantly plow in a state The “new normal” of post-pandemic football.

A clear challenge that the big guys like MU or Liverpool must overcome if they want to bring the law to replace 5 people back to the Premier League: The opposition of teams outside the Big Six. Most of these people still oppose the idea, on the grounds that they do not want to see big teams with better force are given an unfair advantage.

Any change to the rules, including an increase in the number of players to replace players, must take place during the meeting of all Premier League clubs and receive at least the support. The household of 14 clubs, but current indications in England’s top division seem to be against that desire. This change itself, if passed, will also leave questions about the continuity of the tournament, as most clubs have agreed on not keeping the 5-person replacement rule before the start of the season.

The attractiveness of the Premier League this season is also another factor that makes clubs outside the Big Six hesitate for any change. How does controversy like this help England’s top division? Absolutely not. Do not even be surprised if MU or Liverpool considers these rejected ideas as an excuse for them to promote more strongly the rebirth of Project Big Picture, which was rejected last month but does not make sense. it was completely dead.

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That is the story of the future tense. In the short term, Guardiola, Klopp, or Solskjaer still have to continue to accompany the cruelly dense schedule while only replacing three people, nothing more and less, in a Premier League match.


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