Radomiak Radom vs Odra Opole Prediction, 16h10 On 06/04

Radomiak Radom has never won against Odra Opole in the most recent clashes. Opportunities in this match are not very satisfied with the visitors. A really reasonable draw result and posible Radomiak Radom vs Odra Opole prediction

Check out RKS Radomiak Radom vs OKS Odra Opole odds on June 4, 2020

4th place in the rankings is a success for RKS Radomiak Radom, but they are gradually losing their chances of promotion in this season when in the previous two rounds, the results of the coach Dariusz Banasik Received and his students are only failures. Radomiak Radom vs Odra Opole prediction found that RKS Radomiak Radom’s slow performance also increased the gap with the top 2 to 7 points.

However, the season is still quite long and the opportunity for RKS Radomiak Radom is still very much before their eyes will be the goal of winning at all costs when welcoming OKS Odra Opole. This is entirely true because the visitors are playing very faintly and they are even facing the risk of relegation when they only won 23 points after 22 rounds.

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Recently, OKS Odra Opole also showed more or less prosperity in style and has often won more victories. It is worth mentioning that the good achievements that the teachers and teachers Dietmar Brehmer have got are largely taking place when they are returning to play at home, while in 5 trips away in the previous official matches, OKS Odra Opole has had 4 failures.

Asian Handicap Radomiak Radom vs Odra Opole prediction

If you look at Radomiak Radom vs Odra Opole prediction of what the two teams have, Radomiak can completely accept the opponent to 1 draw. They are 4th with 36 points and 7 points behind the promotion ticket. Meanwhile, Odra Opole is struggling in the relegation group with 23 points. But the chances are not necessarily over for this team when they are playing less than 1 match and 4 points less than the safe group.

Radomiak Radom vs Odra Opole Prediction

To be able to see that if you set a goal with high determination, Odra Opole is the team that has that status. Instead of a deep handicap, or like the past confrontation is the rafter, the house gives a pretty hovering half to the home team. This is not very logical.

Do not forget before entering this match, Radomiak has 2 consecutive defeats and lost both Asian markets. Meanwhile, Odra Opole brings a lot of fun to investors. It turns out that they only lost 1/7 of the latest Asian rafters, drew 1 and won up to 5.

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European odds

Opportunities this season have not ended for both teams. One side is in the race for promotion and one side is the relegation.

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But with the nature of the confrontation between the two teams, getting to victory is not easy. Up to 4 draw results in the last 5 meetings between the two teams.

Radomiak Radom vs Odra Opole prediction: Choose a draw result

Over/Under odds Radomiak Radom vs Odra Opole prediction

The return is not much of a highlight between the two teams. The level of Over/Under decreases continuously and at this time it is only 2 1/4 not very attractive for the Over.

According to the Radomiak Radom vs Odra Opole prediction, Radomiak also does not dominate the confrontation with Odra Opole so it will be difficult to have a superior position despite playing at home.

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Information before the game

Head-to-head Radomiak vs Odra Opole

Radomiak Radom vs Odra Opole Prediction

Recent performance Radomiak vs Odra Opole

Radomiak Radom vs Odra Opole Prediction

Information force Radomiak vs Odra Opole

Radomiak: Maciej Swidzikowski is injured.

Odra Opole: Kacper Rosa, Kamil Slaby are injured.

Expected squad Radomiak vs Odra Opole

Radomiak: Miszta, Cichocki, Abramowicz, Grudniewski, Banasiak, Karwot, Kaput, Makowski, Mikita, Michalski, Nowak.

Odra Opole: Kuchta, Kaminski, Janasik, Wypych, Czyzycki, Blanik, Trojak, Janus, Skrzypczak, Piech, Tabis.

Predict the score: The two teams drew 0-0