Real Madrid Vs Getafe CF Prediction On July 3rd, 2020

Real Madrid vs Getafe CF prediction on July 3rd, 2020. Real Madrid is in a very high level of performance recently, while Getafe is also not so bad. At home, Real Madrid will be the dominant team and they will try to win to continue to have a dominant advantage against Barca in the race to the championship, Getafe will not easily surrender because they are determined to return to the top 4.

Real Madrid Vs Getafe CF Prediction

Real Madrid’s last matches

Getafe CF’s last matches


Real Madrid vs Getafe CF prediction

As the end of the season, the more excellent the form, the last 5 matches when La Liga returned to play, Real Madrid won all 5 matches. Winning absolute victory, Real Madrid has risen to the top position in the rankings and pushed Barca to the second position. Get 69 points, 4 more points than Barca, Real Madrid is having a great advantage in the championship. The enemy in this season.

Getafe has been in quite a good shape this season, consistently making it to the top of the standing. However, the recent matches when the tournament comes back, Getafe’s performance is in a certain decline. In 5 rounds, they get 1 win, 3 draws, and 1 loss. The main reason for Getafe’s not so good achievement is that their attacking line is having a big problem with finishing. With only 6 points after 5 rounds, Getafe has dropped to 5th place in the rankings. With 52 points gained after 32 rounds, the ability of Getafe to compete for a position in the top 4 is still quite positive but they will have to improve the performance and get more victories in the final stage of the season if they want to move on.

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Real Madrid completely outperformed Getafe in the Real Madrid vs Getafe CF head-to-head record. In the last 5 matches, Real Madrid won 4 matches and drew 1 match against Getafe. Currently, the performance of the two teams is also quite large and Real Madrid is very likely at home Santiago Bernabéu will have a match and win the gap with Getafe.

Real Madrid vs Getafe CF Asian prediction

Real Madrid Vs Getafe CF Prediction

Barcelona constantly makes mistakes, and it is also the opportunity for Real to create continuous extend the gap. While their rival has not had the highest form since coming back from the epidemic, Real is showing an extremely outstanding face. The 5 matches when La Liga returned are also 5 consecutive victories for Real, proving that the long break has helped Real players more confidence on the way to the championship. In La Liga, since the beginning of the season, Real Madrid has had 21 wins, 8 draws, and 3 losses, gaining 71 points and are monopolizing the top spot. They created a gap of 2 points with Barcelona, ​​although this is not a big gap it is enough for Real to have a comfortable mentality when La Liga only a few rounds to finish.

On the Getafe side, they are showing signs of slowing down after the outbreak, when their performance in La Liga in recent rounds is not good. In the 5 matches since La Liga returned, Getafe only gets 1 win, draws 3 matches, and loses 1 game. Despite a 4-match unbeaten run, this achievement made Getafe out of Atl. Madrid beat and took the top 4 position. After 32 matches, Getafe got 14 wins, 10 draws and 8 losses, gained 52 points and is currently ranked 5th. Their goal is definitely 1 place in the top 4, the distance with Sevilla is only 2 points. However, Getafe also needs to be very careful, when Villarreal is behind slowly approaching, only one point away.

With very high performance, the football expert said that Real Madrid will be able to get a victory with a difference of 2 goals in this Real Madrid vs Getafe CF match.

Real Madrid vs Getafe CF O/U prediction

Real Madrid Vs Getafe CF Prediction

Real Madrid recent rounds are proving quite pragmatic. They showed it clearly in the results, when their victories were only one or two goals away, even when facing a weak team like Espanyol. As for Getafe, they have only 5 goals in the last 5 matches. Experts say this Real Madrid vs Getafe CF match will not have many goals scored.

Expert advises players to choose Under.

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