Puskas Academy FC vs Kaposvari Rakoczi prediction Hungary: NB 1 | 11/06/2020

The match Puskas Academy FC vs Kaposvari Rakoczi prediction to the football coordinate Puskas Academy FC versus Kaposvari Rakoczi in the  NB 1 of Hungary looks at the 2 teams the most recent matches of the teams, the match realities, h2h, goal measurements, table standings, coordinate qualities and in any event a PC determined match forecast. These Puskas Academy FC vs Kaposvari Rakoczi prediction should all be considered to put down an effective wager on this match.

HungaryHungary: NB 1


Puskas Academy FC vs Kaposvari Rakoczi prediction

Previous matches

Previous matches of PUSKAS AKADEMIA:


Previous matches of KAPOSVÁRI RÁKÓC:

No matches so far in this season

Head-to-Head (H2H):

No matches against each other in this league since 2005


Goal statistics:

Goal statistics: PUSKAS AKADEMIA

Goal statistics: KAPOSVÁRI RÁKÓC

NB 1 Table:


1FERENCVAROSI TC27196251:213063
4PUSKAS ACADEMY271010740:34640
6BUDAPEST HONVED281081029:35-638
9ZALAEGERSZEGI TE27971142:37534

Match strengths:


Team comparison:

  • The last home match, Puskas Akademia Fehervar played quite resilient and drew a very strong opponent, the top team Ferencvarosi with a score of 1-1. According to the soccer prediction expert, playing at his home and just having to welcome the team standing as the table Kaposvari Rakoczi in the upcoming 28th round will be a great opportunity for them to get all 3 points to continue to chase the top.
  • Puskas Akademia Fehervar is getting one of the top 4 strongest teams in the rankings. Not performing so impressively but they are quite convincing when only losing the last 1/7 matches, including 3 wins. In particular, statistics show that matches with not really good results are a confrontation between the more appreciated teams. This partly shows the stability of the teachers and coaches of Zsolt when encountering opponents under the muscle.
  • On the other side of the battle line, Kaposvari Rakoczi is diving at the bottom of the rankings with only 11 points after 27 rounds. In the last 13 matches, they didn’t know what the smell of victory was. There are even 11 failures. The defensive line is playing extremely loosely when conceding to 16 goals / 4 matches recently, an average of 4 goals / 1 game. With this situation, experts predict the football score that the next loss to Kaposvari Rakoczi in the next round is not a surprise.
  • Experts are highly appreciating the possibility of winning with a different ratio for the players Puskas Akademia Fehervar. The football prediction expert found this to be completely understandable when opponent Kaposvari Rakoczi was in a very bad performance, along with the crafts that were said to be too loose. Moreover, it is Puskas Akademia Fehervar that is showing stability, along with a fulcrum of the home yard.

Puskas Academy FC vs Kaposvari Rakoczi prediction:

Asian handicap

Puskas Academy FC vs Kaposvari Rakoczi prediction Asian Handicap: FT Puskas Akademia Fehervar accept 2 (Odd 0.86 with Puskas Akademia Fehervar and 0.97 with Kaposvar) HT Puskas Akademia Fehervar accept 0.75 (Odd 0.74 with Puskas Akademia Fehervar and 1.02 with Kaposvar).

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With the same class and home advantage, Puskas Akademia Fehervar is still the team that is more appreciated than Kaposvar in this match. Obviously this is a good opportunity for the home team to be able to rediscover their joy when the guests are still too tired.

Kaposvar has shown an irrepressible face this season when the attack is weak while the defense is extremely weak and irresponsible, bringing too many disadvantages for this team. An advantage that Puskas Akademia Fehervar can take advantage of when the home team will still own the attack is not bad. In addition, Kaposvar’s ability to play away from home is also very weak when they do not even get 3 points when they have to be guests in this season.

The performance is extremely bad and will be an opportunity for Puskas Akademia Fehervar to improve his home field performance. The advantage of pitch and personnel will be the basis for Puskas Akademia Fehervar to be able to play actively against Kaposvar and will likely retain 3 points for himself.

  • Select Puskas Akademia Fehervar -0.75
  • Select Puskas Akademia Fehervar -2

O/U Full match: 

The series of 6 consecutive matches can not know the smell of victory, including 4 rounds in the league in recent years, which is causing Puskas Akademia Fehervar to encounter a huge decline, 40 points earned after 27 The round only helped them get 5th place in the rankings now, less than the top 4 to 5 points. Obviously this is a disadvantage and certainly, Puskas Akademia Fehervar will need a lot of effort for the rest of the season if you want to expect to return to the top.

Meanwhile, with Kaposvar, the visitors are going through a very difficult time when the fact that they have not even won in the previous 8 rounds makes this team still very struggling in the last standing with only 11 points right after 27 rounds played and the opportunity to relegate was no longer available. Having to march to the pitch of the upcoming Puskas Akademia Fehervar will definitely be a huge challenge for them.

  • Select User 1.25 HT
  • Select User 3.25 FT

European betting

Puskas Academy FC vs Kaposvari Rakoczi prediction for European markets are also the advantage for home team Puskas Akademia Fehervar before Kaposvar in this match. It will be a match with a tense position when both teams will play fair with each other in search of results that are beneficial to them. And with certain advantages, it is likely that Puskas Akademia Fehervar will still be the team to have the last fun.

  • Choose Puskas Akademia Fehervar HT
  • Choose Puskas Akademia Fehervar FT

Lineup expected

Puskas Academy FC vs Kaposvari Rakoczi prediction
Puskas Academy FC vs Kaposvari Rakoczi prediction
  • Puskas Akademia: Tóth, Meißner, Spandler, Nagy, Szolnoki, Knezevic, van Nieff, Gyurcsó, Plsek, Mebrahtu, Slagveer.
  • Kaposvari Rakoczi: Pogacsics, Hadaró, Szabó, Ur, Nagy, Vachtler, Nagy, Palic, Trebotic, Szakály, Ádám.