Quick Introduction To Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The gaming industry is one of the largest entertainment industries in the world and recently most bookmakers have opened the betting market so you can bet on these global games. And Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most popular online game to play and take bets right now. If you’re new to online gaming and betting, this guide will help you understand what Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is and how you can bet on the game.

On average, there are 400,000 CS: GO players every month, and a record of a time when it was able to reach incredible levels, 750,000. So there’s always a game to keep track of on your computer – and even bet on!

This tutorial will introduce newbies exactly what CS: GO Betting is and how people play it. You will also be taught how to bet on CS: GO and E-sports in general.

If you are new to E-sports or betting on E-sports, please continue reading the following article.

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Counter-Strike: What is Global Offensive?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, commonly abbreviated as CS: GO, is a first-person shooter computer game played by two teams of five players on each side. One team plays a terrorist team whose goal is to place the bomb in one of the bomb locations before time runs out. The goal of the second team, the counterterrorists, is to eliminate the terrorists or defuse the bombs promptly if the terrorists have located them.

This format sounds extremely simple – almost like a sport in which two teams compete against each other. But because each side requires different strategies to accomplish its goals, CS: GO can be an enchanting game to play and watch online, not just betting.

Teams also have to defend or rescue hostages, depending on which side they are on. Teams must work together to avoid individual players being ‘killed in a round. Therefore, large strategies and complex tactics evolve over time, with the best players competing professionally for CS: GO teams.

Games are played on ‘Maps,’ creating different views each time a new game starts. It means players need to learn how to quickly understand the terrain and vantage points in the new map.

Each winning round is counted as a point and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Maps are usually played in the best 30 formats, meaning the first team to reach 16 points will win the Map. After 15 rounds, teams switch positions, which means that both teams have a chance to win the same Map. A game can be played on multiple Maps and is mostly the best of the three or the best.

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Quick Introduction To Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

What is CS: GO weapon?

What makes Counter-Strike: Global Offensive unique is the economic system that buys weapons and items to accomplish the team’s goals, as the money is not unlimited and is based on individual and group performance throughout the game. This means that each round can be a different complete round and teams often combine winning rounds together, as the other teams may have to save the most.

So, for example, a team might decide not to spend money on new weapons, to save more powerful weapons in the next round. Of course, this is a risky strategy as the team is more likely to lose the previous rounds. And remember, if you lose too many rounds then you will lose the Map and possibly lose the game!

CS: GO weapons include pistols like USP-S and Desert Eagle, submachine guns like Mag-7 and rifles like AK47. Players can also use grenades and knives when fighting opponents. And of course, they can buy devices like Kevlar Vests and Defuse Kits, to protect themselves.

CS: GO compete

Competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments are being held throughout the year and can be played in a variety of formats, from a play-off tournament system to a single elimination tournament with qualifying.

While this game is mostly played online, major tournaments with the biggest prizes are being played offline and are often held at major sports and entertainment venues like the Barclays Center in New York ( home of Brooklyn Nets) and Wembley Arena of London.

There are more and more E-sports tournaments in which CS: GO is the central game. The ESL Pro League takes place in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches in North America and Europe, with more than 20 teams competing regularly. Fans can stream CS: GO and watch all the action, and bet on the results of matches.

CS: GO Major Championship is also developing its reputation. Here, teams qualify through their own regional qualifying campaigns – known as the Minors – to have the opportunity to battle with glory on the world stage. Teams that have done well in the previous CS: GO Major Championships are also invited to the upcoming tournament.

Players who compete for these teams can get paid in large sums, with large cash prizes to win. And the number of tournaments around the world means there is always a CS: GO match to watch and bet!

Introducing the CS: GO betting market

It can be said that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the game with the strongest betting market of many games because there are many tournaments taking place all year round, from online (Minor) to regional or international tournaments (Major). The bigger the tournament size, the more famous team faces are gathered. Of course, only if you have minor leagues, you can bet. We list a number of major tournaments over time for you to track and bet on:


This is the main tournament level with the largest scale of the year and the prize money of up to at least $ 1 million (~ 22 billion VND) for the champion team. Usually only takes place twice a year like 2017 including Eleague Atlanta (January) and PGL Krakow (July).


At the international tournament level, the prize money is several hundred thousand dollars (several billion dongs) and the size is not less than the Major like ESL One, ECS, ESL Pro, Eleague Clash for Cash, Dreamhack Open and IEM.

Quick Introduction To Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Top teams in ranking

World rankings on March 3, 2020.

The popular CS: GO betting content

Like football or other sports, bookmakers always try to provide rich betting content alongside winning or losing teams merely. And Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a lot of interesting CS: GO Betting content that you should be interested in when betting, I think it’s best to try this game to better understand the content of the bet:

For example, the third map match between Gambit and Astralis at PGL Krakow:

  • Handicap: A team with a plus (+) handicap is entitled to that score. Assuming that this match is Gambit +3.5, that means Astralis must win with a score of 4 or more innings (16-12) to win if you bet Astralis.
  • Over / Under: The total number of rounds (round) of the entire map is more than 26 innings (Over) or less than 26 innings (Under). This means that the score must be at least 16-11 or more for Over bets and vice versa for Under bets.
  • Champions: You choose the winner.
  • Round 1 Winner (Pistol Round): Starting CS: GO each team only has a small amount (800), and they can only use pistols (pistol) in the first half, you will choose the team to win this round.
  • Round 1 Total Kills 7.5 (Pistol Round): Total kills in the first round, Over (die at least 8 players) and Under (die under 8 people)
  • First 5 Points: Which team leads 5 points (wins 5 rounds before).
  • Round 16 Winner (Pistol Round): After 15 rounds, both teams will change sides and start over with a small amount (800), and they can only use the pistol, which team will you choose to win this 16th round.
  • Round 16 Total Kills 7.5 (Pistol Round): Total kills in the 16th round, Over (die at least 8 players) and Under (die under 8 people).

Before placing a bet, our advice is that you should thoroughly understand the tournament and the match you will be betting on and the odds offered by the bookie among the bookies we recommend 188BET, Fun88 and M88… We will soon have a review of the bookmaker reviews for each game and the specific CS: GO Betting category so that you can get the best option for you.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is really a good E-sports game and tournaments are very interesting, so you will find CS: GO Betting is also very interesting. If you are a CS: GO lover and want to make more money or support idol teams or show your understanding, try it. Maybe you will have Dragon Lore soon!

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